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#0 Clint Richardson: Crash: Why America Will Fall Under Its Own Shadow

Why America Will Fall Under Its Own Shadow

A few of Clint Richardson's comments along with our own:

Of economists - In truth, anyone who claims to be one is quite frankly full of shit.   We are not afraid of strong language!  In terms of being able to forecast anything with any reliability, this is a known fact. Is there something wrong with the subject of economics itself? Yes, and a forthcoming series on this blog will attempt to demonstrate this.

Of our money - In reality, the fiat currency is nothing more or less than debt. It is promises to pay that will never be paid, for no debt can ever be paid with debt. The United States is a bankrupt corporation, as James Trafficant stated in congressional record, and a bankrupt cannot create anything but more debt.  We are agreed, except for one thing; the problem is not that the currency is fiat at all, it is with who gets to issue it. Identify who gets to issue all the debt currency and you have the essence of the problem. [5/4/16: Since writing this we acknowledge that ALL money represents debt -unsettled barter transactions- including precious metals used as money.  The question is debt to whom and for what?  The issues are deliberately obscured by the obvious monopoly of THEIR money power enslaving all of us.  There is nothing short of violence we can do about it and that is NOT to be our answer.  Secondly, the matter of money being fiat or a commodity since that's your choice, is not the question AT ALL.  We were all told that to draw our attention away from the source of the theft of OUR fiat which we claim by right along with freedom of speech, press, assembly and as Riegel noted, contract.  We accuse and accept as reality that the central banks and hence the banking monopoly, which took over the world in 1815 have enslaved us and we'd frankly rather go about our lives in SANITY and the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace rather than DYING FOR THEIR BLOOD SOAKED ROTTEN CRIMINAL SYNDICATE SYSTEM AND THEIR STINKING MONEY!  We don't want to be complicit in their crimes and wars anymore.  By using THEIR money, we are.  Understood?]

Quote from the Federal Reserve - In the United States neither paper currency nor deposits have value as commodities. Intrinsically, a dollar bill is just a piece of paper, deposits merely book entries. Coins do have some intrinsic value as metal, but generally far less than their face value.  This is true and so what? Again, what exactly is money? Most people, including Clint, don't seem to know. Most for example think it must be another commodity that has some tangible so called intrinsic value when that is not what money actually is. They are confused because they have not properly examined their terms. Money is merely the means to split barter. [ALL money represents debt in the form of unsettled barter transactions.]  Anything could be used for the purpose, but essentially bookkeeping entries are every bit money as are digital signals representing them generated through swipe cards.

On modern money - Transaction deposits are the modem counterpart of bank notes. It was a small step from printing notes to making book entries crediting deposits of borrowers, which the borrowers in turn could “spend” by writing checks, thereby “printing” their own money.  Riegel saw this. He would have considered swipe cards as acceptable money too, as long as the underlying basis was correct. As long as Clint and others are trapped into thinking money is a commodity, as it presently is even though its representation is intangible, there is no real hope of any positive change. This inability to see through scams definitely impacts the future prospects for freedom, quality of life, or even life itself.

A question for the public - Do you understand that debt is the basis of all religion, and that your belief and fear in it is all that substantiates it?  Consider what you actually believe and why. Does it have anything to do with paying back someone for some debt for something you did or failed to do?  [5/4/16: This actually came up for discussion recently with the story of the man who borrows a gold coin so that while he holds that gold coin his creditor may have unlimited favours from him; he has become the lender's slave.  Now assume that some religion promises its adherents certain things after this life, things like paradise or eventual everlasting life.  Then the masters of the religion (there's always some kind of priest class) have their co-religionists by the throats for any infraction might mean they lose eternal life.  Imagine.  And what if it's not even so?]

On the scam - When this system of monetized fakery was created, its goal was not to create wealth. For money is not wealth, it is the opposite of wealth. It is debt. It must be traded in exchange for wealth to fools. If an entire nation and planet of people can be made to believe that this debt is actually a credit, then the debt can be traded for actual wealth. In other words, an entire people can somehow be made to believe that everything in reality can be traded for merely a promise to pay, and that this promise to pay is the same as the payment itself.  The game stops when enough people finally say either, “we have no more with which to pay you” or “we will not accept your money as payment.” Until then, and by use of FORCE, the game can and will continue. [5/4/16: But there is something more here, much more.  Everyone is aware that the money they use is NOT theirs.  It says right on it to whom it belongs.  Therefore Clint's phrase
system of monetized fakery is better rendered system of fake money since WE did not issue it.  It would matter immediately if Clint or I actually issued our own money among a community of our peers that was intrinsically connected (how's that?) by the international standard Value Unit that we all issued anywhere and everywhere.  We would do so by buying something with our money from our friends and neighbors and those in the next town or next county rather than paying everything to some distant "public" corporation that anonymous operators own behind everyone's backs, etc.  That's called capitalism and we're specifically against it.  It's the evil twin sister of socialism invented largely by the same interests.]     

On the revolution scam - But revolution means to revolve back to the beginning; to start over again. Same empire, different name. This is why so many movies and other media is predictively programming us to support such revolutionary dissonance. Our ideas are very seldom our own, and obviously neither are our ideals of morals and values.  Right. So you expect anything to change if or when there is a revolution? Nope, nothing will change, because the revolution is part of their game. One has to think completely outside their box.

On our addiction - We literally sell our souls for debt. We worship it. We trade assets for promises to pay. And we even hoard the debt notes in the illusion of security, as if debt equals safety. Unfortunately, our unreasonable belief and faith in this debt money (the devil’s currency) has lead us to covet the very thing that is killing us slowly. We therefore defend these promises to pay even to the point of war and violent oppression of the entire planet, giving blind and unwavering support to our dictators in congress and in the militarized Executive branch to kill in our (the people’s) name for the protection of our own disease of debt in its world domination. Needless to say, all of this stems from the same source and must come to an end. [5/4/16: Emphasis in Clint's quote above mine.  Maybe better THIS debt money as ALL money represents debt.  The appropriate questions are 1) the legitimacy of the debt and 2) to whom the debt is owed.  THOSE are the questions THEY'd rather not have widely exposed to public view.  But they will be anyway.]

On the likely political endgame - America’s culture (which is a lack of established culture and moral law) has been infused with most other nations. Its fake currency has bought up the world “economy,” and that wealth can easily be transferred out to the world bank, leaving the people of America hopelessly destitute. With trained peace-keepers keeping the violent peace under United Nations’ preview, the centralization of military power can now be unilaterally acquired by the U.N. The United States as a mere member state of the United Nations can and is being equalized with all others.  Since the UN, NATO, the EU, etc. are all illegitimate organizations, sooner or later they shall all fail. They are built on the central bank idea of money and must certainly die with their demise. This should be a natural phenomenon as immutable as gravity. As with the Titanic when it went down, all lifeboats are admonished to row as far from the sinking vessels as possible. [5/4/16: However with 50 million Americans out of work and far worse elsewhere, wars, etc. IF the elites try this there will be war on American soil guaranteed and they will not win such a war!]

On the means to that end - The centralized power as military force of the United States must be dismantled for the Roman phoenix to rise in its new form of global governance. And the only way to accomplish such a seemingly impossible feat is to play the only card left in the deck – the illusion of economic collapse through the “crash” of the fake currency.  Too bad so few people realize that there could be an alternative that wouldn't involve any states or “authorities” outside each local area. But we are sometimes in the same position as the Copernicus or Tesla of prior periods. E. C. Riegel had the ideas, the solution just needed a few adjustments. The implementation requires individuals, families, villages, towns, small and medium sized concerns to bring it about.

On reality - The shadow of America is the corporation 10 miles square called the United States corporation. And the 50 individual states that we call America has fallen prey to its own so-called central government, where the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto are the verifiable written law.  The truly aware and awake know this full well to be true and those who are not afraid of the truth understand that the same people behind the money system are those who bankrolled communism and all the wars going back in history for at least a thousand years. The implications are, as some might characterize it, of Biblical proportions.

On “Mystery Babylon” - The shadow government is killing its creator. And belief in its own declared, de facto, prima facie evidence of legitimacy is all it will take to deliver the final blow. And our own sons and daughters as career mercenaries will be our own peace-keepers at home.  The instigators were among the “founding fathers” of the great American republic. They were traitors [to England] from the beginning though perhaps they didn't see it that way and many of the others were too unaware of the implications of their [British money power's] imperial and tyrannical schemes. Suffice it to say, more people are waking up every day. We gratefully acknowledge Clint Richardson's contributions to our further understanding.

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