Tuesday, April 3, 2012

#7 It Is Important

It is important that people understand accurate history as opposed to the official version that many of us have learned in government operated schools and via the corporate owned, artificial, desensitizing mass media. The media and the school system mould our perceptions while whitewashing some of the worst scoundrels in history. Numerous individuals have deliberately deceived us into repetitive wars and have helped facilitate several worldwide economic disasters. Warfare never brings peace, only needless death, suffering and lasting resentment. Yet politicians choose war instead of open negotiations, but it is the youth of many nations, indoctrinated to hate the “enemy”, who die in those wars. The US government, often without public support or knowledge, has intervened in countries worldwide using false claims while ignoring its own critical domestic problems. During the course of those interventions, millions have perished. If people consider their moral values, resist the propaganda and follow the proverbial money, they will discover that the same people who advocate warfare frequently profit in its aftermath. The military destroys, then well connected contractors rebuild, usually at taxpayer expense. Politicians and the financial interests do not represent the nation's interests but rather their own, as demonstrated by our history and current events.”

Deanna Spingola
The Ruling Elite, a study in imperialism, genocide and emancipation, back cover.

This book represents an alternative and factual history of the formation and development of the United States which few Americans know about because the people behind the scenes who developed our state schools preferred to give us a whitewashed lie as our official history. Meeting the challenge, Deanna Spingola does not really try and persuade you of anything: her style is didactic, fact after fact after fact until incontrovertible evidence emerges implicating many people and institutions held to this day in esteem which they hardly deserve. I wondered at several places what would have happened had this book appeared many years ago, would it have made the slightest difference?  Will it matter today?  Only time will tell.

What is the natural response when it is uncovered beyond any possible doubt that the entire edifice of our educational, political and economic system is a scam run by special interests? What future is there in any of it but death and destruction to those “not on the team” or “in the way of progress”? If you are not brought to a few good realizations after reading this book, then there really is something seriously wrong with you.

Those outside America need to read this book too because it describes in lurid details some of the most despicable acts of brutality committed by this supposedly "Constitutional"  government, under essentially the same masters the nation has endured since before it declared its independence. Once you have incontestable facts (and Spingola has offered nothing new, only assembled what many of us have already known from various credible sources), the patterns become more obvious; what is going on in the Middle East today is what went on in the American west a hundred and fifty years ago, or went on in Russia following the revolution there, or in France following the revolution there or in China ... Nothing is new.  I want to make a sincere apology for not understanding clearly that many indigenous people, slaves (and freed black people) and Southerners (whether they owned slaves or not) suffered the equivalent of the Red Terror in my own country during the 19th century.  It shows how well the public indoctrination has worked.     

Not only is Spingola's book a must read, especially for Americans, it should be paired with another book, which is a must read, especially if you are a Russian, as much the same was done there by similar minded people after the revolution of 1917. That book is The Red Terror in Russia by Sergei Melgunov.  Melgunov is similarly didactic, just stating the facts, leaving you to comprehend the magnitude of what happened in Russia.  Why would those who accomplished this terror, and actually PAID for it, not use this tactic again?  Spingola is stating for the record that such occurred right here in America and we are vastly unaware of it to this day.  It's time to wake up.    
We would also want to put in its proper place ALL attempts by those who are PAID to lie, cheat, steal and especially those paid to “debunk” what facts others have collected to JEER people into silence and submission. Their jeers are their first assault, after that they send in their goons and thugs, some who may be high on mind altering drugs as they were in Russia (and yes even alcohol is a mind altering drug that was used by thugs during killing sprees). Jeers should never be tolerated and always assailed for exactly what they are, attempts to push and shove the person, ideas or point of view off the public stage and out of view. Those doing the jeering should be told frankly that we are onto them, that they had best consider whose side they are taking and why, because it does and will matter to them personally.

Let us frontally attack the words “conspiracy theory,” one of their trademark jeers. Serious researchers like Deanna Spingola are not interested in theories. We are interested in uncovering factual conspiracies, which in most instances are not so very hard to comprehend. After all, down through time there have always been secret meetings, secret clubs, secret societies, in all of which occur deals which were made in secret to divide and conquer, usually people who stood in the way of those who, by what ever rationale, determined that they deserved monopolistic control over something, to allow them to skim off the produce and labour of others to their benefit. There is no "theory" about it; anything done in secret was not done for the benefit of the common man, woman or child.  Secrecy in fact is always suspect and is never any good for anything. People know this in their personal lives, why should it be any different when considering the affairs of large business concerns or nation states?

Before deciding how to construct something that will benefit ALL the people; a worldwide network of local private Independent exchanges, we must confront our histories and the denizens of this ruling elite who are still there doing what they have always been doing. Without a renewed perspective, it becomes impossible to see clearly what must be done as we move forward.

David Burton


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  1. Bravo! And kudos to you for telling it like it is.

    Deanna Spingola is heard Monday through Friday - from 11 AM to 1 PM Central - on RBN, the Republic Broadcasting Network... as well as on KHFX AM 1140, Ft. Worth-Dallas, Texas.