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#61.3: What We Know Now - Current Events & Long term Plans

These are snuff photos.  This is what it looks like when a few hundred thousand lives are being snuffed out.  Who but madmen (and a few mad women) would have ever brought such FORCES into our world? 
It is Sunday, 6 August, 2017. This would be a summary of current events as they might be related to money, if that were a regular service provided by this blog. It isn't. We're, as it were, making a post as a signpost in time to mark where we are in terms of THEIR plans and systems, etc.

The Middle East:

Events in the Middle East ALWAYS concern ...

1) obtaining and sustaining a hydrocarbon based energy monopoly that would prevent development of any viable alternative sources of energy and be placed under the exclusive control of the usury based STOLEN FIAT supra-national currencies as those presently exist; the US dollar, the euro and to a lesser extent the Japanese yen and British pound are affected. THEY behind the curtains are the bankers. Are there those beyond and behind the bankers? The elites, go as high as you please in the ordinary world and guaranteed, the worse characters you'll find the higher up you go. There are of course a few exceptions, but it is rarer to find them at or near the top.

2) maintaining the existence of Israel, an objective that fluctuates with tensions to alternatively throw it to the winds. I maintain that Israel is clearly implicated in the thrust toward centralized world political and economic power, but who could be its guiding lights for whom all else would be sacrificed, including the whore of Babylon, which the Beast empire hates? Whores go after foreigners and foreign trade and she sits enthroned as some queen, slurping up everything foul from her intercourse with them; the kings of the earth. And these being her lovers, all hate her too. Whores also have pimps and there is no exception to that here. Figure out who the pimp(s) are and you'll see the connections. We're still discussing the Middle East: can anything that occurs there have nothing to do with Israeli interests? Certainly not.

3) concerning this “petro-monopoly” flowing into Europe and alternately into Asia, all of this has been conducted in US dollars as the de facto world currency. This is the meaning of the Bretton Woods accords as US foreign policy has understood them; the dollar would be the world's reserve currency to be preserved by military industrial might and FORCE if necessary. THAT aspect alone and right there marks the current worldwide regime, even in its confusion, as a beast empire. More dollars aren't even circulating in the US, they are circulating overseas and by many factors that maintain the basis of most present world trade.

So this is what all the wars and revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East, especially Syria, are about; propping up the US dollar and backing it with petroleum sales. So of course we are informing you that there are people in offices in Washington, New York and other American cities, as well as people in London, in Europe and in the Middle East, who are ALL making money on money without work (capitalism) on all of this. Risk? Yes, these people must deal with risk, the risk of losing their money. ALL money is lost when something can't be sold for what was paid for it

Why is it that nearly ALL economists ignore this fact or deny its ultimate importance? Acceptance of this fundamental REALITY, that all money actually dies, and it becomes immediately evident that money is a stream not a lake and therefore it immediately follows that all economies need fresh inflows of money or they die as well. 

Money is a stream not a lake; 
therefore it MUST be a renewable resource or it doesn't work!. 

There MUST be new money entering the system else all economies using the money die.  So why is this fact ignored or sidelined? Because THEIR explanations are all intended to preserve as far as possible, the “money as a scarce commodity” concept, at all costs. Our response is to reply that at any time anything is scarce, but tomorrow may be a different story. In any case ultimately there is enough abundance of everything to suit everyone, sooner or later and not that much later either were we to have our own money.

Europe and Eurasia:

Behind the entire "let's blame the Russians" memes.  Another experiment / project of THEIRS has been the euro; just another brand of THEIR STOLEN FIAT currencies, administered from THEIR central bank headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, coincidentally the traditional ancestral home of the Rothschilds. THEY, not individual Europeans, decided to float a supranational currency, even before THEIR attempt at a supranational government to borrow euros from a European Central Bank, using the same exact business model employed for US dollars, British pounds and Japanese yen and all others worldwide. The American CIA has a share in the euro project too.

(The United States of America was conceived in liberty? That's when you get someone's permission to do something, as in, “you now have liberty to” etc. No, freedom, would that were the actual goal, would be where people understood and were able to easily and obviously identify SANITY and for the most part lived and conducted themselves at all times and without much stress or thinking about it, with the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace, and would, as Wattles reminded us, “think what they like” and the results would follow.)

So the euro, being just another of THEIR WRONGHEADEDLY conceived commodity currencies, just like any other commodity of anything, is subject to speculation on it's future value. This is our primary beef with THEM. It's similar to being handed a ruler that gives different lengths for an inch every day you use it. This is an important point. Foreign exchanges in currencies settled every day are the result of speculations ahead of time, up and down in their speculations which are paid off in money made from money without work, a form of capitalism, and in fact are determined by the inflows and outflows of euros to other parts of the world that are either buying things from Europe or are exporting things into Europe from their own countries.

Well, Europe, particularly southern Europe, just about all countries outside Germany for a while anyway, were experiencing long term stagflation (a stagnant – not growing – business economy with rising prices) and high unemployment (much of it structural). So downward pressure builds against the euro and it goes down for instance against the US dollar. Everything gets more expensive in euros.

So, to compensate for this, to “save the euro,” the bankers need to spread THEIR debt to THEM system to more and more countries (exactly what lies behind ALL of THEIR Ukraine strategies, extending to aspects of “the Great Game” for those who recognize what that is), and if the present European population doesn't see it that way, THEY will damn sure make certain that some other people are brought in on the government dole; state socialism to counter the natural effects of THEIR speculative capitalism, the making of money on money without work. In the process, of course, no one does any productive work or provides a productive service, less is produced, circulated, etc. and prices of everything rise. And of course civilization, culture, art, beauty, something more to live for than servitude is destroyed. Orwell was right you know. That's what THEY intend for most of us on into the future. Since the days of Thomas Hobbes, THEY have insisted that there were … just too many people … other than THEMSELVES of course. THEIR message has been consistent and clear, both within and outside “the dismal science;” there will be blood in the streets and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Meanwhile THEY intend merging with machines and killing God, or so THEY imagine. But THEIR goal for society worldwide is TECHNICAL SUPPRESSION. THEY intend to suspend human progress or even reverse it. Think Gaza. Think lots of Gazas in places that have never known any Gazas. Do you really really suppose for example that any of THEM at or near the top for one instance could care one way or another about Islam? No. Hell no! All that is being used as THEIR weapon against the West and against the culture and civilization that represents, including the recognition of truth itself, anything of excellence and value that has positively benefited the rest of the nations of the world.

That expectation (THEIR destruction of Western society) was realized and so the open question; what does this obvious and unique contribution signify concerning the value of Western civilization and its accomplishments for the rest of the world, and of its originators, its people, moving forward? “We have factories in the Far East” THEY will say, “and the people there are far easier to rule over than you.”

THEIR intended rulers intend to chip you all like animals. Will THEY get chipped? Of course, but THEIR role in the programming, THEM and you, will be different. You will be entering THEIR hive mentality. THEY intend on bringing back a kind of techno-feudalism, where one is part of a determined tier in society and once in, there is no way out. There is no social mobility except for farther down and out. You do not decide anything. You are a chipped animal. THEY can FORCE you to accept a drug that convinces you that nothing has changed for thousands of years. Understood?

And you think this blog's proposal is still not important? Hasn't the example of what THEY have done to India concerning bullying them into a cashless society sunk in to your realization yet?

But let's go on.

The admonishment against chipping could not be more clear and direct than this:

And another, third messenger followed them saying with a great voice: “If one worships the beast and its image and receives an engraved mark upon his forehead or upon his hand, then he shall drink from the wine of the wrath of Yahweh which is poured unmixed into the cup of His anger, and he shall be tormented in fire and sulfur before the holy messengers and before the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascends for eternal ages, and they who worship the beast and its image and one who receives the engraved mark of its name shall not have rest day and night. Thus is the patience of the saints, they keeping the commandments of Yahweh and the faith of Yahshua! [Jesus]"

Revelation 14: 9-11

Elsewhere it says,

And the first went out and poured his bowl out into the earth, and there came a bad and grievous sore upon the men who have the engraved mark of the beast and who worship its image.”

Revelation 16: 2

So, I would NOT submit to chipping if I were you!

But consider what you carry around with you in your wallets already. Increasingly these are cards that have the mark of the beast. Prior to this the mark of the beast was clearly illustrated on the back of a $1 bill. Yeah, that creepy eye on the pyramid. That's not God, not your God anyway. No, it's THEIR god. And no one even asked you whether you'd take payment in it, except that you can pay your taxes using it, which gives it its value. AND I assure you that since THEY control THEIR money and THEIR “best customer” perpetual debt slaves, the national governments, every single last one of them incorporated somewhere overseas, so that the real financial business of each can be … maintained by THEM, then you are THEIR slaves! 

A few centuries back, THEY started letting you use tokens made of silver and gold that THEY could skim and steal from, etc. until THEY could buy and hold and control all of it from mines, through mints to markets, all of that is still THEIR money. So THEY gave you pieces of paper claiming a 1 for 1 correspondence with pieces of metal; “specie?” No, of course not, because some of THEM were allowed to lend money THEY didn't even have.  So then we gradually had bank notes and then cards, phone apps, etc. Eventually THEY will want to chip you JUST TO GET A JOB! 

You know what? This simply WONT go on this way. THEY have clearly overstepped THEIR bounds and will bring about THEIR own downfall. We don't even need to do anything more than to move away from THEM and to do so financially is nearly impossible without having our own money. Hence, this blog's proposal.

Who is who among the elites? They are those with lots of these currencies. This is an elite which in America contains many very old family names, some Jewish, some Waspish with a few Roman Catholics thrown in. But increasingly there are Goliaths of new money and they have no particular allegiance except to trans-humanism, which in all fairness, is merely an extension of alchemy and kabbalah; the supposed life extending sorceresses of machine and drug technologies. Will these technologies work? Do they work? Who knows? Meanwhile, the people, under the onslaught of both the thefts of capitalism and the degradation implicit with state socialism, along with a basically dishonest money system, continue to suffer the sacrifice of their own thought, their own freedom, their own property, their own action and their own will (fiat), to these people who we have pretty much characterized as “savage babies,” whose needs and greeds are insatiable; no matter how much THEY have, THEY can never be satisfied!

And this was the 72nd anniversary of the first atomic bomb dropped on a civilian population at Hiroshima, Japan, as a deliberate act of terrorism in order to end a war and determine terms of the aftermath of that war. And those victorious powers erected the UN and the rest of THEIR globalist structures beginning with a central bank that could be run by THEM. It does begin and end with money all right. And it does begin and end with WHOSE money it actually is.

The first sign you are fully awake deals directly with your awareness that NONE of the money you have ever dealt with in your life is actually yours. You are responsible for some of it. But it says right on ALL of THEIR cash instruments exactly who owns it – a central bank - and identifies the various countries that are their “best credit risk” customers. But we are dealing only with tokens. The entire system is a matter of accounting and it is all THEIRS not ours and we have little to say about much of any of it. Despite this, THEIR next step is to chip you. THEIR intention is total control. THEY will offer you the world. THEY always do. But THEY are destroyers and nothing THEY have to offer you is real and none of it will ever be yours.


David Burton 

Oh and BTW for those who are still bothering with bitcoin or any of THEIR various fake commodity money, check this out.  Here's the skinny on it.

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