Saturday, September 24, 2016

#0: Lessons In Resistance: Open Source- James Corbett

Lessons In Resistance: Open Source- James Corbett

"Intellectual property," yes, in quotes because we do not believe that it is a true concept at all.  We consider it a curse.  We consider it a FRAUD.  Once you realize what this issue is and to whose benefit it is instituted, and those surrounding this issue, then you will ultimately understand that it will result in a real bloody war and a lot of that war is bound to be personal, against the instigators.  We will NOT stand for this very much longer!

Understand this issue well, because in our VEN membership, we will draw the line somewhere against anything and everything we regard as not just morally wrong (yeah, you do it and you are automatically a BAD person, etc. one who we would rather not even know), but basically inhuman, as the results of "intellectual property" actually are.

There will ultimately be a pledge associated with our Manifesto that will specifically forbid forever any idea that one can own what one sells and have some control over it once sold.  Patents in particular are instruments of this "intellectual property" garbage, and it is by very instigation an extension of THEIR monetary system; any patent is automatically a part of THEIR special market.  

Listen up, no business operating within OUR Valun exchange network (VEN) will ever be engaged in the buying and selling of patents.  Copyrights are similar.  If you are the author of something and trade it honestly, believe me, your fame and yes your fortune may be great and few will want to bother competing with you unless they have something really different to offer and they may, such are the ways of natural innovation hampered by "intellectual property."  Understood?

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