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#0 For the Record - M. William Cooper

Some things we post on this blog are for purposes of general education. Most people will have had little to no exposure to most of this material, yet it should have been part of any thinking person's education. Of course, there's good reason to believe that there are those who read this blog that would know far more about this material. 

Milton William Cooper (1943-2001) was an important figure in modern “alternative” historical research, whose work was recently brought to my attention by a young colleague. Cooper makes the same request of his readers; don't believe me, do your own research, make up your own mind. 

Cooper's work remains highly controversial and this material is placed here mainly due to a connection between his work and that of Richard Grove. The person they have in common as a source is the Masonic scholar and spokesman, Manly P. Hall (1901-1990).

I actually attended a lecture by Hall when a teenager in Northern California and wondered at the time whether I was attending something like an infomercial, in the guise of a school assembly, for the Masons. I should state right here that I am not in any way connected with the Masons, nor with any other of the various secret societies mentioned by Cooper.  

Bill Cooper is best known for his book Behold A Pale Horse. 

In the early 1990's, Bill Cooper had a radio program called The Hour of the Time. During this program (1993-96), he developed a series on Mystery Babylon. You can either start at the top of the series of podcasts or use the links to get into the series at any point (as long as they continue to be available on YouTube). All of this material is now twenty years old, but it is as a collection of ideas, certainly more relevant than ever.

According to the wikipedia article on Cooper, “On November 5, 2001 Apache County sheriff's deputies attempted to arrest Cooper at his Eagar, Arizona home on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and endangerment stemming from earlier disputes with local residents. After an exchange of gunfire during which Cooper shot one of the deputies in the head, Cooper was fatally shot. Federal authorities reported that Cooper had spent years trying to avoid capture on the 1998 tax evasion arrest warrant, and according to a spokesman for the U.S. Marshals Service, he had vowed that 'he would not be taken alive'.”

Cooper's material is presented here for a further addition to an erudite discussion of the issues of the times. Much of it is based on research by others so a great deal of it has been corroborated elsewhere. The history he reveals is significant. Some of the speculations he makes are rather interesting, even plausible, though we can't promise to agree with everything he said. As usual, you have to make up your own mind. But one thing should become clear to any serious student; once the signs and messages of the same essentially “religious,” or some might even say “anti-religious” forces are recognized (certainly by the time one has heard up to Hour 35 or so), their manifestations are unmasked everywhere in all modern societies. Even though this information was gathered and presented 20 years ago, it's essential contribution to understanding our current situation simply cannot be denied.

Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Series 

1993-2-11: Hour 1 – Dawn of Man
1993-2-12: Hour 2 – The Sun of God
1993-2-15: Hour 3 – Egyptian Magic  
1993-2-16: Hour 4 – Osiris and Isis 1/2 
1993-2-17: Hour 5 – Osiris and Iris 2/2
1993-2-18: Hour 6 – NWO & Freemasonry 
1993-2-19: Hour 7 - Maitreya
1993-2-22: Hour 8 - Ecumenism
1993-2-24: Hour 9 - Initiation 
1993-2-25: Hour 10 – Gnosticism 
1993-3-1: Hour 11 – The Assassins 
1993-3-2: Hour 12 – The Assassins & The Templars
1993-3-3: Hour 13 – The End of the Templars
1993-3-8: Hour 14 – Skull & Bones
1993-3-9: Hour 15 – The Roshaniya 
1993-3-10: Hour 16 – Quotes by Freemasons
1993-3-30: Hour 17 - Sun Worship
1993-3-31: Hour 18 – Bibliography
1993-5-12: Hour 19 – Lucifer Worship
1993-5-11: Hour 20 - 65th Convocation of the Rose Cross Order
1993-5-14: Hour 21 - William Morgan Interview 1/3
1993-5-17: Hour 22 - William Morgan Interview 2/3 
1993-5-18: Hour 23 - William Morgan Interview 3/3
1993-6-17: Hour 24 – Jordan Maxwell Interview
1993-6-30: Hour 25 – America's Assignment with Destiny* 1/3
1993-7-1: Hour 26 - America's Assignment with Destiny* 2/3
1993-8-2: Hour 27 - America's Assignment with Destiny* 3/3
1993-10-13: Hour 28 - In the Coils of the Coming Conflict
1993-10-13: Hour 29 – Lucifer 2000**

Dwayne Walker's interview: This program is 20 years old or so and they did NOT succeed in reducing the population by 25% by the year 2000. We found Anthony J. Hilder's remarks regarding nationalism very interesting. He said he wanted to see thousands more countries than presently exist. Of course, this agrees with the blog's proposal for a universal monetary system which nevertheless remains local. Jordan Maxwell explains material concerning the Federal Reserve, the present monetary system, the world orders, etc. Of course, with everything, we advise caution; research it and prove it to yourself, unless you already know corroborating sources

1993-10-13: Hour 30 - The Godmakers & Bo Gritz.

Focus on Mormonism.

1993-10-18: Hour 31 - United Nations Meditation Room
1993-10-22: Hour 32 - Mystery Exposé

From 23 June, 1993 exposes Radio Free America, that Masons do not worship “the creator,” etc.

1994-1-3: Hour 33 - Aid & Abet Newsletter

From a police newsletter formerly published by the late officer Jack McLamb.

1994-1-3: Hour 34 – Luxor, the Source of Light

Good video presentation of Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, narrated by Bill Cooper.

1994-1-12: Hour 35 - Secret Societies & The Vatican II
1994-2-8: Hour 36 – From Babylon to Christianity

Cooper makes one of very few mistakes in this program: the correct passage of the ages was from Taurus the Bull to Aries the Ram (not Capricorn the Goat), thence to Pisces the Fishes and then Aquarius the Man carrying a jug of water who will overturn that jug. This is however a key episode because he ties the mystery religion from Egypt through Babylon.

1994-2-22: Hour 37 - Rose Cross College 1/3

Before Cooper gets into it, the beginning of this episode gives prices for gold, silver and the Dow. Notice the differences between those numbers and today's as a measure of inflation, shrinking purchasing power of the dollar. Other issues that are current right now involving law enforcement are covered in this episode including seizure of property. This was 20 years ago and sounds as if it had just happened yesterday.

1994-2-23: Hour 38 - Rose Cross College 2/3
1994-2-24: Hour 39 - Rose Cross College 3/3
1994-2-28: Hour 40 - The Occult History of the Third Reich 1/3
1994-3-1: Hour 41 - The Occult History of the Third Reich 2/3
1994-3-2: Hour 42 - The Occult History of the Third Reich 3/3
1996-9-20: Hour 43 – Darkness

*Readings from the book America's Assignment with Destiny (Los Angeles, 1994) by Manly P. Hall 
**Cooper did not participate in this broadcast but included it as part of this series.

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