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#59 The “It's Your Taxes” Myth

“It's worth remembering that taxes pay for things we want government to do.” Chad Stone – Source 

We heard today that “government is the most expensive thing that any of us would ever buy in our lifetime,” that somehow we should be, “concerned whether we're getting our money's worth.” This from Michael Rivero, who certainly should know better. Therefore, we remind him to look at any money he has in his wallet. Is any of it really his? Oh sure, possession may be nine tenths of the law, but that's not what I meant. Did he ever decide a thing concerning whether he would be paid in it? Does he believe that it's somehow patriotic to support the “public” money? How aware is he (he's above average aware, come on) that all of this money is tied up with so called “intellectual property law” that essentially says that even if one physically possesses something, that somehow the person who originated it, instigated it or has some interest to claim on it, actually really owns it? All that said, does Michael Rivero (and this could go for a host of others too) honestly believe the myth that a so called “democratically elected government” is really his to demand anything of concerning how it spends “his tax dollars?”

No, Michael (and the rest of you). None of the money belongs to anyone except the central banks. None of it even belongs to the governments that issue it through spending. They are all held in perpetual debt, “good credit risks,” etc. In addition, these “bad notes” that can never be paid off, say some very strange things on them and have plenty of political state symbols on them too. These vary from place to place, but are essentially the same on any of this money; attempts to instill respect, honour and trust where no basis for any of that actually exists. These symbols were just more tools to deceive the many by and for the benefit of the few. None of these symbols gives these pieces of money any more standing except in the minds of the millions (no, billions!) who are enslaved by their use and their system.

So, I am telling anyone who reads this, that I am sick and tired of hearing people grumble about “our tax dollars,” etc. imagining that they really have any say about such matters, when the actual situation reveals that none of the taxes pay for anything that people imagine the government spends money for. So, let's stop being fooled, let's stop passing around useless baloney about any tax dollars being ours to tell the government anything concerning how they will spend their money, shall we? We live under a monetary dictatorship that treats everything, including human beings, as trade commodities to be wagered on in a casino style “market” that is manipulated and controlled by and for purposes that have little or nothing to do with the average lives of better than 99% of the people on the planet.

So what's the solution? We certainly will not advocate violence, certainly not as a natural right to a preemptive first strike. We reserve that to our enemies. Anyone advocating provocative violence is a screwball lunatic who is probably working for them.  You should run from such people.

No.  What we advocate is called “turning the other cheek,” which, to be perfectly honest, is not even strictly required of us in most cases. We expect violence from them, as theirs has been mostly the monopoly on violence; almost perpetual war, for instance. In cases where we have “turned our cheek” to them, so they can see that we are aware of what they have already done to us, then and only then, when they counter with the violence they already intended, do we reserve the right to answer their violent actions with violence. This to us, is what “nature taking its course” is all about. That was also the reason for the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution, and frankly, we will not even deign to consider any other opinions on the matter as legitimate! Again, no compromises; no, not today, not tomorrow, not next week, next year, never!

So right now, taxes are as inevitable as death. You do not have any say in the matter. Decisions on these things are conducted far above your heads by the masters of the criminal cabal and their firmly attached minions in all the state capitals and great financial centres throughout the world. They decide how things shall go, not you. You have no say. Don't imagine just saying you have a Constitutional right gives you any standing whatsoever. Try that in one of their courts. The governments are not yours. If you think otherwise, you are actively evading reality.

Now then, what shall we do? If you are a solo entrepreneur, run a small business, operate a family farm, etc. you should be very concerned about your situation and future. But factors within even moderate sized companies should be concerned, as somewhere in some distant city, people are playing games with the values of everything you produce, so it may be difficult or impossible to sell what you are growing or making at a price that keeps you solvent. Whatever they're planning, their “big useless plans,” the present order simply cannot endure. This is the Titanic and it will be going down, it just takes a while. Lifeboats are required as the people who designed the ships of state and economy never provide any, believing their creations are unsinkable.

In 2010, I wouldn't have even considered an alternative money as a solution. Of course some thought then and still do, that when the state currencies and banking system finally do go down, everything would ultimately collapse back into the “hard money” system; gold and silver. So the run of advice over the past several years has been to buy and hold gold and silver. Just what has all that accomplished? Well, the tops for precious metals prices have come and gone. Will they return? Who knows? But one thing we do know for sure, the same forces that run the usual “public” money, run the trading in gold and silver and own most of the mines.

So then, are we stuck between a commodity fiat paper system that never works because the government is the issuer, and for no other reason, or a commodity system that's run by the people who own and control precious metals trading and their markets? It turns out that they are usually the same people too.

Let's take a look at a few charts. If you haven't figured out what our Valun proposal is yet, you can find it referenced all over this blog, but specifically here
The first chart is for general information. Here is the relationship between troy ounces of gold and of silver, at spot prices, since the inception of the proposed Value Unit (Valun). Notice the (A) on the chart. It points to two temporary spikes. They indicate trading days where the price of silver suddenly fell against that of gold. These things do happen, even in markets as highly manipulated as these. On those days apparently someone needed to dump a lot of silver onto the market, or for whatever other reason. The long term trend seems to be that gold and silver have drifted apart in terms of their relative market value. This chart is placed here to confound, hopefully forever, those who insist that a workable bi-metalic monetary system could ever be successful in any civilized place on earth. In 2011 the spread was 52 to 1, now it's 65 to 1. That's a 25% change in less than 3 years; silver has lost out to gold. There is simply no possible fixed value attainable by using either of these metals. You could base the system on one metal and have the other float around it, and both alternatives have been tried with limited success because of Gresham's Law.
Here, for the record, is the spot price of gold since inception of the proposed Valun. The trend is down. We could indeed see $1,000 gold if this trend continues; if that's what they decide they want to do. It's their market. Running right across the chart at just below the $1,800 line, is the proposed Valun. Clearly now, it takes more gold to equal the value of the Valun than it took when the Valun was at inception; about a quarter ounce more per ounce. At inception, the Valun began at $2.16 whereas today it stands at $2.71 a gain of 26%.
Will the proposed Valun get to $3 in the next year? It depends on what they decide to do with precious metals. As we've said before, if or when the price of gold ever exceeds its price at Valun inception, a new inception is chosen, always higher, never lower, than the last inception.

Meanwhile within the VEN, what would things cost? What would a gallon of milk or gasoline cost in Valuns? Whatever they'd be, we'd expect prices in Valuns to fall or level out over time. When you have a yardstick of value that can't be affected by any of the usual forces; government spending, credit cycle booms and busts, etc. things begin to settle into predictable patterns of production and consumption. Smaller units and more redundancy are favoured by the rest of our proposal.

So, you can stop grumbling about taxes and figure out how to pay them for as long as your governments last, as history shows that they will come and go. You have to begin thinking about more basic ideas like how will you make it into the future, for yourself, your family, your children, your communities, your nations, yes, your nations. This proposal, being essentially both private and local, is a “go to ground” strategy that understands certain realities; those who live in any local area being far more capable of actually knowing anything about their area than some far away bureaucratic despot.

The Valun proposal and everything that goes to support it, shall shortly be getting under way. When a recruitment drive comes to your local neighbourhood seeking independent exchange (IE) membership, join, since it will be absolutely free and voluntary and you will have at least taken some steps toward constructing financial lifeboats for yourselves, your families, communities and nations.

David Burton

[15 April, 2014: I understand how you feel about taxes, but even the interest we pay goes to pay for things they do, or at least allows them to borrow the money. I think we should be concerned about where the money we pay them goes and that we should be voting in our elections, etc. because there are a few good people out there who really want to be in office for the right reasons. There are issues other than money at stake too. Otherwise, I pretty much agree with your ideas. Thanks. Tim, Arkansas 

Understood. But it is the position of this blog that what the government has become, a whore of Babylon, deserves the response from us, “come out of her, my people,” etc. Ultimately it comes down to FORCE and how it will be used. The Bundy Ranch Incident, as it might someday be recalled, may mark an important beginning, or it may turn out to be a blip on the tide of history. We're not in a position to say. But it's safe to predict that it could get a lot worse before it gets much better in most places around the world. The good news is that more people are waking up every day to recognize that there is a real problem. They just don't know what it is or from whence it comes.

This blog's message is that all the problems in the world, all the issues affecting everyone on earth, the base motivation of all politics, etc. is associated with their money – all of it, fiat or not, created by usury - which you did not choose to use or get paid in, that you have used all your life thinking nothing about it, that it was something like observing the force of gravity, etc. I consider that I really woke up around 2007 and I was in a very good position to see what was happening. But there are probably tens of thousands of financial officers of various companies throughout the world that were in the same position I was and could have as well and should still to be able to see what I did. The financial system itself is the cause of all our griefs. It is built on false ideas and premises and backed by organized crime and professional hooliganism masquerading as “legitimate state FORCE,” unless that too is an oxymoron.

One place we really have to resolutely side with E. C. Riegel concerns his stated attitude toward political activism: this blog cannot take any strongly political views. It can and will, where necessary, report the news as it seems relevant to our position. If you support any politician, you must understand that there are still forces behind the scenes that swarm the centres of power throughout the world, lobbyists and the representatives of think tanks, foundations, the sinister forces of personal blackmail, people who ruin other people's reputations for sport and money, it's all there. Politics invariably involves ego, some of my friends say testosterone. In any case surrounding this invariable fest of narcissism feast the sociopathic classes, professional, pseudo-professional and otherwise. It's a greedy, gloomy plutocratic atmosphere. Participate at your own risk.

The real issues have always been local and remain so. Take stock of what and who are right around you. Get to know more people in your area. Begin to talk about things and find common cause without letting it go political. The best kind of activism is local and has nothing to do with politics.] 

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