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News from the UK. A variety of ideas and causes are presented here: we encourage these people to have a look at our proposals. Viewers will be able to see the various subtle ways the British system is and is not like the American version, but it's the same basic administrative / commercial / communitarian law system, with the same basic outlines of the problems covered that should be understandable to any English speaking people around the world (Canada, Australia and New Zealand all face something similar) and these should be of considerable concern to everyone else as well, as the entire world right now is infected by the same economic diseases, all stemming from the same sources and causes. Everything these documentaries cover is of relevance to the formation of a viable Value Exchange Network (VEN).

We are certainly heartened to see the interest in an alternative monetary system to the national or “public” money and its banks, and we note that the same ideas “complementary, for now,” have occurred to some of the people there. However, we would like to acquaint our friends and neighbours around the world with our proposals, based on the work of E. C. Riegel and others, as we believe that it serves to answer many important issues that our friends in Britain (and elsewhere) may greatly benefit from adopting. A paper on The Lawful Bank, TAMS proposal appears here.

A community trust solution sounds to us like statism without a state. We want allodial title; ownership of real property (land, buildings and fixtures) that is independent of any superior landlord, to apply to all private property, not the chance to join a “sweat equity” commune so as never to have to deal with money and finance ever again. Many things about this turn us off, but we are particularly disgusted with being forced to accept the concept of “unconditional love,” which is an irrational illusion that does not and shall not exist and is furthermore quite irrelevant to most people's lives.

A community trust attempts to do what it does without money, falling into the trap that most people believe money in and of itself is evil, when the Bible said that it is the love of money that was the root of all evil and that applies to gold as well. The “free of charge for free of charge” exchange plan requires the imposition of “leaders” when money performs this service naturally. There are easy ways in which corruption can be eradicated from a monetary system by simple design and by policy exclusions; certain practices are simply not allowed. You break the rules and you're out! Our message is that MONEY = FREEDOM and that money issuance is a natural extension of each person's personal property by inalienable right. Why on earth would we ever want to give that up to some people Ayn Rand would easily identify as “hate eaten mystics' who perhaps rightfully hate the present system but do not have the slightest concern or understanding of the requirements and necessity for personal individual liberty. Deny that to anyone and you expect people to be slaves to someone.

We do not agree with the views of all the people interviewed. In particular, we discard as complete rubbish ANY ideas that try and explain away the right of private allodial title land ownership as a basis for freedom. We do NOT extend this right to limited liability, absentee ownership, so called “public” corporations, which are all the creatures of states. Without private property rights, there is likewise no freedom for the individual and the opportunity opens immediately for some leadership tyranny to emerge; state or other communitarian authoritarianism. Always run don't walk away from people advocating such colossal rubbish !

Here is nearly six hours of this documentary series:

Episode 1 Part 1 [1 hour, 42 min]

Episode 1 Part 2 [1 hour, 42 min]

Episode 1 Part 3 [1 hour 42 min]

And here's a site that certainly deserves your support, particularly if you live in the UK.

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