Wednesday, December 20, 2017

#0: A Crashing Economy - Realistic Scenario

This came to my attention and yes, it is a fairly good and realistic scenario of the least that could happen.  It also furnishes another excellent series of reasons why the proposal advocated by this blog is so important.  Silver?  Gold?  As we've said, even if it's been for the past 5,000 years, precious metals are still just the oldest brands of THEIR money and represent the tokens anyway, not even the accounting and transaction clearing which are absolutely essential to any monetary system.  Who are THEY?  Once again:

Globalists - THEIR organizations include any organization intended to do business across national boundaries as an affront to local laws and customs and as a pretext to set up a global PRIVATE world dictatorship.  If you work for any of THEM, what are you doing working for the enemy?  The "citizen of the world" crap is part of it and no you are not! 

Bankers - Since it all starts and ends with THEM and THEIR money and THEIR institutions and THEIR economics, all of it except those who advocate private money, THESE are perhaps the brains of all nefarious operations.  THEY caused to be created and widely known the two evil twin sisters of capitalism, the making of money on money without work and state socialism, the public policy whereby the people who are defrauded of their property or livelihood are subsidized by the state so they don't rebel against the rapacious nature of the capitalists.

BTW, there are LOTS of people out there who still want to keep capitalism and reject socialism.  REALLY?  So you think "crony capitalism" is one thing and ordinary vanilla capitalism something different?  You are deluded!  If you are not rich enough not to have to work or are taking hand outs from some state to live on then you obviously can't be a capitalist.  So whose language are you attempting to shoehorn into whatever dialectic so you can get along with people who are just as ignorant as yourself?  Get your thinking straight and admit that words actually mean things; capitalism is simply what it says it is, an itch with capital.  If you aren't rich, there is no itch.  What you really want is free / private enterprise not capitalism and no they are NOT the same thing at all.  Our proposal promotes free / private enterprise, not capitalism.  Understood? 

Elites - Generally those among the 1% with so much money THEY do not need to work for a living.   Making money on money without work, which is capitalism, not free / private enterprise, these people are economic parasites   One wonders just how such would make out under a total social collapse as described in this story.  Most of these people are unbelievably spoiled and rotten characters.

Satanists - Whether THEY actually believe in a real or virtual Satan, THEY have bought into the upside down world of those who consider it THEIR right to prey/use/exploit/use up/devour/destroy other people.  Satan is a name for a false accuser, someone who doesn't even have the right to criticize and as for Lucifer, that name was an epithet applied to a Babylonian king that was to be dethroned and become a pitiable creature of someone else's regime.  Supposed light bearers to "the masses" indeed.  No, THEY are just more liars, thieves, etc. and never satisfied because THEY are not of a nature to be satisfied, ever.

Pedophiles - There is no "love" for children or anybody involved here.  These people are a branch of the foregoing group, who have no respect for themselves or others, and use up again to the point of devouring babies and children for THEIR own extremely dark purposes.

Technocrats - These are usually dweebs with an inverted inferiority complex, since most of them can't get along with other people and prefer the company of machines.  Real technocrats believe THEY have the right to manipulate and control others with less technical skills or for whatever other concocted reasoning.  Most of these people never grew up emotionally and have no desire to do so.  Is it any wonder that so few of them can show much empathy for anyone who is actually a suffering human?

Scribes - These are the writers, talkers, lawyers, etc. anyone that works for the present established order which cannot and will not be able to save itself from the eventual wrath of "the people" not "the masses."  And yes, believe it or not, there are lawyers out there with a conscience who do good work every day to help good people out of serious trouble.  So not all lawyers need be in this category.

Pharisees - These are politicians and the political class generally.  The idea of being a Pharisee is that one associates with a party label or an ideological brand, usually also of THEIR causing through THEIR funding mechanisms.    

We need to reiterate a few of our own terms too:

Money is anything used to split barter in a trade.  Barter never goes away.  When the transaction is cleared the money issued has done its job.

Wealth is anything capable of producing an income usually measured in monthly distributed money terms.  All genuine wealth must provide an income or it is not wealth, just stuff.  ALL precious metals fall into this category because none of it can produce more of itself.

Work is TIME away from the rest of your life that you are paid to provide some good or service.  Any work provided without pay not only deprives all involved of useful exchange, but subjects the best we can provide to the dubious distinction of being free, which is to say worthless.  In a thousand different ways, we prove the need for our own money rather than THEIRS and the simple things in life which are free are rendered worthless by THEM and THEIR essentially foreign monetary system.  And we do react naturally to anything foreign to us by casting it aside and relinquishing our responsibility instead of assuming it as a vital part of our lives, our defenses, our understanding of a mutually beneficial and self sustaining community, etc.  It is all related.

In future posts, we will continue to hammer out more of the details of the proposal and how it can work to offer a different scenario to when THEIR lights go out and it becomes time to turn them back on with our own money!

Why is it that the majority of humanity would really like to resign from the present world order/disorder?  Because most of THEIR ideas and all of THEIR money are actually foreign to ourselves and our own daily interests.  Our message has been consistent; "come out of her, my people" not let's sit down and compromise with our enemies and give up more of what we are to THEM since THEY never give up an inch.  Some compromise, right?  Hey, it takes a village, right?

Be seeing you!


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