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#13.21 Peace Revolution Podcasts 90 & 91

Additional podcasts in this series will be associated with #13 papers. See INDEX for all updates to this series.

2015-10-6: #90 Habits of Freedom / Personal Protection & Defense

(This is going to be a longer essay than most in this series as I seek to expatiate further upon a few subjects only indirectly related to those of this episode.)

Running just over 13 hours, this episode begins with a bold dissection of the difference between mankind living under rules based on natural law vs. rules FORCED on mankind by governments (emphasis on the United Nations but including all of them), monopolies, industries, the elite, and the present social consequences. It begins by getting right to the point concerning the right to protect oneself and its direct connection to natural law.

The aware have long since been convinced by the facts that the present order has been successful at manipulating mankind away from its natural inclinations, including the natural right to self defence. The attempt to “engineer” society is being done, not for the honest benefit of helping mankind at all, but merely to maintain the status and prestige (we'll get back to that word in a moment) of the elites as well as the power to FORCE mankind into its models. The attempt has been to create a kind of “manufactured” man or woman, with active attempts to make gender, race, and every other possible distinction between people meaningless, except of course for the elites themselves.

Their idea of a future is first and foremost to reduce the population for far easier control. They also intend on enforcing a clear separation between themselves and the rest of us. We are not involved in making any important decisions, nor do we have any meaningful say in anything these greater institutions have imposed on all of us. They have succeeded in convincing us that they know better and that in any case they can FORCE their will on us at any time. We are manipulated into wars by the creation of “false flag” enemies and events. Their “progressive” and “evolutionary” vision (as the moving figures in Plato's cave) is beginning to unravel as their game plan has been unchanged for hundreds of years, as well documented by the indispensable read The Babylonian Woe by the Canadian researcher, David Astle. We will actually consider offering a version of this work on of this blog as it is an old book in the public domain.

The matter of prestige is “widespread respect and admiration felt for someone or something on the basis of a perception of their achievements or quality.” The word prestige came into English usage in the 19th century and was originally associated with the idea of showiness. Despite the growing awareness of their actual “achievements” (including how many hundreds of millions of human lives they have deliberately wasted in countless senseless wars, all for their own glory, power and wealth), the desire to be admired by “the masses” is certainly part of the apparent game: the great of this world do want to be admired, at least enough to prevent “the lower orders” from rising up against them.

The attitude and approach advocated by this blog advises is to simply to depart from them; passive aggression, walk away from them, try to avoid dealing with them if at all possible, do not waste one's time with politics or any particular political cause or personality as they already control all of that from behind the scenes. Understand that at this point all the money you know of or have ever earned or used was and is THEIR money not yours. You had nothing to do with its actual creation or destruction, it is merely used by you as a convenient medium of exchange. You assume incorrectly that it somehow has to do with your country or your nationality, but in fact those matters have been reduced to the status of a trademark and words like The United States of America on numbered pieces of paper, which are “notes” (debt instruments) of a private central bank (and you don't have anything to do with that or them) only serve to indicate the nature of our economic slavery to them: these “notes” are evidence of your national or regional government having had to borrow the “money” from them. All of it is issued as a debt at interest, to them. The issue was created, the interest to pay it back was not created. Where does the available “money” have to come from to pay this interest? This root aspect of their entire system drives most human endeavour in a serious game attempting to find the 11th marble when only 10 were ever created.

So what is the quality of life for each of us? Whatever it turns out to be, our individual prestige becomes; we each are capable of achieving our own individual prestige. We are, contrary to the programme of the elites, each unique and individual. We have very real natural distinctions that should be mutually understood and respected. The episode points out that it has to be a matter of courage vs. cowardice (conformity) on the individual level. They talk about resolving and preventing fights. We advocate a non violent solution too. Hint: affiliate marketing is the current stage of market development. It will be carried on the internet and will soon grow to become the majority of financial transactions. The internet must become indispensable to them as well as to us. The next stage is direct peer to peer networking, where the affiliate stage becomes the focused affiliate stage. This is where communities recognize a network of mutually beneficial producers and suppliers, where many local and economically redundant factors emerge (people hand crafting better products than can be obtained by mass producers, etc. ). E. C. Riegel's vision was to see the emergence of a parallel monetary system that would integrate all these local factors and preserve them from the depredations of their usury driven (of consequent necessity) predatory monetary system. Riegel's ideas had a few problems, one was his posited implementation: he simply and bluntly paid far too much attention to the prestige of certain political and banking figures and goodnaturedly expected that they'd see the sense of his system and be willing to help him implement it for the benefit of the people. We are far less naive now, though naivety certainly persists, particularly among those who ought to know better. But playing “the masses” for fools directly involves the game of academics. It has worked well for a very long time. What does it mean when young people around the world in their growing numbers are rejecting academia, corporatism, bigness, globalism, multiculturalism, sustainability, etc. and often demand a return to more primitive and traditional customs, a rise in nationalism, etc.?

2016-1-27: #91 Pax Americana / Manufacturing Terrorism from Operation Cyclone to ISIS

This 17 hour long podcast, yeah it will take you some deliberate allocation of many hours to get through it, is all about recent history and attempts to find it's roots in prior war / adventures. In his introduction, Richard Grove describes himself as a forensic historian. We think this is a commendable and reasonable way to evaluate history; look at the events as if they're crimes (because usually they are) and then determine what knowledge can be gleaned from the evidence.

So this is going to be a series of crime stories, for our edification and education. This is more of what you never got in any school. For many of you, it's high time to wise up, stop passively believing what you probably believe and determine to keep to The Inner Track, to know and let the seeds of your knowledge grow, while not necessarily letting anyone else know what you know. Why should powerful private knowledge be offered free to “the masses?” It has to be dug out of obscure places and even from documents lodged in plain sight that nobody ever bothers to read. Since this is continuing education, if you have trouble with this episode, you'll probably want to revisit previous episodes. Together, this series provides the most badly needed re-education that people everywhere need to know to be more effective and responsive to changes in the present world.

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