Saturday, January 28, 2017

#0: Demonetization and You - James Corbett

You will notice that the paper notes becomes worthless because they lose their "legal tender" status.  Now on what does that depend?  It depends on the use of that money as a means of payment determined by FORCE of some state.  What do we say?  The music stops when either one of two things happens, either one refuses to take whatever money is offered or one will refuse to work for whatever money is offered.  The reason THEY (globalist, banker, elite) want to get rid of cash is because THEY seek absolute control.  THEY want to identify EVERY transaction involving THEIR money.  Are we going to live with this?  Are we assuming that things this complex will succeed?  Why?  If they fail, and it is not if but when, then perhaps hundreds of millions will starve.  Is that what THEY may want anyway?  We've already told you many times so far.  YOU and I will ultimately need OUR OWN cash or we will NOT have ANY individual or even group freedom of choice for anything.  THIS maneuver is strictly and solely a benefit to THEM, not you or I.   

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