Monday, August 20, 2018

#0: The Rabbit Hole is Much Darker and Far More Sinister Than You Imagined

So, what some of us have known has been going on all along is now being revealed.  What will it take to disrupt people's lives, to break their complacency, to figure out finally and for the rest of their lives that these ... monsters in human form ... simply cannot be trusted or for that matter tolerated in a real polite civil society.  If our children are not safe than are we?  What good is a system that advertises one thing, to keep us safe, but clearly is being revealed to have been performing another purpose counter to the lives, hopes, aspirations and that the basic drives of the rest of humanity are affected directly by those involved in these atrocities.  We understand that this material is not suitable for everyone, but for those who must know, it's about time.  It's also about THEM and THEIR money, all of it, including cryptocurrencies, THEY issue and control.  Precious metals?  THEY control them too.  Precious metals were THEIR oldest brand of money.  What happens when more of society figures out what's been going on?  Are any of you drawing the obvious conclusions and recognizing that the proposal contained here on this blog represents the only authentic alternative to anything and everything proposed by THEM?    

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