Sunday, February 17, 2013

#15.6 Bill Still's Reports 69 and 70

2013-1-21: #69 Greece Conference 

The Jeckyl Island movie is about to be released. Greece as the front line on whether a currency based on debt can continue. He runs down the latest news on this subject, describes a conference held in Greece.

2013-2-17: #70 - State of the Union 2013

Still runs down current events, targets the lending to create money model, consistent with our message. Quantitative easing continues. Major networks on verge of collapse due to debt, but banks buy off everyone they can; monetary economics is owned by the Fed and the big banks. Of course Still resonates his concerns with reference to the Constitution, to what the government has allowed to have done to itself, still believes that government issued debt free money spent “in the public interest” makes the most sense, etc.

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