Wednesday, January 11, 2017

#0: Web Bot hits Bitcoin price again ($888) Chilling predictions of Web bot report

Once again, we admonish all those fond of bitcoin and any other crypto-currencies, that their days of playing their risk with their excess money, making a return on money without actually selling some of your time or your effects (capitalism) may be numbered.  Bitcoin is clearly a central bank darling.  It is a prototype for what THEY (globalists, bankers, elites) intend doing.  They gave you those little plastic cards, and phone apps so you wouldn't have to carry around all that tangible reference to money so now THEY get to know every transaction you make.  Recall that we said that the real value of cash consisted in the anonymity of trade.  Now taking any of THEIR money, probably precious metals and precious stones are the ultimate cash.  We see things a lot like Jim Sinclair would except we add a knowledge of history and some common sense to as it were turn perceptions on their heads: none but individual human beings have the right to issue money (which excludes any businesses, banks or states) and they do it in the act of buying something.  Further and drawing directly from that, no one need be paid in any money but their own.  This we call the self financing of labor and it admits that no one may be "bought" by another, which restores two things from the natural law at once; liberty and property.  The limits to issue are determined by the community that agrees to use this money.  It must NOT be a commodity because that opens the money up to speculation, as all THEIRS, including bitcoin, are subject to. 

Rather than a commodity, our proposal is based on a unit of purchasing power that has already happened.  Since it already happened, it wont change.  In order to determine at any time what THEIR stuff is worth to us, we take the present value of that already past unit of purchasing power. 

What was $2.16 for each unit, which we call a Value Unit or Valun, the same name given it by E. C. Riegel is now $2.84.  What is this unit of purchasing power?  It is that on the second of November in 2011 one could buy to own and hold in your hand an ounce of gold bullion for $2.160.  So you see, we agree with Sinclair about gold and if one attempts to offer anything better than what THEY have always sold us, one will FAIL if one neglects the importance of gold.  We also know of many economies that ran for a while on silver so we acknowledge silver as similar to gold in its function.  

But here's where we disagree with Sinclair.  It has been sold that money is a store of value.  Let's demonstrate why this cannot ever be so.  A store of value is itself something one buys.  If money is just another commodity then we are stuck back at whole barter and terms of whole barter always change.  Gold and silver being uncommon, their value would be uncommon.  How many cows or horses could one buy with gold and silver of whatever weight?  You'd be back at whole barter and the unique situation to be in would be to be of the people controlling that scarce commodity.  And studying world history from the standpoint of the flows of precious metals has been a time honored way to know the rise and fall of empires.

But this blog isn't about empires, it is about empowering everybody; everyman and everywoman.  THIS is the basis of our proposal.  Be advised: If one has any of THEIR money they wish to exchange for any of ours, it will be ONLY in terms of gold and silver.  THAT is how we establish linkage with THEM until THEY are ... not in the money business, because that certainly is THEIR future.  We have to be prepared for that eventuality.  It was E. C. Riegel's concern after seeing the effects of inflation on money and on society and people.  It was what concerned my mentor during the final months of his life and it was the mission that he set me to, which led to finding E. C. Riegel, Arthur Kitson and soon others.  Since many of these are German or Swiss/German in origin, do we propose to label this a "German" school of economics?  No.  This is not economics as THEY have always meant it.  Since economy is nothing but the movement of money, using a monetary unit that does not change is going to determine what actual values are more consistent with each other over longer periods of time; bread and butter as well as gold and gasoline. 

If the money proposal presented in this blog was no better than THEIRS why would we bother?  It's because it is the only one out there that is actually based on YOU rather than THEM or some scarce commodity out there, that matters most.

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