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#0: Virtue - What Bankers Lack

Dennis Spain · Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dennis Spain's interest in monetary reform matters is genuine. Even so, it is simply astounding how easily led people are by obvious frauds and I'll be happy to lay a few of them bare here. Regardless of these, much of what Dennis says is spot on. A “virtue” to us on this blog is anything which can't help but be good. Dennis' title could be a backhanded rebuke of a class of people who have … since at least 1815, exercised directing power over most of society, have ruled from behind the curtains, while in front are presented for public view the ranks of technical bureaucrats (economic parasites) and an array of babbling politicians (even bigger parasites) who as soon as they reach the capitals of power must immediately raise money for their re-election bids (from lobbyists; influence peddlers, etc.). There are plenty of these sources to help too, for a price. So the popular conception that any of their democratically elected leaders or a “democratic process” is really anything but a sham, escapes the attention of a vast majority of the public who simply put, expect much but sure don't know! We live under Mystery Babylon: 

Five hundred fractional-reserve, out of control credit-creating-out-of-nothing financial mechanisms, which are the international banks, position members of their boards of directors on the boards of directors of the world's major corporations. These bankers have been given the legal empowerment by corrupted politicians worldwide to create national currencies out of nothing but signatures on bogus promissory notes. Thus, they control absolutely the allocation of resources on the planet through their close connection to these corporations, which depend on these banks for timely injections of 'capital'. (I put 'capital' in parentheses because I have a different definition of that word, namely a pool of previously-saved commodity money of inherent value.) 

Let's be actually more accurate about this: the bankers since at least the late 17th century have TAKEN the legal power BY corrupting politicians (a lot of it involving wars to kill people and take things from them or force them into slavery as in ancient times) and the creation of national currencies was first done by fractional reserve lending based on a store of commodity money -gold or silver- and the notes were supposed to come due and payable in enough sequence so the essentially Ponzi nature of the architecture of these banking schemes could be maintained.  

We'll get into Dennis' definition of capital anon, because it describes very well what we would expect to develop within our own proposed Valun Exchange Network or private market in Valuns or VEN. Dennis continues,

Hitler understood this mechanism from his experience of WWI and the Weimar Republik of the 1920s. Germany was in total chaos and one of the first things international finance did was attempt to isolate Germany upon his rise to power. Judea [sic] declared war on Deutschland in 1933, in fact, and then as now, Jews are over-represented in these circles of finance. Now don't blow a gasket, I am just stating a FACT. 

Hitler disconnected the German economy from the international bankers ('eine internationale Clique'') and the German people quickly took control of their own destiny, surpassing in four years the economies of the other Western nations which remained mired in Depression. 

I know this personally from a man who lived in Germany from 1937-1945, with whom I had hundreds of hours of discussion in a local coffee shop (the same coffee shop whose progressive liberal owner later banned me from because of my Facebook posts----hahahahahaha. That owner and I graciously made up and realized how stupid we were to be so reactive!) 

Until the connection is seen between a dishonest currency issued by a central banking cabal as an artificial debt on the backs of a citizenry, a political class which has subjugated itself to this banking cabal for the privilege of having every one of its cockamamie projects funded without resistance, and the ensuing declining level of virtue in society as a whole, we will NEVER get out of the mess we are in. It will only get worse. 

Now, even though much of this requires further explanation, one would be generally advised to seek research on Hitler's monetary regime elsewhere as that entire subject lies outside the realm of this blog. We are far more concerned with formulating a real alternative to any of THEIR monetary systems, Hitler's included because he used a state and this proposal does not require one. 

A “dishonest currency” to us would aptly describe ANY money whether it be made of paper, on plastic cards or precious metals that was issued by any bank on credit to any government for the purpose of that government spending into the economy (buying first) without anything other than taxation (retrieval by FORCE of that which was spent by FORCE and without exact compensation) to restore said money to the bank, with interest too which implies taking back more than was created. Change a few things and that since the 17th century, with the change of precious metals to mere digits, is the shape of THEIR present monetary machine. If the con game worked this well for hundreds of years using gold and silver too, why bother to change it very much? It hasn't either, not since ancient times. 

Dennis continues, 

Even the Founding Fathers knew (from personal experience during the Revolutionary War) that the bank notes of fractional reserve bankers, as well as state printed currency, corrupted human trade relations and thus all human interaction, so they LIMITED the federal government's role in monetary affairs to simply ensuring the fineness and weight of coinage, and prohibited the States from issuing bills of credit that were not redeemable in gold and silver. 

Hell's bells, even the Romans knew about the deleterious effects of debasing money but persisted in their illusionary state policies predicated on a false notion of credit (capital). 

All right, a few corrections here too. FIRST: we will NEVER accept, I repeat NEVER accept the notion that the paper Continental money failed due to excess government spending (no government had such power) or in fact due to too much credit creation (none of that was a cause either). The fact is that more Continentals showed up in the market for things simply due to counterfeiting that was done deliberately BY THE BRITISH to force the new government back on THEIR gold and silver standard. I've told Dennis this and I'll tell anyone for the rest of my life: GOLD AND SILVER ARE STILL THEIR MONEY UNTIL ALL OF THEIR SPECULATIVE MARKETS ARE CLOSED FOREVER. It is precisely and exactly these rigged markets that directly affect the purchasing power of any and all precious metals and believing otherwise is sheer blindness to reality. THEY control the mines, the mints and the markets and therefore these precious metals belong to THEM. Honest money? You have fallen for THEIR oldest trick. Precious metals cannot produce more of themselves, they may be worth something but only speculators determine that. AND above all most people don't have any precious metals and don't want any. They recognize the essentially foreign nature of even gold and silver coins. Dennis advises, 

Withdraw support from this fraudulent order of political/financial collusion. Return to honest money [sic]. All the financiers (who benefit greatly from the present system) will howl and cry to the heavens that there is not enough commodity money to facilitate market exchanges. You would have to let prices fluctuate until the quantity of commodity money is in line with the quantity of goods and services produced in our modern economies. Gold and silver will shoot through the roof initially in terms of prices denominated in national currencies, until people finally realize that prices should not be denominated in national currencies, which are the bankers’ freak creations, but instead expressed in terms of silver and gold grams. 

Has Dennis solved how much a gram of gold will buy today vs. next year? Who decides? Right, not you or me. It's still THEIR money, Dennis! 

Lending then [gold grams] occurs in a free capital market only from previous savings of the commodity money at interest rates that are naturally set in free capital markets, not by financiers in shit-stained $5K suits sitting around mahogany tables somewhere forever indenting the rest of us with their abstractions and relegating us to a class of modern-day serfs! 

There's no such thing as a free capital market, Dennis! This is an idealism. I don't think we want to be stuck with it. Also if one decides the rent for money, what's the difference between capital markets and financiers however they may be dressed? You clearly don't know. There isn't any difference! 

(I have actually changed my attitude toward gold or silver-backed money, due to the influence of Bill Still and David Burton’s comments----though still not in agreement with the idea of privately-issued valuns---and now would support a fiat currency if a yearly-adjusted Federal sales tax were instituted to withdraw and extinguish currency on expenditures causing inflationary forces by too great an influx of fiat money into infrastructure projects of all kinds; and if fractional-reserve banking were prohibited by federal law. Either a gold-backed system or a pure fiat system is preferable to the present system, however, with the added prohibition of fractional-reserve banking.) 

Going to break this one up a bit: I have actually changed my attitude toward gold or silver-backed money, due to the influence of Bill Still and David Burton’s comments----though still not in agreement with the idea of privately-issued valuns. Well then this point of view is still statist. States may come and go and private agreements last as long as desired. If you do not accept privately issued valuns, then you don't understand one of the things that ignited the Hitler era German recovery because only work would issue reichsmarks not banker stolen fiat. If you do not accept that the fiat MUST belong to each one of us, you become like Bill Still an advocate of Napoleonic money, not real legitimate private enterprise money. 

a yearly-adjusted Federal sales tax were instituted to withdraw and extinguish currency on expenditures causing inflationary forces by too great an influx of fiat money into infrastructure projects of all kinds.  A state solution requires something like this, but honestly Dennis, do you or I have any means to TRUST any of this?  We don't!  ALSO, since this is related, inflation in THEIR system is caused simply by too many of THEIR money tokens being spent into the economy by governments and not redeemed back by anything any government has to sell back into the economy. If you expect inflation, just cut taxes, and sometimes that helps keep economies using THEIR money going for a while, but prices will still rise. SINCE NO GOVERNMENT IS AN HONEST TRADER AND CANNOT BE ONE WITHOUT COMPETING AGAINST ALL PRIVATE ENTERPRISE, UNDER TERMS OF LEGITIMATE MONEY, NO GOVERNMENT MAY BE ALLOWED TO ISSUE ANY MONEY, PERIOD! Tom Jefferson and the rest of the real Democrats were correct. AND the usual sources of paid economic stupidity are those who assume inflation demands “sound money” or “honest money” or some other euphemism suggesting that the usual bank and government issued money is dishonest, which it is. It is fraudulent, illegitimate and used by grifters, capitalists, con men and other parasites to live from the work of others. Likewise one never hears how all money dies; in depreciation of all items which lose their value over time and hence the money spent for them cannot be retrieved, it is gone forever.

The usual public worries about money are always how to finance public works, specifically the roads, etc. I assure everyone that Hitler's Germany certainly had no problem building itself up without THEIR money or its practices, which is why the bankers had us go to war against them. There are alternatives to current financing models that have nothing to do with the basis of the money. Because the basis of all our money is the illegitimate stolen fiat of central banks, the fiat or WILL stolen from each and every one of us, no realistic monetary reform is possible. You can't polish a turd and expect something better, even if you polish it with silver and gold. We need our own money. 

And one of the consequences of having our own money will be the establishment of our own finance businesses. In all cases, the money for finance MUST and WILL come from the savings of the communities that adopt it: you cannot loan money you do not have. 

The end of fractional reserve lending brings all deposit insurance to an end within our proposed system because all money in all accounts will belong uncontested to the member / owners of each exchange, not to lenders / financiers associated with said exchanges. Likewise we do not want to see capital flight from where it was earned into existence so there will be another 80% rule that will make it impossible for money saved in one location to be scattered in hope of bigger return elsewhere. 80% of that money will have to be loaned within the area it was raised. We have a preference for free enterprise not capitalism. Making money on money without work will be closely watched within our proposed system because counter to all the PAID propaganda from the usual sources, capitalism and its evil twin sister state socialism, were the invention of the same people who dreamed of living as parasites from the labor, inventiveness and industriousness of others. 

Be seeing you.

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