Thursday, April 3, 2014

#V1.1 Volume Inaugural – Spring, 2014

It's Time to Start IVES 
Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

David Burton, the blogger who began the E. C. Riegel Blog ( three years ago, announced today the launch of the International Valun Exchange Society. A recruitment drive to select delegates for an upcoming conference to be held over a weekend this fall is under way. Among issues to be resolved at the conference are confirmation of the blog's proposed international standard Value Unit (Valun) and the establishment of the International Valun Exchange Society (IVES) to support and promote it. IVES will become the generative organization for the anticipated Independent Exchanges that follow. At the conference, which shall be totally private, committees will be assembled to deal with IS – AD issues as well as those related to the organized management of local membership drives. Those interested in becoming delegates to this premiere conference should copy (download) the following document, fill it out, attach a resume and send it to:


Approved delegates will be notified of their selection by 15 July, 2014. The conference will be scheduled in October or November at a private location in the New York Capital Region. All notifications will be made in private (USPS) and no public notice of delegate selection or any association will be posted to the E. C. Riegel Blog ( or anywhere else in accordance with our firm commitment (as far as possible) to absolute privacy.

A Message to Pensioners, Veterans, Retired Police, Disabled, Aged, Blind, Deaf and Infirm

The inauguration of IVES brings hope and reassurance closer to those who have lost faith in the present state of public institutions or realistically would like to hedge their bets. Where these entities cannot help but ultimately fail, we most know best how to take care of our own. Membership recruitment drives are on the way. These will involve setting up Pre-Accounts for all those who qualify. These shall be the lifeboats formed between those who know each other, in families, in small towns and villages, in communities in densely packed cities, everywhere. E. C. Riegel, the man whose inspiration spurs this drive, believed that his monetary ideas would greatly help democracy. We appeal for help to all those who wish to restore “a republican form of government” to the United States and to its constituent states; we appeal to those who are scared of standing alone against the monstrous foe of globalist oligarchy; we appeal to those who have awakened to political awareness. We must stand together and not be taken in by their solution offered after the inevitable collapse that they may or may not be able to pull off (false flag or other deliberately concocted attempts to start war). Here's their solution; this is what to expect; yet another debt based or commodity based currency after the present ones fail, probably FORCED on the world at gunpoint. With what are their troops being paid? Are they kidding? If the dollar fails, why take their Ameros? More rubbish for rubbish! We want something that's OURS and we're willing to start organizing it now so as not to be fooled again.

David Burton

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