Wednesday, September 14, 2016

#0: Road to Roota - Planned Financial Collapse to Likely Occur This Fall

Bix Weir is interviewed by Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante. This is posted here as current news. They are competent to get the news, they know lots of the underlying details that most of the public does not know, but these people are clueless when it comes to solutions. They fail to see and understand what is obvious and right in front of everyone and is absolutely essential not to miss; NONE of the existing money out there is OURS since we did not issue it, (and please don't fall for the crap that some “trusted organization” does it for us, so we still issue it. That's like consenting to things we never consented to, etc. it's bullshit!). Using THEIR money is not according to any existing contract except those used to FORCE people into doing what they would otherwise never agree to do. We accept that ALL government is essentially “brain washing” and used to FORCE an “enlightened” social order onto people which is NOT natural and NOT freely chosen by any of the people as everyman (or everywoman).

Notice they discuss bitcoin (known now to be a “project” by perhaps the CIA with the blessing of the central bankers, who intend on taking it over) exactly as if it were a “buy and hold” securities asset. All bitcoin (and all the rest) are nothing but artificial commodities and ALL COMMODITIES ARE SUITABLE VEHICLES FOR ORGANIZED SPECULATION. I put the ORGANIZED in there as what we do when we go somewhere is make our own speculations on the relative value of this or that compared with the money we have allocated to spend. But that doesn't mean we want what we measure with to also be subject to speculation, that's ridiculous, but that's what we have.

A scarce commodity is not what money is or even should be and of course it isn't OURS since we did not and will not ever issue any of it. Weir and Berwick discuss precious metals somewhat but only tangentially grasp that there are points easily reached where pieces of these metals literally will not be traded away, so they aren't money at all, they're scarce resources used as tokens of exchange by FORCE of merchants and governments, NOT as the LYING “Austrians” continually claim, as if chosen by nature for the purpose.

Listen to these guys float all these “solutions” which are also beside the point. Bitcoin for instance is exactly like any other commodity posing as money, and exactly as silver or gold. Listen to this guy rap about paper money backed by commodities. They haven't a clue. Listen people. I'm not joking, this right here is the only workable solution. We can base a monetary unit on THEIR money until THEIR money is no more. We do NOT even or ever need concern ourselves with how much of OUR money is issued or destroyed.

Notice that Bix Weir eventually gets around to discussing capitalism, and he makes a statement I've heard from more socialists about socialism, “the world has not yet experienced true capitalism.” Yes it has Bix and you don't see it either. Capitalism is an ism with capital as socialism is an ism with society, irritants, itches, pseudo causes invented by others (the same people essentially) to function as a power dialectic (evil twin sisters) to enrich themselves. Capitalism is making money on money without work called “investments” by those that practice it. Lured by having purchasing power without effort, whole gifted societies were driven away from productive and satisfying real needs with real work, all of which could be for the most part “sustainable” (cough, vomit) solutions. Savings and wealth building are essential (you can't build wealth without savings and wealth does not exist without producing income). Capitalism since it is built on usury, eventually devours its own, as it has been doing all along and is doing right now even as it implodes. Anyone who fails to see this reality is tactically blind and cannot help anyone else forward. Tactical blindness exists in many areas as people fail to see the obvious; you cannot use solutions that are incorrect, based on fraud, or very simply weren't and aren't even yours to begin with.

Free enterprise is the goal, not capitalism. The two are not the same. One is nature itself and the other is impeded nature. If you don't get it, just admit your brainwashing and begin to learn other ways of seeing things. This blog and the resources linked to it can certainly help.

Bix talks about allocating money to people, but Bix, NOBODY has the authority and cannot be trusted to disperse some “state” money with “fairness” and you can't decide that by democratic vote either. It has to be by free enterprise and that means people getting together and OWNING something that will ensure that OUR FIAT is known, understood and respected.

Let the truth bombs fall too. Before you can wake up you have to admit that you were asleep. You have to admit that for the most part your schools and societies helped continue your slumber. It is the time of revealing, of uncovering what was hidden, of the truth to come out, of exposing the evil, the corrupt and the enemies of humanity for all to see. Then, let nature take its course. Bix and Jeff certainly discuss this too. Meanwhile, it's time for more of us to take our own courses.

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