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#0: Ann Barnhardt - The Economy Is Going To Implode

Ann Barnhardt - The Economy Is Going To Implode Full Version

From the notes - published on Jun 14, 2016: 

Every generation produces a special and unique voice. A voice crying in the wilderness. A voice telling us what we can already sense, what we can feel, but do not understand. Ann Barnhardt is that women. Self-proclaimed 'Seriously Pissed Off Roman Catholic', Ann's open, honest, and direct presentation is a masterpiece outlining the world's impending economic Armageddon. 

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Part One Topics:

Systemic Counter party Risk 
Money is a Fungible Proxy for Your Very Humanity 
All Currencies are Fiat 
The Gold Standard is Not Necessary

Part Two Topics: 

The Gold Standard is Not Necessary Continued 
WE Are the Gold 
The Morality and Economically Essential Nature of Interest 
The Real Problem in Banking System: Unbacked Unsecured Lending 
Bank Balance Sheet Exercise 

Part Three Topics: 

Sample Bank Balance Sheet Continued 
The Lie of FDIC Deposit Insurance

Part Four Topics: 

One Dollar of Capital Banking Paradigm 
Denninger Axiom & Chart -- Debt and GDP Change since 1980 
The Debt Cycle -- A Snake Eating Its Tail 
Intelligent People Must Reassert Themselves as the Leaders of Society 
The Rule of Law and Justice Must Be Reasserted 

Part Five Topics: 

Wealth Transfer: European Context 
Wealth Transfer: U.S. Context 
The Bribing Set-up of the Underclass by the Regime in 
Preparation for Mass Slaughter 
Secession Dynamics 
Credit Default Swaps

Part Six Topics: 

Credit Default Swaps Continued 
Repos and Reverse Repos 
Why are These Exotic Products Being Traded So Widely? 
Review of 90 Day T-Bill Rates 2007-2012 

Part Seven Topics: 

WHO is doing these exotic and risky derivatives? 
Review of top banks' assets versus derivatives exposure 
High Frequency Trading Scope & Solution 
U.S. Government Unfunded Liabilities 
The destructive nature of non-catastrophic insurance 
Lies from Politicians 

Part Eight Topics 

More Lies From Lying Politicians 
The Impossibility of Financial Planning Products and "Returns" 
Why Inflating Debt Away is Impossible 
The New Financial Objective: Holding Wealth Together and Minimizing LOSSES 
There is Nowhere to Run 
The Need to Position Into Physical Commodities 

Part Nine: Quo Vadis? Where Are You Going? 

Judica me, Deus, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta. 

[Do me justice, O God, and fight my fight against an unholy people, rescue me from the wicked and deceitful man.] 

Q: Do you agree with Ann concerning interest? Ben, Utah  

A: NO. I do NOT agree with much of her analysis at all. Her idea about what money is happens to be way too complicated and cannot be born out by facts. This was presented as a NEWS item only. Her obvious pernicious interpretation of the parable of Jesus Christ in Matthew 25 is frankly quite disgusting, out of context (per usual) regarding usury and incorrect. Her reliance on the translation instead of going to original sources, well, we wont get into it further here. She has a lot of temerity to call people advocating against usury evil, etc.

Her analysis of fractional reserve lending is however quite good. But she seems unaware that the problems she identifies are structural, BY DESIGN of the present system and that there are OTHER ways to do things that make her issues irrelevant. She is far too interested in saving the present structures, which is stupid and hopeless since the same system has been tried over and over and over again with the same results. The machine itself is faulty; they can't ever be repaired. The message is “come out of her, my people” rather than trying to survive a sinking ship. Some points:

1. She doesn't connect AT ALL with the idea that ALL interest payments come from uncreated money, therefore it is STEALING!!!

2. Our proposal makes a separation forever between transaction clearing and finance (the lending of money).

3. ALL the banks use DIFFERENT ledgers. Therefore the transaction clearing and finances are jumbled together and some bad actor can go from bank to bank (as long as they will let them borrow money to get some business done) whereas ALL our exchanges will operate on the same ledger and this structural difference will identify patterns of abuse that will identify such infractions directly back to individual actors.

4. Entirely due to the confluence of transaction clearing and lending in the existing system, deposit insurance is the band-aid they put on it, covering the essential fraud of lending YOUR money whether you had anything to say about it or not and of course THEY don't tell you. Who's evil now, Ann? *** further ad homonyms deleted *** Basically, thank-you Ann for your analysis of the present order (disorder) or things, but how dare you assume that the rest of us who disagree with you really are evil. You clearly have no idea.

Q: How about her analysis of REPOS and CDS's?

A: It's totally accurate. She's describing the current scams very well. I have not seen a better presentation on these aspects of the current situation.

[10-1-16: Q: What specifically is your problem with Ann's definition of money?  Carl, Colorado

A: It wasn't simple enough.  Money as Riegel and we understand it is simply a means to split barter.  Using money of any kind does not change that.  All transactions are from labour, as Ann described it, but anything more than a bare bones definition leads to all sorts of literally unsound conclusions. 

One for instance cannot base a unit of value measurement on a unit of time because not everyone's time is equally as valuable.  To say with Ann that money must be fungible goes without saying, but as Riegel identified, ALL commodity based excuses for money are subject to manipulation, like using a ruler that changes its measurement from day to day.

Also, and quite important, all money represents uncleared barter transactions so nothing is settled until ones time is bartered for goods or services.  All the time value of money in the meantime is regarded as an opportunity to steal and has been down through time.  If Ann really wants to tag any who happen to disagree as being antisemitic (irrelevant) then she's really got some problems, fairly deep ones too.  We have to approach these matters completely as though we are looking at replacing one machine that has tremendous unreasonable and incontestable problems, and has down through time, with a newer better solution.  I'd also suggest that it would be a real good idea for Ann and anyone else to see my take on Ayn Rand's John Galt speech starting here.

Q: She's just weird.  Why did you post her?  Ken, Delaware

A: I posted Ann Barnhardt's videos as news items, specifically because she understands the present system well and explains what's wrong with it; the people.  There is a moral aspect to it all as she sees it, but doesn't understand fully as her historical references show.  But I expect that she will.]

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