Wednesday, August 6, 2014

#13.15 Peace Revolution Podcast 84

2014-07-31: 084 Builders of Empire / How Fraternal Orders Create World Order 

This slightly better than 10 hour podcast, which is nothing when considering today's memory capacities on cell phones, furthers the information presented in the last episode.

We're presenting these here as most people who imagine they've really received an education in the present system, really have not, and therefore have been purposely cheated out of information they should have known, which of course might have changed history, and changed course for the human race a long time ago.

Of particular note is the analysis presented by Stefan Molyneux concerning immigration. You'll probably learn things you hadn't thought of concerning this issue. What occurs to us is that in most cases the immigration issue has its own feedback loop with the productive factors in developed countries dumping excess production into countries from which the immigrants flood, literally making it possible for these factors to make local factors in the countries from which the immigrants come, unprofitable to operate.  

Yes, we're speaking of agriculture specifically, though we are certain the same process extends to manufacturing and other sectors. This process actually harms both the countries from which these immigrants originate and the countries into which these immigrants flood as it becomes increasingly difficult for smaller, local factors of production to operate at all, anywhere.

As this process continues, the smallest unit of production one will be allowed to operate is a local franchise of some vast corporate monstrosity. Anyone with an open and unclouded mind is able to see how this process stultifies innovation and originality, creativity and actual cultural diversity. It is actually worth asking what the difference might be between outright communism, where the state operates a command economy and a corporate fascist economy operated by an occulted class of bankers, etc.

This is a symptom of the same disease; globalism, which afflicts us all. And of course at the heart of it lies the central banks, the issuers of all that government money, and the corporations, all creatures of the state, whose profits are in some cases guaranteed and held over the heads of the rest of the citizens of the countries in which they are chartered.  Whatever you might think of Jones, he is in fact telling you the truth here too.  He knows what's really going on. 

Then follows an in depth look into neo-conservatism and its effects. We consider this a false conservatism that has been hijacked for the purposes of the present leadership. Regardless of what the defenders of this ideology say for themselves, obviously, the people at the top and those who support these organizations and use their ideas, are inextricably linked. Their power and reach wouldn't be possible without their control specifically of the monetary systems throughout the world. 

Originally broadcast on May 31, 1981, Mae Brussell acquaints us with some old news that made modern history that every informed person should know.  

Builders of Empire: Freemasons and British Imperialism, 1717-1927 - Jessica L. Harland-Jacob 
The Illuminoids: Secret Societies and Political Paranoia,