Sunday, September 25, 2016

#0: Economic Collapse Confirmed! Most Credible Video Ever!- Bill Bonner

Economic Collapse Confirmed! Most Credible Video Ever!- Bill Bonner

This is a talk by Bill Bonner of the Agora Group which includes the Oxford Club investment newsletter. Their predictive track record in particular is outstanding. These are insiders. They know the present system -the rotten machine that it is- from top to bottom and inside out. I used their material for years as a basic resource while working for a great capitalist. We consider this the best evidence to date because, although these people certainly are "Austrians" in their economic outlook, their perceptions and perspectives on the present system are simply put spectacularly good, so good in fact that there were even inquiries by government regulatory agencies as to how they could have possibly known certain things would happen before they did.

Now this is what we have to say at this juncture. We offer a new system; lifeboats away from the sinking Titanic It will rest on an international standard Value Unit or Valun. It will be issued by individual human beings, not governments or banks. It will owe nobody anything in return. It will be worth in the rest of the money in the world, all THEIRS not ours, whatever the rest of the money in the world trades for among themselves from day to day, but meanwhile our money basis will not move -exactly the same idea as a ruler measuring stick divided into inches or centimeters- as our money is based on a fixed point of transaction in time, at the highest juncture between two of THEIR brands of money; gold and dollars on 11/2/11. This high water mark represents the largest chunk of purchasing power measured in any of THEIR money. We chose a basis on the same day for silver. If precious metals prices exceed this, our inception basis point rises, never falls.

The precious metals, when all the rest of THEIR money is gone and their machine too, will be rendered just the commodities they are. A gold ounce was 1,000 Valuns at inception and even though prices for gold in all other of THEIR brands of money may fluctuate, as THEY run their own markets for these things and speculate to make money on money etc. the price for an ounce of gold will likely remain at or near V1,000. Does this mean that the Valun is "backed" by gold? No. The Valun is backed by YOU. YOU HAVE VALUE, YOU ARE THE BASIS OF ALL WEALTH. All wealth MUST produce income or it is not wealth by our definition. It's time to get your self respect back AND your inalienable right to issue money, a FIAT that has been deliberately STOLEN from you since many centuries before you were born. There will be many incontestable social implications to these proposals, all of them highly beneficial moving forward.

Now, at inception we determined that a Valun was worth $2.16. That piece of purchasing power has since risen to $2.64 (on 9/22/16). The Valun has held its own against all of THEIR money by design. What this means is that the way off of the Titanic and into lifeboats is to determine the means of exchange into Valuns. Once you transfer any of their money into Valuns, there's no way back, as that is like looking back at the upheavaling of Sodom. This is not a tax dodge, nor is it a vehicle for speculation. There is no way to launder money through such a system. It will be locally dispersed but be worldwide in scope and everywhere have the same ledger. This will eliminate all financial crime. This is the rock bottom, from the people, by the people and for the people monetary base. This is real dry land.

Any of their currencies are held by "intellectual property" to belong to THEM, so they are by legal definition THEIRS not yours or mine as we have said all along, and we cannot hold them. We accept this. When they are tendered in trade for our money, we turn around and use these to buy nothing but precious metals at the prices we say we need to make the deal complete. We use the precious metals to deal with THEM as THEIR Constitution requires. Silver is also accepted as something we would routinely buy in THEIR money to satisfy THEIR taxes; paying unto Caesar, etc.

This proposal was intended from the very outset to be PRIVATE and to be owned by each and every member that uses it. That means YOU. The proposed suggested fee for joining is one Valun per year in any of THEIR money. That's $2.64 right now; a crowd funding appeal almost, except this is a proposal to buy into something that you actually own and have a real say in. This was the Democracy that Riegel believed in, that rested on his understanding of everyman and everyuwoman to be the masters of their own fate, to develop their own lives as they best sought to do and to lead to a prosperous and stable tomorrow for the world. Best of all, the proposal would virtually end poverty and eventually end war. War is right now at the very door along with financial collapse. This is a real proposal. We're finally getting the hits we will only begin to need to get the word out.

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