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#0 Ranch Riot!! Bundy Ranch Protesters Tasered by Federal Agents and Attacked by K9's.

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  Ranch Riot!! Bundy Ranch Protesters Tasered by Federal Agents and Attacked by K9's. 

Invariably someone will ask why this is posted here?  It is currently "going viral," as they say, around the internet.  The reason for posting it here is this blog's insolent (to use Ayn Rand's favourite venom) "we told you so."  It's our assumption that this is what people get who refuse to wake up and stop living under, participating in or helping promote the present evil order.  At its very roots, this situation involves money, their money, their monetary system in trouble and its chief creditor, the US government, trying desperately to save the system and itself.  In this particular instance, it will turn out to involve major American politicians, exposing them for selling out America and Americans to foreign interests, in this case from China, but it could have easily been any number of countries, because the cancer that infests all nations addicted to borrow and spend economics, is nearing its fateful climax.  Isn't it time to step back from it, step out of it, "come out of her, my people?"  There are things we could all do.  Some of you should consider doing this.  Remember, we are all on the Titanic and it is sinking.  They didn't provide any lifeboats being over confident that their ship could never sink.  Lifeboats anyone?

[17 April, 2014: Bundy Ranch: Harry Reid, Chinese Solar and US Debt] 

[25 April, 2014: Cliven Bundy (Full) Controversial Remarks April 19, 2014 
Cliven Bundy Responds To New York Times Racism Report  
On Cliven Bundy Picking Cotton: I, James David Manning, Have Context]

[26 April, 2014: An American Oligarch: Senator Harry Reid’s BLM Land Scams, Bribes, Mafia Links and Bloodlines 
Harry Reid "Obama Electable Because he is Light Skinned with no Negro Dialect"

[4 May, 2014: "“Back in 1864, Nevada was rushed into the Union so its heavily Republican population could help ensure President Lincoln’s reelection." Restore the Tenth: Western States Now Want Feds, BLM Out

"it is not just ranching that is under attack. It is also mining, farming, logging, fishing, oil and gas, and any other industry that uses natural resources or the land. This is a full spectrum, frontal assault on the rural West. Ultimately, it is about bankrupting and impoverishing independent rural Americans to bring on a planned depopulation of the West."
Chinese Takeaway: Globalist Gangsters Use Agenda 21 for Nevada Land Grabs]

[5 May, 2014: "For Rob Mrowka, an ecologist and senior scientist with Nevada’s Center for Biological Diversity, the agency that sued in federal court to remove Bundy from the federal land in order to protect the land and the tortoise, said he was disappointed to see the government give in to “an armed anarchist group,” instead of protecting the endangered tortoise and rare plants and allowing fire-damaged vegetation to regrow."

"“The BLM has a sacred [?] duty to manage our public lands in the public interest, to treat all users equally and fairly,” Mrowka said. “Instead it is allowing a freeloading rancher and armed thugs to seize hundreds of thousands of acres of the people’s land as their own fiefdom.” 

Lefties (all lefties are shills for the globalist oligarchs whether they know it or not) have and will SMUGLY assert (a jeer, they laugh at you when they actually intend to harm you) that Bundy is nothing but a tax dodger and as far as they're concerned, that will be that.  Meanwhile Bundy is the last rancher in the county, as all others have been similarly driven out of business.  Mrowka is paid by someone, supposedly the taxpayers, as a "nanny" who is unaware of his role in the game.  It isn't about "endangered tortoises and rare plants," that's for sure.  It's all according to a long term plan to turn down American enterprise, to ruin Americans, especially the John Galts, and unbeknownst to people like Mrowka, to sell off American resources as an underpinning for their failed experiment called the Federal Reserve dollar.  The people's land my ass!  Whose fiefdom is it anyway, Mr. Mrowka?  You may think it yours, but it certainly isn't yours or mine.  No, that land has been sold to foreign investors who want to get busy developing it.  Screw the tortoises and rare plants then.  The powers that be apparently think they can make more out of "the people's land" than Bundy or his kind can.  Simple as that. 
"Their (BLM) main thing is to put the ranchers out of business in Nevada.

[8 May, 2014: Exactly as expected - Nevada Democrats Calls for Removal of Militia Members

[16 May, 2014: Ooooh boy! Bundy Legal “Dream Team” Being Assembled to Resolve Constitutional Crisis – FOIA Request Filed By Larry Klayman!   We recall Klayman as the founder of Judicial Watch.  We see the dialectic at work.  Bundys certainly not out of the woods.  Meanwhile, BLM faces another Western standoff, now with four-wheelers]

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