Tuesday, May 2, 2017

#0: Exposing The Real Sovereign Authority Of The United States: John Titus

Praise for John Titus as one who is wary of bitcoin. We hope he reads the rest of this blog as it really does contain the only solution moving forward. What people are not getting yet is that behind the political tsunami that is resurgent since 2016 is an even bigger cultural and social tsunami that will uproot and carry off most of the present establishment; both institutions and policies, whole ways of doing things, will pass away. We frankly don't see much of a future for automation that destroys wealth in the form of everyone's innate wealth, which of course must provide an income. Where incomes die, lie the results of wealth destruction. Most of it is done by corporations and governments, but behind them of course are the ultimate authorities, the banks. The present scene very much resembles the description we have called Mystery Babylon, the last Beast empire to rule the civilized world. The front is democracy, the worst possible people doing a lot of babbling and causing confusion. Behind them lies the mystery to most called money, banking and finance. The understanding of these key elements in society has been purposely clouded by those whose purpose was always to befog the public mind; for instance much of the babble heard from a former Federal Reserve chairman. Proof that all this is so of course is that THEIR (globalist, banker, elite, pedophile, satanist, scribe, Pharisee, etc.) people are all above the law.

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