Wednesday, September 7, 2016

#0: The Mother Of All Bubbles, Chris Martenson

The Mother Of All Bubbles, When The Debt Bubble Pops It Will Be Sudden And Rapid: Chris Martenson

We note with considerable interest and attention the differences between THEIR system and OUR proposed solution.  Also note what Chris calls capital, much of which we would call innate wealth.  His intention and ours is in exact congruence here.  We are fast approaching a time of resets.  This is another reason THIS BLOG is still up and running.  Many have come to the conclusion that they will never find a real job or a long lasting career and many have long since thrown in their talents and their destinies with those of THEIR system regardless of its horrific, poisonus or genocidal results.  There indeed is coming a day of reckoning when nature will take its course.  We had hoped that the solution advocated here would have taken on more interest.  But we admit that what we are selling is a hard sell.  What will the madmen (and a few madwomen too) might be doing is of importance as news, to stay informed, whatever we might decide to do whenever the "sudden and rapid" are upon us.     

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