Wednesday, January 25, 2017

#0: A Map of THEM

Intelligence analysis frequently uses charts like this. I can't even tell you the number of charts of this kind I have seen and helped construct over the years, yes for clients, and this one is a particularly good one for showing connections to one of the great deliberate FORCES of ... elites taking over the world. OK?  Sure: copy it and spread it far and wide and if you're of a mind to, study the institutions and people identified.  You'll have a much clearer view of reality for your efforts.

Since THEIR money is what everyone uses, THEY get what THEY want and get most of us as "useful idiots" to work for THEIR money which THEY convince us is actually ours. Fools! That's what THEY think of you behind your backs. Understood yet?

OH and BTW, see that school of economics at the lower left? That's where Trump went. You have to be above smart to get into that place. Anyone who imagines that Trump is not connected or doesn't know things or is some kind of fool is ... well just go look in the mirror and see the fool THEY think of you anyway. Don't believe what some CULT channel of the dispossessed Left has to say. If you're comfortable with THEIR lies and fibs CNN and NPR I NEVER bother with, that's your personal problem. Truth is elsewhere. 

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