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#113.8 The Proposal - How It Works - Part 8
The basis for all the proposed money in our parallel market, hence, our parallel economy, is this single transaction.
This paper is going to cover a variety of topics related to this blog's proposal.

Aren't you suggesting just the same thing as a guaranteed income [THEIR proposed Universal Basic Income] if you allow any money to be issued without work? Isn't your “natural socialismabout the same as a proposed minimum monthly stipend? How is it different and why have it?

Yes, we will address this, the resurrection of any and all pensions to 100% of their value in OUR money back to Valun inception Nov. 2, 2011. We need it to establish a firm footing for independent finance within the private market established within the proposed Valun exchange network (ven) of all operating exchanges nationwide and worldwide. To the question; 

1) Aren't you aware that we live in a world where people make money on their money all the time for doing nothing? (This is capitalism as opposed to free/private enterprise, which this blog advocates) How do you know that they came by their original money by honorable means? You don't. How do you know they paid any and all taxes on it? You don't. How do relatively poor people enter “public service” and end up millionaires or billionaires? We know and frankly don't really care.

Yes, as a matter of fact, as we have said all along, socialism is what defines a failing economy. It is the crumbs given out by capitalists through THEIR fronts, the governments, to compensate for THEIR looting of an economy.

So how does all current fiat money enter a system? As a debt to a central bank that the government takes out as a loan at interest as the bank's best credit risk customer. The bank's liability is an asset to them; they have a claim on the economy for said amount of whatever goods or services the economy can provide for the money lent, from nothing or not, it actually doesn't matter. That's the way the present system works, for the benefit of the bankers, and the preferred government contractors; the arch grifters of society, not those working people paid for time out of their lives to do service for others or who have produced or grown anything of value. The rest of the money floating around was borrowed into existence from banking sources down the line from the central banks, all lent at interest that must be paid from a supply of money that doesn't include it; literally the demand back of uncreated / unissued money. Since THEIR money supply does not include this money, someone will not be paying back their debt and shall economically fail as a result. We call that the inevitable “musical chairs” effect of any and all genuine usury driven societies.

What's the difference between a bank issuing money and you or I doing it? Here's one of the differences; there is no interest to pay to anyone.

2) When we issue it, we make the choice of what to buy, usually employment, when THEY (usual suspects) do it, the state has first buy and certain sectors of the economy are benefited disproportionately compared to others; anything having to do with war making or profiteering on the backs of the already downtrodden.

3) Reliance on loaned money and payment of interest from money that was never issued insures that all money will be tight and scarce no matter how much is issued in this way. Bubbles are literally required else economies die, but bankers are lured into the biggest deals involving the least risk. The little people mean nothing to them, increasingly dealing with car and home loans is becoming onerous to those who would rather gain the sure thing in the equities markets as long as interest rates are low or near zero or even negative, where you pay someone for holding your money, which is actually THEIR money in an account with your name on it.

A Valun system would run in parallel with the existing system, each hour worked would produce eventually several Valuns per hour and there's no interest to pay to anybody. Furthermore the more industrious people are, the better they do; this system promotes productive activity. Since THEIR money is required only to pay THEM taxes on the profits of our money, strange but true until it isn't, then our reliance on THEIR money is thereby reduced.

What's the glue that holds it (THEIR system) together, that engenders lower risk than elsewhere for THEIR money? Patents and copyrights, intellectual property. The stolen ideas and techniques of others for the benefit of those who make money on money without actually working. Any idea placed into THEIR patent and copyright system is ripe to be bought by speculatively interested capitalists.

So no wonder there's a limited economy with THEIR money. THEY are getting exactly what THEY intended, keeping everyone on a shorter and shorter leash through imposed scarcity of money except among the 1%. Notice the general war on cash and we just found out that one thing that's possible in cryptocurrencies is the tracking back from point of sale to the producer of a wide range of products. All sorts of things suggest themselves as that quality issues are all related to efficiency of scale being exceeded, poor -corrupt or overpaid- management, etc. Hence, knowing this kind of information from blockchain technology automatically disqualifies all cryptocurrencies from consideration as cash because none of these sales is anonymous.

The current economy is normally in a deflationary scenario despite inflation caused by money being cashed out and returning to home markets, where it ends up in the equities markets until interest rates rise and then they'll flood into the debt markets, which are anywhere from ten to a hundred times larger than the equities markets. Having decent debt markets is fine. It has always been debt to whom and in what money that has mattered as pertinent questions. It also matters as in a Valun system, that all rent of money is from money that already exists, not as under usury.

Q: what happens to any money that is lost in a stock sale? A: It is gone, perhaps forever, never to return, because stocks have and can become worthless and the currencies that measured them along with them and none of that has anything at all to do with anything you or I do. That's how all money dies, through depreciation, the inability to cash out of something for what one paid for it. Things lose value and money dies with them. So are you beginning to understand a little bit more the significance of this proposal?

If everyone of our A members is capable of issuing money, all of it to a standard adopted by us all, the proposed Valun, then we buy with it whatever we want most and eventually everything else with it, including the land, as we intend our money system to last, since it corrects the frauds of the present system and besides it would really be our property, not THEIRS. What does having a strong claim on the 2nd Amendment demand? That you accept a right to protect what is actually yours. Understood?

4) We accept as usual and normal for some people to have a claim to a living from others around them, chiefly members of the same family. Families to communities. Communities to nations. The proposed Valun system strengthens it all. This is where we ram straight through all existing schools of economics. We see it from the standpoint of the little people in this world, not from that of the high and the mighty. If the invention we call money is to last and benefit us, we, the people, NOT “the masses,” then we must resolve to join together in a certain way to make it so. Women and children were supposed to depend on what could be brought in by a breadwinner. This is the root of natural socialism. Anything else is frankly a state tyranny and hence illegitimate as socialism and is not allowed within the proposed association.

Maybe we should make this point straight too. We have in cultures extending back at least 4,000 years the idea of a family holding, a pile of money that is intended to serve the emergency needs of family members that is collected from family members only out of the proceeds of exceptional business or trading activity; increase over and above normal income. We'd organize these as B member holding companies and the accounts would have an increasing pile in their Retained Earnings balance as family members would make their contributions, all of which would have to be from money on which taxes had already been paid. All the principal benefactors of the family would be members of a B membership company. Of course a family member might have responsibility for the holding company and desire to place funds into credit contracts with other entrepreneur finance businesses within the developing Valun system; people who financed furniture, parts, recycled anything, cars, etc. and thereby over time increase the holding company's assets. We will allow certain avenues to make money on money without work as long as they obey the rules. Distributions from the company to family members would be made when a recognized need arises requiring financial aid.  Yes, this was and is the rightful tithe.

The organization of exchanges is going to begin conceptually with existing political demarcations. In the US, that would be the county level. Under the proposed IVES identification system, the United States is 3-23. In the United States, a county is a political and geographic subdivision of a state. Of the 50 U.S. states, 48 states are divided into a total of 3,007 counties. The number of counties per state ranges from the three counties in Delaware to the 254 counties in Texas. We will give examples from the US. 

After the first 3 numbers identifying continents and countries, there are four numbers that identify the states and the counties. Here's how that further breaks down: 

IVES# State #of counties
00 DC
01 Delaware 3
02 Pennsylvania 67
03 New Jersey 21
04 Georgia 159
05 Connecticut 8
06 Massachusetts 14
07 Maryland 24
08 South Carolina 46
09 New Hampshire 10
10 Virginia 134
11 New York 62
12 North Carolina 100
13 Rhode Island 5
14 Vermont 14
15 Kentucky 120
16 Tennessee 95
17 Ohio 88
18 Louisiana 64
19 Indiana 92
20 Mississippi 82
21 Illinois 102
22 Alabama 67
23 Maine 16
24 Missouri 115
25 Arkansas 75
26 Michigan 83
27 Florida 67
28 Texas 254
29 Iowa 99
30 Wisconsin 72
31 California 58
32 Minnesota 87
33 Oregon 36
34 Kansas 105
35 West Virginia 55
36 Nevada 17
37 Nebraska 93
38 Colorado 64
39 North Dakota 53
40 South Dakota 66
41 Montana 56
42 Washington 39
43 Idaho 44
44 Wyoming 23
45 Utah 29
46 Oklahoma 77
47 New Mexico 33
48 Arizona 15
49 Alaska 27
50 Hawaii 5

Now after that, we're going to assign exchange numbers to counties as they organize themselves and we want three counties in each state to organize together. For states having more than 99 counties, hexadecimal notation is used. The following are given as mere examples: 

1) The state of Delaware has only 3 counties so the IVES numbers for these exchanges would be 3230101, 3230102 and 3230103. The state of Delaware could organize all at once.

2) The state of Texas has the most counties at 254, therefore the exchanges in that state will run from 01 to FE hex.

The state of Georgia would run from 01 to 9F hex.
The state of Missouri would run from 01 to 73 hex.
The state of N. Carolina would run from 01 to 67 hex.

Not all of these numbers may be used, because some counties will have so few residents that they can't form a local exchange, while other places might have many exchanges operating in the same county, because that county has lots of people living in it. If the number of exchanges rises above 99, switching to hexadecimal gives us 255 identifications within 2 places, but what if there are more than 255 exchanges within a single state? What we do then is to concatenate the state number with the county number and convert the entire decimal figure to hexadecimal notation. This gives us a total of 65,535 discreet identifiers in 4 places which should be sufficient.

For instance, Texas is likely to need more discreet identifiers than anyone else even though Loving County, Texas has only 67 residents and is unlikely ever to form an exchange and there are six other counties there with under a thousand people living in them. On the other hand, California has Los Angeles County with over 9 million residents and is likely to form as many exchanges as in the rest of the state.

For California, IVES identifier 32331, if every county there has an exchange they would fit within 3233101 and 3233158 numbering just fine. But as soon as more than 99 exchanges happen in the state, the numbering system for them all switches to hexadecimal where 31 is concatenated to the number of the exchange, let's say 100 and the hexadecimal equivalent of 31100 is 797C in hex, so Hawaii at 50, were it to have 100 exchanges would be 50100 to C3B4 in hex, 50256 would be C450 and 50512 would be C550 Etc. There's plenty of space to identify lots of places. IVES of course would know all of them and provide handy Ask IVES apps for local exchanges to use in validating V-Checks from other exchanges.

In addition to these numbers, each exchange will assign cash accounts for each of the denominations of proposed V-Checks initially from the Half Valun, through the Ten Valun. We would really like to stimulate cash (anonymous) exchanges and the trust of our personal checks as well, as the will and honor of our people is better known. THAT my friends is upon what one bases one's trust of any money system.

We would eventually like to see the following full set of V-Checks: V1/2, V1, V2, V5, V10, V20, V50, V100 and V500. Who exactly runs the cryptocurrencies? Does anyone really know? These cash account numbers would be known to the exchange officers and IVES only and would not appear on any V-Check or be known to anyone else.

The printed paper V-Check is the outward representation of the Valuns on these accounts. They got there when the member requested cash from their account and the Valuns were transferred from the member account to one or more of these cash accounts and nothing is charged to the member for doing this. The process can be done immediately upon request by a counter clerk at any exchange or Valun counter. It's similar to buying traveler's checks but hopefully easier.

All transactions are tabulated and verified within hours on the same day, certainly all those occurring within the exchange. We did it that way in the old days and survived long before the internet appeared. We have finally come squarely back to understanding the imperative use of paper ballots only. The dullest pencil is always sharper than the … how did that go again? You see. We will need lots of paper and ink, not digits and what did someone call cryptocurrencies the other day? Oh yes, “thin air.” What have we been saying all along? That money is accounting and the tokens were just instances of the accounting.

So what then of pallets of cash, makes no difference from whence, that are flown here and there in big airplanes? Each one of them was printed and yes, accounted for by their issuing institutions. Do you suppose for an instant that THEY are unfamiliar with verifying every last one of those pieces of paper as valid money? Of course THEY are. That even goes for bogus plates with THEIR list of possible serial numbers too. Do you see where I'm going with this?  

You have perhaps been misinformed all your life that money had nothing important to do with accounting and was merely the external objects of trade, whether they be disks of precious metals or nicely printed pieces of paper. No, my friend, the accounting is everything. It's not too difficult for the literate person to understand and as I've said before, everyone in the world knows what banknotes look like and even the illiterate know how to use them, so why dispense with them? So that some people who demand to make money on their money without actually contributing anything can have their slice of the action of others making random and routine decisions about where to spend their money, which isn't even theirs? You see where this goes. Cryptocurrencies can perhaps mask who the buyer and seller are, but if all the transactions can be traced, then what is that? More snooping in on transactions? You see where this goes too. And lately, not much to our surprise, we hear that some wallets have been raided of their coin. Trying to set up a monetary system on the internet is like setting one up in the middle of a superhighway. A good place to get run over not to settle business.

V-Checks will be printed as numbered blanks to be stamped with an expiration date by the clerk at exchange or counter. On each V-Check, running along the bottom of the obverse side will be a series of eight numbers or letters defining the registry of each one in the series. On the upper right hand corner of each obverse side of a V-check will be a space where the expiration date goes. It will be stamped either with a permanent ink stamp or with one of those which punches a date in holes through the paper. For instance a V-Check from New Jersey would have 3-23-0318 241A532D on it. Because we want to help the clerks do their job fast, it would probably look more like this:
3-23/0318 241A532D 

The obverse side would also indicate how many Valuns and say something like Bearer hereby tenders said number of international standard Value Units. The reverse side would indicate the number of Valuns and feature an ad for a local business. In fact, we've given consideration to offering ads that look similar to those sometimes found on church bulletins.

The obverse sides identify the exchange and would feature some scene or landmark from the area of the exchange, an identification of the exchange and of course the IVES symbol.

We started this discussion answering a comment by someone claiming to be a libertarian / free market / capitalist who values precious metals, self reliance and preparedness. What of those in society who cannot earn a living? Some of them might be related to you. Sure, some have their problems. What would a Valun system do for them? What would doing for them do for you? Do you understand how being part of something like this in your own neighborhood would certainly build more self reliance and preparedness among all involved? You can't go it alone. In fact, anyone thinking so is deliberately playing right into THEIR game. Yes, “come out of her, my people” is the message. But out of her into what? Not into being alone and oblivion.

Community will perhaps be forced upon us by natural circumstances as the earth is definitely changing by the day; we need each other to survive and eventually to thrive no matter where we are or what we decide to be doing. This proposal offers a direct way out for each and every one who embraces it, but it will require all of us to get together to make it a reality.

What could happen. The initial transaction that established the proposed Valun could easily be eclipsed. What do we do then? The Valun must always trade at a premium to any and all of THEIR money and we do that by establishing a transaction between gold and dollars on 11/2/11. That's $2.16 per Valun and take a new initial value, a bigger chunk of purchasing power, with each successive rise in the price of gold. If our price to hold an oz of gold is $3,200 then all Valuns in the system rise to $3.20 and then if the price of gold falls, the Valun continues to rise relative to dollars so it takes more gold to purchase the same piece of purchasing power. And THAT ladies and gentlemen is how you preserve purchasing power in a monetary unit no matter how many of them are out and about at any one time.  

The rascals of economics will surely tell you that one cannot have too much money circulating about as it raises prices. How can it be that all these spare monetary units would be bidding on more than one product at a time? Since all the money does not participate in each and every sale, the argument is dismissed, thrown down, excised, discarded, shoved off the stage, etc.

What causes inflation then? Exactly what Riegel said caused it, too many unbacked pieces of purchasing power, literally bogus claims on the economy that didn't originate in a transaction to split an honest barter. Riegel didn't mean backed by gold or anything like that either. He had this in mind: the government spends $10 but only gets $2 back in taxes. That's $8 unbacked to $2 backed. Now, next go round the government can spend that backed $2 again along with perhaps $6 more of borrowed money. That's now $12 unbacked to still $2 backed and $2 taxed back. The backed money canceled out the unbacked money but it's never enough. Too much and speculation on commodities happens and economies to scale are breached everywhere and before you know it, you have today's ghastly messes around the world. You see where this leads? Everything goes up in price. Oh and by the way those who really own the money begin demanding that the government adopt all kinds of THEIR policies and the government can't do anything about it because all and everyone is bought and sold with THEIR money. And you still think this blog's proposal isn't that important?

Get back to me when you know that it is. You'll need to help set up IVES and each county represented will have to begin with 13 people who meet the criteria and one of them had best be a lawyer. 

Be seeing you.

David Burton 

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#0: Is Rothschild Going To Tank The Market To Punish Trump? -- Bill Holter

Is Rothschild Going To Tank The Market To Punish Trump? -- Bill Holter
Two matters: 1) More visits from Russia. If they're really from Russia, good and thank-you. If not, then scram! 2) The name of Rothschild comes up more often as a label for THEM. We suggest that it's simplistic to stop there. As for the market? We're not in it, we warned people to stay out, to play at their own risk with any of THEIR money which they might have too much of. This might be “the big one” that finishes off the easy money, “carry trade” and other highly leveraged speculations. Hint: what does one do when one has huge debts to pay? One jacks up the stock market in hopes that the equities prices, proceeds of sale will be able to hold the debt monster back a bit longer.

Bill Holter's read of events and where it ends up is that everything gets leveled. Sean brings up cryptocurrencies, the phony commodity “buy and hold” “digital air.” Holter's description of what happens to silver and gold are certain. If delivery doesn't happen at the market price then no metals move, period! In fact, if THEIR manipulated markets fail, and all of them will from time to time, then it will be our little experiment here, that establishes what we deem ounces of gold and silver to be worth, not in THEIR money, but in ours. We may be the only ones in town to cash out your metals. Of course in that case speculation would be useless and prices would probably stabilize somewhere. Establishment of price by price discovery not price planning by forced cost accounting, etc.

Holter assumes the internet is in our future. I'm almost as certain as that the trend is toward decentralization and away from anything like the present trend to centralization and total tracking and even away from the grid in most senses that is going to render internet access a whole lot less likely. It may be unhealthy besides anyway. The control meme is losing credibility by the day; the curtains are drawing back and we see the worst possible people engaged in great dangerous follies, all contending for the right to tend the sheep. Sean calls it a beast system, and Bill mentions the second coming. Seems to me they'd both best consider just who the whore of Babylon is. Those who feel things in their bones have some sense of serious impending changes.

Meanwhile this is our allotted task: to contend that money must spring forth from each one of us to be legitimate; that it is only backed by what brought it into existence to be settled by whatever backs it in trade; that it must represent an unchanging piece of purchasing power relative to all other systems of monetary exchange, an international standard not itself subject to speculation; and that to set up a system would require surprisingly little in resources and would actually inevitably benefit any state or community that adopted it.

A Valun system would remove from consciousness certain very bad ideas; for instance that anyone can be bought for the right price, when under a Valun system, anyone may seek to buy their employment and be paid back in one's own money; this is how most Valuns are issued. The Valun system presents a humane system that is kind to the illiterate among us of which it is likely that they be upwards of 40%.

How are Valuns, or any other money, destroyed? By purchasing things that cannot be sold for what you bought them for. It's called depreciation, which by the way proves all current varieties of economics unsound as regards money. Money must be replenished or else economies die.

So money considered as a scarce commodity, like gold or silver, etc. is settling barter by an intermediary that itself fluctuates enough to be annoying (-20% in five years) and in any case is controlled by outside speculators. Criminality has been discovered there and all precious metals do have blood on them!

Every single time that you buy something that cannot be resold for what you bought it for, you closed a barter transaction for more than you can get out of it in future and to you, that money is lost, never to return.

The metals bigots will tell you that in the end you still will have gold and silver if they're the only money. Certainly, we say, somebody will have them. Used to be the kings and the bankers. The circulation was FORCED by taxes. And furthermore someone who has them will be able to con people into parting with other useful things to acquire them, but what are they worth really? If there weren't an active market for them, why wouldn't an ounce of gold go back to $32 and silver to $5? In a really slow economy grinding society down for two or three generations, perhaps they would. Or some government edict would FORCE them to some compliance under terms of which fewer circulating dollars would be backed by them and all to save an essentially fraudulent system.

Money issuance is the key to having money. It must be by FIAT! YOUR fiat, not that of any stolen from you by some government or bank! If you didn't issue it, it ain't yours, despite possession of it being 9/10ths of the law. The only reason to use it is where we are FORCED to do so, beginning with all taxes.

So while we wait for the second coming, and come to grips with exactly who the whore of Babylon might be, let's at least admit we've learned a thing or two about money, one of our more important inventions, along with weapons, musical instruments, books and other important technologies. Be seeing you.

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There is no compromise possible with such as these.  Our message has been to "come out of her, my people" rather than having any compromise possible with these people.  The brainwashing of "the masses" (what THEY call the rest of us, deplorable, expendable, not fitting into THEIR grand plan to take over the world).  Attention!  Those with money to pay you will get whatever it is out of you that THEY want.  Since you have no other means of exchange but THEIRS (either THEIR credit or THEIR gold) then THEY can do as THEY please.  Obviously without money, the vast majority of the world's population is defenseless against THEM.  What is the ultimate end of this?  I've told you.  THEY want you dead!  It doesn't matter what you think you want or think you are entitled to, etc.  THEY want what THEY want.  It's time to break away, not by one or two preppers, but by the thousands, by the millions.  Time to say, "NO, we wont participate in our own destruction!"  So, listen to this woman and all the rest of this information and make up your mind what you will do.  Get back to me concerning the proposal.  Best.

See also The Cooking of Humanity

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#0: NWO - New Order of Barbarians - 2 of 3, Lawrence Dunegan

NWO - New Order of Barbarians - 2 of 3, Lawrence Dunegan

Not sure how long this material (c 1991) will be up on YouTube.  There are no guarantees.  But consider how long ago this lecture took place and how far in the past THEIR plans reached.  Look around you and see that THEY have succeeded while we were ... doing what THEY expected us to do.  How come?  It's THEIR money, stupid!  Think silver and gold are any more your money than THEIRS?  Cryptocurrencies?  I was among the first to warn everyone about cryptos; fake commodity based monetary systems all subject to speculation.  Recall, since I have been consistent, If you didn't issue it, it ain't yours!  How self reliant are you?  You think there's some future in going it alone?  THEY fostered that deliberately to pick you out when the time comes.  Many businesses would rather not be specifically identified on the backs of our proposed V-Check because THEY (since THEY are gangsters and affect change through violence) would single you out for retribution.  The Constitution?  Where is it?  The perversion of it was begun as the thing came into effect under ratification and always from the same quarter, the money power.  Why?  Because it's where the power to move and motivate people comes from, that's why.  Whose life is it anyway?  Whose money do we all use?  Why is this proposal about as important as it gets?  I want to hear from more people, certainly those who value their right to keep and bear arms.  THEY want to take that right away from you and THEY have the money and will use it to flood every one of your advanced nations with as many backward people as THEY can find to kill, defile and destroy everything we thought of as ours.  It's THEIR money, it's THEIR so called public corporations, it's THEIR stock markets, bond markets, gold and silver markets, it's THEIR system imposed as a 100% compliance cult (fake culture).  Everything THEY do is fake because THEY are fake.  That too will be revealed.  Meanwhile, you are THEIR slaves, free range for the moment, but slaves nonetheless.  You can't do anything about it alone.  You have to get as many as possible to see things as they really and truly are and band together to take back your FIAT and your life!  Do it for yourself, those who follow you, for your nations, races, etc. etc.  Don't fall for ANYTHING from THEM.  Oh, do THEY have a reset?  Sure, more and worse slavery for you.  THEY want you dead.  Remember that.  THEY regard you with as much respect as that last fly that flew by.  Get into this blog.  Read it, those of you who can still read.  And get back to me.  Best.
NWO - New Order of Barbarians 1 of 3
NWO - New Order of Barbarians 3 of 3

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#113.7 The Proposal - How It Works - Part 7
The basis for all the proposed money in our parallel market, hence, our parallel economy, is this single transaction.
Current news concerning alternative currencies has indicated certain distinct directions for this blog's proposal. The question relates to our dealing with other monetary systems, while they last. Remember, we wouldn't have to be advocating an alternative monetary order if all that's out there were really ours. We can't rely on THEM for anything except to pay THEM our taxes in THEIR money. Therefore (by direct extension) it is proposed that at a minimum, each local independent exchange would have an account in some regular bank for the purpose of paying taxes and for the time being, paying any other expense that must be paid in THEIR money

But as for dues – one Valun each year from each A member - we accept those as income to each local exchange, that might better be secured in precious metals, because we cannot be doing business with our enemies by having too much of THEIR money tied up in one of THEIR businesses. 

We recognize that precious metals are the two oldest brands of THEIR money, but they are besides actual tangible objects valued for their metal content as it is determined by and for THEM and they are easily traded back into THEIR money for paying taxes. So we would start by suggesting that each independent exchange do what it will inevitably need to do eventually anyway; start some kind of account with a preferably local precious metals dealer.

So each independent exchange would be organized to have:
1. A regular business bank account with which to pay taxes in THEIR money.
2. An account with a local precious metals dealer where annual dues are exchanged for precious metals. (All exchanges of money other than dues would likewise be traded for precious metals) : Each exchange would need a vault. 

At this time (2/4/18) gold and silver are trading at a ratio of 79.96 to 1. That means for every nearly eighty ounces of silver, one has one ounce of gold. What buyers for each local independent Valun exchange would be doing is stacking precious metals to pay for its own needs and ultimately if necessary to be sold into the bank account to pay taxes. 

We are building a sinking fund to provide for setting up and maintaining an exchange, a local for profit business. We would rather be holding that fund in precious metals than any of THEIR stolen fiat currencies. We recognize that what we would be holding our dues in is in either of THEIR “buy and hold” commodity money tokens. But, as the saying goes, though paper may fly, metals are forever. They aren't actually, as electrolysis is capable of corroding any metal.

If everything were to fall back to whole barter, we will still have our precious metals with which to barter, and then one would be surprised to learn how little gold and silver would really buy. Some people wouldn't even take them. When everything falls back to whole barter, everything is worse and disintegrates rapidly because money, performing it's function to split barter, also allows improved usage of labor and energy.

We cannot do without money. Besides being insurance against THEIRS inevitably failing, our proposal is specifically aimed at preventing a fall back to whole barter, since to fall back that far is to doom most to lives that are “nasty, brutish and short.” Think the times of the 3rd through 6th centuries. 

These precious metals reserves, the buffer between our system and THEIRS, are the joint property of each local independent exchange and cannot be considered as separable assets among the owners of said exchange.

For ease of analysis, we're going to use a base unit of 10,000 A members. 

At this point in time (2/6/18), a Valun is $2.65, so each A member would pay the dues of 1 Valun and the proceeds of all that would be used to buy precious metals. 10,000 A members generate dues of around $26,500 which today might buy almost 16 oz. of gold or 1,271 ounces of silver. 

The treasurer of each exchange would work with the metals dealer to maximize the retained value for exchange with the local public currency for preserving purchasing power in the local currency for paying any expected taxes on the income of the exchange which would primarily be through transaction fees and the sales of advertising that would go on the reverse sides of the circulating cash in our system, the V-Check.

But again, this is a sinking fund in THEIR money (in this case precious metals) that is used to set up the exchange. None of this is our money!

For each of these units of 10,000 A members, we might require:

20,000 ½ Valun V-Checks 
20,000 1 Valun V-Checks 
10,000 2 Valun V-Checks
5,000 5 Valun V-Checks and
1,000 10 Valun V-Checks

to be printed every six months. We may need even more depending on how each community develops. Before we got started, we'd have to ask our members what they want; how often they'd be likely to spend cash, use a personal check (yes, we will have those too), etc. There will be printing costs to be covered from the sinking fund; sell the metals you need and buy the print jobs with local money. Likewise, each exchange takes in local money from selling the advertising to B member businesses which appear on the reverse sides of these V-Checks. These are sources of income to the local exchange. 

We see that through THEIR credit/debit cards, THEY (usual suspects) collect around 2% per transaction. Our costs would be 0.01% per transaction; one tenth of one percent. At present (2/6/18), 2% of a Valun would be slightly more than a nickel. One tenth of one percent of a Valun would be $0.00265 or about a quarter of a penny. The more transaction volume occurs, the more income the exchange makes, always in Valuns.

You would have three sources of income to the exchange;

Membership dues in local money
Advertising revenue in local money
Transaction fees in Valuns

Taxes on the Valuns each exchange makes must be paid in local money. So this is where the sinking fund comes in. Who has first (senior) claim on anyone's supposed money? (We're talking about THEIR money in THEIR institutions with your name on it) Creditors do, beginning with the state under which one lives. All taxes will be paid and eventually the states will thank us for it. THEY have the FORCE, you don't.

Exchanges will also exchange local money for Valuns, a one way exchange as this is not a money laundry and we're promoting our own parallel economy to be there when THEIRS fails. There wont be any exchange fees for this, but there certainly will be limits to the amounts we'd be willing to accept in exchange, to be established completely under the local terms of law. Law is FORCE. THEY have it and you don't. There are laws against structuring exchange out of any of THEIR money that may be in effect. That's why we need lawyers to sort those details out. All local “public” money we accept will be traded immediately for precious metals.

At present $1 = V .3573 or slightly more than a third of a Valun. $100 gets you V35.73 stated as thirty-five Valuns seventy-three cend (send, fen, our penny). $1,000 = V357.30 and $10,000 = V3,573.00 and I can't imagine those levels of exchange, except perhaps to establish a financial business within the trading community (Valun exchange network or ven). All businesses B members understand that it is our intention to establish trading in Valuns and that there is no way back into THEIR money from ours. This is not just some other “buy and hold” investment or money laundry. Once up and running, we are willing to defend something that is actually ours, that we each have ownership in, where the money in our accounts is issued by us and backed by our work and our will (Fiat). What's a Valun worth? It's worth what we say it is worth based on very simple rules, again all under contract. Today it would be worth $2.65 and no exchange would take anything less. All THEIR stolen fiat currency would be exchanged for precious metals and those would belong to the exchange for purchasing needed staples and paying taxes.

There is a fellow out there, David Morgan  (yeah some of you might want his services), who made a few statements the other day regarding competing monetary systems. He lumped them conveniently into two categories; commodity based and contract based. He said he preferred commodities basis, without even considering that any and all commodities are subject to speculation, the making of money on money without work (capitalism) by a few speculators. Supposedly all this speculation contributes to the stability of prices which is an outright lie and has little to no bearing on how actual prices for anything are actually established in any market.

Establishing prices using a commodity is measuring one commodity with another, like measuring with an infinitely elastic ruler, where today's inch or mile is likely to get shorter tomorrow. No, David. Contract basis is infinitely superior to commodity basis as for instance in order to preserve purchasing power you select a nice chunk of purchasing power that has already happened and you just take the present value of that chunk of purchasing power determined by THEIR speculators. At inception the proposed international standard value unit or Valun began at $2.16 but to purchase that same unit of purchasing power today you need more gold, so today (2/8/18) it takes $2.65.

Everything our members do will be associated with sets of very simple contracts, usually one page. Recall that many of our members may be illiterate, so everything has to be kept very simple. The money basis will be a transaction that has already happened between the local currency and gold that can never fall lower than the inception exchange rate because were that to happen, the authority vested in the proposed International Valun Exchange Society or IVES, would raise that transaction (can never lower it), and the result would be that every single last Valun would become heavier against the local currency. The potential tops for any Valun are what the initial chunk of purchasing power would be worth if gold became worthless. Right now, that's $4.32 so this is not some get rich quick, sky is the limit, speculate on some “buy and hold” digital commodity posturing as money. Long term, our money will be the one to be holding and will retain its value over all others including gold and silver, which are still THEIR money, not ours, because we have nothing to do with determining its value, THEY do. THEY also control the majority of the mines, mints and all the speculation on them, we don't. It's not likely we ever will. We don't even really want or need any gold or silver per se. We have better things to do, like make things, grow things, provide services, do things, raise families and enjoy our lives.

We want to encourage local commerce and build local networks of supply to reliable local customers paying in a reliable currency where prices will tend to fall into predictable price points and where cost accounting can be more accurate over far longer periods of time. Rather than seeking over inefficiencies to scale which are subject to sharp changes in demand and of course are intended as monopolies, we prefer greater economic redundancies and more competition, respect for efficiencies to scale, different ways of approximating the real costs and advantages of competing techniques, etc.

If people say they want diversity, then we prefer a diversity that each diverse tribe and society decides for themselves, not one dictated to them from on high by some supreme “scientific” authority with no real local stake in anything. Again, the solutions are not political, they are economic; having to do with the flow of money and where the flow of money can be encouraged, there will be more opportunities to extend and develop each member's innate wealth. Don't expect to realize anything with THEIR money, which is shrinking in value with every passing day.

If you intend on being a long lasting local business using Valuns, it makes sense that you would want to enroll as many of your friends and neighbors as possible into the effort. Begin to see things in a different way; we all live in societies where we are at the mercy of money that isn't ours for the things we want and need to do most. All that money belongs to somebody else over whom you have no control whatsoever. Whether politics; all that babbling, name calling and destroying of people's reputation for sport, accomplished much of anything, more and more people are seeking to move back and away from all that and figure out what to do to make their own lives better and it all boils down to not enough money.

We offer a proposed system that starts every member with V200 or about $530 comparable purchasing power. Again, 10,000 A members with V200 each represents $5,300,000 of purchasing power.

We also offer to resurrect any and all pensions up to 100% of their value in local money in Valuns and to do that going back all the way to Valun inception in the month of November, 2011. All of that, David, and others, is under proposed contract and has nothing to do with commodities or stores of any kind. The value in money, David is where E. C. Riegel observed it to be, in what it buys. You show me a pile of metal coins and say that's value? I'll show you half a dozen people and consider their time and skills and tell you that that's where real value is.

So it really is up to you. Do you really want your kids, grandkids, etc. to have to live under the present monetary disorder or would you prefer something better? You can't expect anything good from THEM. So you'll have to organize and do it yourself. Give me twelve good people, one of them being a lawyer and I'll join them as a thirteenth and we'll set up IVES and then get busy setting up local exchanges and getting this engine of economic freedom off the ground.

David Burton

[2/8/18: Yes, I was reminded of a program years ago on Republic Broadcasting, where certain people were addressing the American Open CurrencyStandard and in a disparaging way, owing to knowing what we know about money; that it is issued and that it is destroyed! If that's the case, then it matters not at all if money is a commodity, but rather that it diminishes without being continuously supplied. And who does that in all our systems? THEY do. Either THEIR credit or THEIR gold and THEY'd prefer THEIR credit and soon it will be THEIR cryptocurrencies.

A group of gold and silver traders would serve as the needed buffer and basis for equivalent exchange between THEIR world, which we require to meet THEIR taxes, but to put our stick in the ground and say to everyone that in exchange for our units of exchange, we will not accept anything less than what we demand in gold or silver, thank-you. Else, we simply can't hold THEIR money because 1) it is diminishing in purchasing power guaranteed and 2) other than as taxes on what we already make on our own money, holding it becomes way too expensive.

The matter of control over exchange and settlement in precious metals is absolutely key to this proposal. We firmly stick to the idea of paper instruments as circulating money too.  We WILL (FIAT) have our cash back!  Many will contend that this is outdated technology. We'd reply that the sitting back and letting someone else take care of it attitude has gotten us where we are today.

This whole proposed system could be run on a loosely communicating network of laptop computers with adequate printing equipment to make paper backup copies of everything we do. This is to be a PRIVATE business, a society where you are asked to join, where you meet the requirements and then proceed to issue your own money based on contracts. We reacquaint you with your responsibilities for handling something as lethal as a firearm and as important. We expected back in 2011 that probably the Valun network would become the largest customers of the precious metals dealers. We recommend that all precious metals dealers should review this blog and its proposal. Events are making like this more important than ever.]

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

#113.6 The Proposal - How It Works - Part 6

The basis for all the proposed money in our parallel market, hence, our parallel economy, is this single transaction.

This blog is addressed to the 40% of you who read and write. You know in your bones that it is only you who support civilization. For those who are literate are all that separate us from degradation and barbarism, which has been by far the rule, not the exception, throughout history.

The average A member of a local independent exchange would be a natural person, 18 years old or older, who had been accepted by two already existing A members and who had satisfied the domicile requirement; you must have a right to live where you reside. We cannot accept any illegal aliens among us, as that subjects us to THEIR civil law, which we remind you all is FORCE. THEY have it and you don't. Besides which, if THIS proposal were adopted everywhere, those from other places would start it up in their home countries and begin building economies among themselves where they are. This proposal eventuates a total end to all this wandering around the planet of obscure alien populations.

The agreement with our government that we supposedly pay for when we pay our taxes, is that the government ENFORCES the law. In the case of the United States, we have decided that the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights is our side of the agreement. But it doesn't matter what we may think about THEIR taxes or what THEY spend THEIR money on because ALL of it is THEIR money, not yours or mine. So anything we might say about taxes is beside the point and a waste of time, energy and breath. THEY have the FORCE and you do not. We consider all that concerns taxes merely the basic facts of life, NOT to be even invited into the discussion. Yes, we will pay our taxes in THEIR money too. To expect any resolution of future prospects by challenging any taxation authority is lunacy and dangerous. We reject it outright and forthwith!

Further: To the extent that anyone believes they can affect any government, an outstanding lunatic fallacy on its face, there then follows the equally and obviously insane assumption that the money we pay in taxes is actually ours, when it says right on all of it to whom it belongs, and it ain't you or me.

We will get farther by admitting the obvious, not falling for any mystification of anything whatsoever, considering what every word we use actually means, factually dissecting every single presumption of anything made to us on any level. It's easier than it sounds. Just be honest!

Rather than expecting ANY recompense from any state for whatever grievances, our response has been consistent: “come out of her, my people, lest you be involved in THEIR crimes!”

Increasingly, the human race is experiencing the actual meaning of the money not being theirs. THEY want to destroy cash: we propose to continue cash as our circulating limited duration V-Checks. THEY want to FORCE everyone onto the internet (the image of the Beast?) and to accept AI (artificial intelligence) on every level and to dissolve the present natural world to the point where life itself becomes impossible. It is all insane and it is all traceable to THEIR money. ALL of THEIR money has human blood on it too, especially gold and silver, just two more brands of THEIR money. Cryptocurrencies? I guarantee you they have been used for human trafficking. Tell me these aren't THEIRS too.

Silver and gold? Can you or I by any means determine its exchange rate in dollars to our benefit? How does an ounce of gold buy $2,160 worth of exchange at proposed Valun inception (11/2/11), when it only buys $1,689.50 worth of exchange today? (1/28/18). That's a variation of slightly more than 20% in 7 years! What Riegel said was something like that we knew that precious metals were worth something, we just didn't know quite what.

Start by admitting that until you, me, everyone else around you, can issue our own money, that we will be at THEIR mercy. I have been reminded by someone that this right is as useful and imperative as the right to keep and bear arms.

This proposal involves how we organize to issue our own money. Start considering everyone you know as a potential A member capable of issuing money. This we do as a “no matter what” solution to keep track of our trade and building and extending our wealth.

The organization begins with each one of us as each of us has innate wealth, the abilities to earn an income, were the money available, and the will (FIAT) involved with the unimpeded law of contract. In some locales, where through ignorance or connivance of the usual rascals, these rights are abridged, then you have veritable concrete evidence that you live under a tyranny. You might have to move if you can't as yet stand and fight. That time will probably come sooner than most think. Once fooled, shame on you, etc.

While we accept and know that any taxation of labor is immoral, that it discourages work, etc. we cannot help any of that. The message is to “come out of her,” not stick around for the next round of tea, coffee, beer or milk, etc. Same with any and all of THEIR taxes.

I heard the other day yet another, who should certainly know better, advocating some massive work stoppage or tax revolt. It's THEIR money, stupid! Yes, including the taxes. THEY decide to tax your income in THEIR money AND in any other money too, by FORCE of THEIR law! This proposal is NOT a tax dodge, nor is it a money laundry.

Money laundry: Someone has lots of euros, they stick them in a corporation set up in the Antilles. This corporation can settle transactions in euros or dollars. Someone in America affiliated with both the original person with the euros and the corporation, gets a loan from said corporation in dollars. Now, there are no taxes on loaned money, but the American doesn't necessarily have to pay the loan back, ever!

So you see how it goes. Rather than doing the old time honored work of most real jobs, the desired situation, indeed in some places the required situation, is to live by laundering money rather than actually working. This scheme and countless like it my friends satisfies the requirements of capitalism, the itch with capital (usually cash) and the desire to increase it with as little effort as humanly possible, commonly avoiding taxes. The range of possible trading algorithms are astounding. In these ways money is made on money without actually delivering a single product or service. But those who are able to move millions of units of products through promotions or advertising are very well compensated. They didn't produce anything either, but you bought THEIR product because that person convinced you to do so.

Free enterprise is always private and contrary to the usual contrived authorities, has nothing to do with capitalism. Part of the deception has been to convince you that it is perfectly fine for someone in a shiny office to make millions for providing nothing, while a factory worker or trained technician who produces in some cases works of frankly priceless value gets paid far less and the two employments are somehow of the same kind. They are not and everyone who is honest knows it too.

The working men and women of the world know it the most. But we are devolving into a world where fewer and fewer people work and the rest? What do they do? They consume! THEIR economists will tell you that the non workers consume the excess of the productive which is over productive or these days capable of being efficient at vast scales.

We of course doubt any of this. Ignoring the perfectly natural law of diminishing returns to scale is actually being proved true at this very moment around the world as people everywhere wake up to the weird incorrect social contracts they have been given by the globalists, socialists, communists, fascists, collectivists, everyone with a control agenda and a centralized political ideology, including and especially the claims to fairness, liberality and especially equality.

Equality! People will sacrifice everything in the hopes of attaining it or establishing it, for the good of the planet, for the good of this or that, for the rights of some downtrodden group or whatever. You know what? It's all rubbish and bullshit! Those who determine the standards of equality determine the level of slavery for the most people under any such regime. So just as you sometimes need to use mouthwash to kill bad breath, you need a brainwash to kill bad ideas and especially evil idealism!

I'm going to rant here – this whole thing is a kind of rant anyway - people are people as they are, not as anyone might want or have them be or should be or anything like that. Anything like that is based on accepting some authority that has no right to exist! It's none of your business! That's what we used to say. How often do you hear that these days?

Whatever any self styled set of social justice warriors might have decided, and none of them has a right to tell us anything, each of us has a will, a fiat. We can choose to be and belong with any group of people we choose that accepts our contributions and company. The average A member is any natural person who may not even have a regular job. Most are unemployed these days simply because there is not enough of THEIR money to pay them to do anything that could be done or would rather be done.

Some people may live in some rent subsidized place like a Section 8. Do you know that these people are discouraged from working their way out of this? If they work more, their rent automatically goes up. They may even be homeless. How little of THEIR money has a homeless person?

Our dues are one Valun per year for every A member. One Valun today is $2.63. Do you suppose money could be found – yes THEIR money – to support the dues for these people?

I'll bet you know already that there are certain places where it is not legal to have anything to do with the homeless. They are relegated to the category of untouchables. This is further considerable proof of the FAILURE of THEIR system and the messages are every bit as sincere as I said they would be. And THEY want to flood the world with aliens and have no borders? What's going on? Exactly what I said was going on; THEIR plans to kill you. Oh, not today maybe, but eventually. THEY may have further to grind out of you before you're done. Understand how important having your own money is?

I had a conversation the other day with John Q. Public and he told me some of the facts of life:

Perhaps as much as 40% of the people do not read or write and furthermore cannot ever be expected to read or write. Another 20% have just enough ability to read signs, etc. Further he said that there are many jobs where it was not likely anyone would need to read or write.

I was told of a situation where a man with a respected position at some industrial concern had learned to read and write from his fourteen year old son. Said industrial worker was on the other hand thoroughly competent handling numbers. The varieties of people are more astounding than one imagines. Maybe some of you out there need to read these pages to your friends.

But everyone knows what money is, what it looks like and how to use it. Cash transactions are anonymous which is why cash is king. But THEY want to kill that king. What THEY want to do is remove as many transactions from anonymity as possible and in so doing THEIR monetary machine actually destroys wealth based on it! 

Think of the effect all the anti cash policies are imposing on the poor or even the illiterate around the world? Are they to be denied the right of future existence? What is THEIR message in denying cash? How about … go off somewhere and die quietly and without fuss, so THEY may continue THEIR plans to take over the world, render it sterile, merge with machines and then what? This madness is happening already and right now being contemplated. THEY'LL want to chip you next. THEY'RE already at it!

Why? It's THEIR money, stupid! Cryptocurrencies? More of THEIR money. Metals? Too heavy. I could put enough exchange into an envelope and mail it to someone anywhere in the world, and if the same money were recognized everywhere, as it was intended to be by E. C. Riegel and others, then as they say, cash in the usual forms flies, while silver and gold do not. They are in fact probably too precious to ever circulate much at all, so attempting to build any kind of economy using them has always been a pipe dream. You know precisely the value of a pipe dream, don't you?

Our understanding of money draws from the obvious; someone buys something and instead of providing something in exchange as in whole barter, they tender money. What John Q Public thinks the eventual result of everything will be is a return to whole barter because as he puts it, money doesn't work. Well, there are those who believe that whole barter is like some kind of heaven on earth, when it is actually the hard road of life that has been trod before when life for most was “nasty, brutish and short.” So abandoning money to our enemies is like laying down our arms and allowing THEM to have THEIR way with us. No! Instead, we value civilization and that includes split barter (since barter NEVER goes away) and that requires what we commonly call money.

So let's stop evading the issue. Money is issued when somebody buys something. Who gets to buy something first? The government does. Where does the government get the money? From a central bank! What if the money were lent based on a store of gold or silver? There would be far less money, prices would be lower and so would salaries. You'd plunge the economy back to the level of the 1930's and the supply of money would be consistently short. Plus, you have acceptance of usury; the central bank gets to pull more money out of the economy than was issued. Where does that gold come from? There will never be enough money to satisfy even the most practical means for everyone under such a system and it was even freely admitted by the bankers and THEIR friends over a hundred years ago. How would bankers like a return to a gold standard? They'd love it! Gold standards are advocated by bankers, who perform very little actual work for the money they make. The other side of the dialectic is bank credit; basically stolen fiat on which we rely now.

The government spends money into the economy and taxes it back and pays the central bank its interest. The principal may go unpaid forever. Remember the money laundry example earlier? Yeah, well never mind. It's THEIR money, stupid!

Meanwhile, let's be honest: You are nobody to you or anyone else without your own money and the means of earning more of it. You have half a dozen natural talents or skills or whatever you would be willing to spend time out of the rest of your life doing to earn a living. What are those skills and talents? That's your innate wealth. How can you possibly express it without money? You can't. So where's it to come from? From you and everyone else around you.

How about any and all tools that you use in your job that are specifically yours and that are connected with your work and nothing else? You'll want to make note of any and all inventory of any kind that fits this criteria. The same goes for any stocks of materials used specifically and only for your work. Most craftspeople understand this inventory taking idea very well. Yes, you will want to write it all down because the weakest pencil is still stronger than the sharpest memory, or something like that, attributed to Mark Twain perhaps.

So you and your friends must will to decide (establish your joint FIAT) to minimize the amount of THEIR money you use to settle barter and start issuing and using your own money more and more. The used and recycled markets will be best suited first, the service trades and agriculture to follow, etc. The proposed V-Check is our proposed cash. It's pieces of paper with numbers, pictures and advertising on them; as fancy as you please, but following certain rules, so we can keep track of them when they come into exchanges for deposit. Each V-Check has a number and identifies actual money in the cash account of each independent exchange. Our members obtain them at local Valun counters.

Recall that each member has an account and all the Valuns in every account are either in those accounts or in the cash accounts of each exchange. Each V-Check expires in six months from issue but may be exchanged for another or deposited even if expired since the money is still in the cash account ready to be transferred into another account.

There are transaction fees (one tenth of one percent) for moving Valuns from one account to another except for the cash account. When someone comes in desiring cash, it is similar to what went on when one acquired travelers checks and yes they will be about the same. The Valuns will be taken from either your issuance or income balances and you will be given your V-Checks. When the V-Check comes in for deposit, the number on it will identify it on the cash account of the particular exchange and it will be transferred without fee to the desired account. Our proposal encourages the use of our cash.

Valuns may be moved among accounts based on contracts. Fees are applied as scheduled and each member gets to see exactly what they will be when the contract is accepted by the exchange to go into effect. There are two kinds of contracts: Labor contracts and Credit contracts. But each member begins with a Membership contract, an agreement between the member and the exchange, which can be revoked if the member is caught in violation of any of our rules. You prevent the evils of the present system by making it clear that these practices will be strictly forbidden.

Each local exchange will be a party to these contracts and must determine that the contracts satisfy the rules. The rules would include such things as that no A member account in any exchange may be used as a reserve for lending Valuns. There will be no need for any deposit insurance because the money in all accounts will always belong to the members. No one may lend Valuns they do not have on account. Credit accounts include all loans from investors to financiers within the system.

One has to make provision for finance or one is limited to what one can afford at the time of sale. One of the reasons THEIR system is so dangerous is due to breaking these rules; fractional reserve lending is involved with transaction clearing when the two functions must be separated. If some finance operation goes bust, we do not want that to affect the rest of us, or at least to minimize its effects. We may have occasion to say more on this topic as we get into geographical area and population profiling in future papers.

But John Q Public says, the average person is too dumb to understand money, can't understand anything more than how to use cash, never balances a checkbook and in fact might not even have a bank account. And you want to give him three balances on each account when most can't even consider what one balance means? Well John, lots of people who aren't that smart still do amazing things, like drive cars, provide useful services for others, take time out of the rest of their lives to do things that don't require much conscious thought at all but nevertheless require some special skill to do well.

The other point is really related to this: you would never expect someone to be given the keys to a car or a firearm without adequate training on how these machines work. Why should one's money be any different?

Would people have perhaps a different attitude toward their money if they knew that they themselves issued it? We have never seen what this could mean because we have assumed and accepted a machine that works top down rather than bottom up. Perhaps we'll next consider some things we can do for each other as we organize our communities completely apart from all present institutions and begin raising a few of our own.

Recall the connection between the importance of money and the importance of being armed and then consider that so far we have been willing to protect and die for money that wasn't even ours to begin with. Then consider this proposal again and begin to respond accordingly. Understood?

Oh and as for all those dumb people out there who can only understand cash? Yeah, that's right, we'll give them their money in cash. That's why company participation as B members purchasing ad space on those V-Checks is so important. Be seeing you!

David Burton

[2/1/18: I was asked again recently why Marxism and all its variant explanations for the ills and injustices of society was either incorrect or irrelevant. So, I'll cut right to the chase: Marx NEVER criticized the bankers or any of THEM (the usual suspects including all those that financed Marx, the communists, etc. - what, you think people do things without being paid to do them? Even or especially if they are dastardly in nature? Marx was paid for what he wrote and was also employed in some way as an agent of the British crown, complete with a spy handler).

In his work as a whole, Marx sets up a straw man or two or three without ever daring to contest the question of the issuance of money itself or of usury. Marx stands in exactly the same criticism as do the so called “Austrian” school of economists.

Frankly, Marx never knew much of anything about money or much else. His work is a jumble. Around a hundred years ago and more, other so called philosophers were out there as well, peddling mystification covering stupidity, ignorance and jumping to conclusions without any real basis and calling it all “scientific” as if that was the seal of approval that would guarantee acceptance by “the masses” without being questioned. John Dewey was another of them. Sigmund Freud was yet another and a coward to boot, but that's another story. Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays. invented “public relations” to further motivate and swindle the general public right up the present day.

I want you all to acknowledge something – and it is certainly true of many of today's celebrities; every single one of them were evil, or at least amoral. There is no proof that they had any empathy for another living soul outside themselves. Indeed, they satisfy our strict definition of selfishness; they believed they had a right to take advantage of others for their own benefit.  In fact, they were selling the idea of doing so as normal and natural and encouraging others to follow their example!  Calling the vast majority of such types clowns is being too kind.

Our proposal would make Marxism (collectivism, etc.) instantly irrelevant and group identification and development along natural lines of race, nation and family would become more important; a kind of “Tower of Babel” event where each distinct people would instantly see the value of ditching THEM and THEIR globalist nightmare and adopt the Valun system because it recognizes the value of each individual natural person as the basis for money issuance, not the other way around; that some political bureaucrat in some bloated state aparat is more entitled to superior compensation than any who produce anything or the rest who just consume. 

What happens to the internet as globalism fails? Is there any guarantee of anything? What of the fiends and their ghastly mad science? (just a modern version of alchemy and the people into it have the same goals; immortality and to become gods as they destroy the rest of us as “obsolete.”) 

This is serious people! We'll decide who is in what class by their merits in a functioning human society that we each get a chance to participate in, not this slavery to our cell phones and the rest of our crazed rush to soak up entertainment that mostly wastes our time and efforts. There may be more times ahead for more of that. But meanwhile, take a look around you. Things are going to change and not in any ways Karl Marx would have anticipated. Marxism? Been there, done that. Something like 200 million dead directly because of it. Marxism is dead and anyone pursuing it belongs to a death cult. Our proposal is for the living, those who enjoy life and want to continue living and see their children and grandchildren thrive and prosper and celebrate life. Be seeing you.]