Thursday, May 7, 2015

#13.19 Peace Revolution Podcast 88

2015-05-04: #88 The U.N.-American Agenda / World Federalism and the United Nations Gambit 

This episode runs better than 18 1/4 hours, and provides a collage of presentations concerning the ideas that run the present world systems. The participants in these programs and processes no doubt assume that their approaches are decent, correct and not likely to fail. But they will all eventually fail because they are flawed at their base, especially by USURY. Most involved are actually social parasites, “useless eaters” and others who do not produce or provide anything anyone seriously wants or even needs. We do not require their opinions to the contrary to demonstrate that what these people intend has nothing to do with the best hopes or wishes of the human race. It is often asked who exactly these people in hidden leadership positions are; a few are mentioned by name; the word “treason” was used by one presenter.

We regard much of this episode as a confluence between modern history and the news. It is vital to be informed, to pay attention, to attempt to understand what's going on. The debt issue is mentioned once in a while, after all, debt must be repaid. And why must it be repaid? Who is it owed to? Is the debt to be repaid to the people from whom much has been stolen already? Are those people who would refuse to repay their debts going to make poorer those who must be paid to keep them from starting violent social revolutions in most places? What of the various deliberate misplacements of millions of people who become “migrants” regardless of the rationalizations used to justify their acceptance? It's all related to the old world order attempting to stay in power as the New World Order. Their power rests on THEIR money which has never been and never shall it ever be yours. It was mentioned once or twice, the “fruits of your labour” are actually stolen from you the instant you accept any of THEIR money in payment for it.

In the upcoming posts, we'll look further into the idea that YOUR money should be paid for – brought into existence- by YOUR labour and that therefore the only way the “fruit of your labour” could ever remain in your hands is if it was represented by YOUR money, which would of course need an independent peer to peer network in order for you to use it to split-barter for the things and services that YOU really want.


Behind the Green Mask - Rosa Koire
Between Two Ages : America's Role in the Technetronic Era - Zbigniew Brzezinski


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