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#57.11 Perspective - Capital and Labor

First a message to young social justice warriors or advocates of Marxism or Communism:

Whatever you have been told to accept is WRONG!
The people who told you are WRONG!
The interests they serve are WRONG!
The ideas concocted by Karl Marx were paid for by Royals and Bankers with the intention of achieving that famous Orwell quote above with THEM (globalists, bankers, elites, pedophiles, satanists, technocrats, scribes, Pharisees, etc.) on top.

Oh and BTW, when I was young, I too did what you are doing, in Berkeley even. Been there, done that! (I did my time among the technocrats too, so I saw much of the inside workings of THEIR machine.)

Communism? How about a world record 170 million confirmed dead because of it? You expect to survive? They are on record as deliberately eliminating those that helped them achieve power first! THAT is your fate. Should they ever succeed and come to power everywhere, THEY will seek YOU out and kill you, just as Lenin did, just as Stalin did, just as Mao did, just as was done in Spain, etc. etc. All commies are the same; prone to violence, because they are infected with a bunch of pernicious LIES and their good intentions are twisted and turned to anger for THEIR purposes. WHEN THEY'RE THROUGH WITH YOU, THEY'LL DESTROY YOU! It's a death cult. You'd better get away from it and THEM while you still can.

If you're in college, get your degree and move on. Nothing of any consequence happens in college. Nothing! From some time in your past, you have been subjected to social machines called schools. They did not teach you HOW to think, they taught you WHAT to think. So what do you really know? That's right, sucker. YOU JUST SIGNED ON TO HALF A LIFETIME OF DEBT FOR NOTHING. You really know NOTHING, John Snow. You know ABSOLUTELY nothing, Nathaniel Rateliff. Not a God damned thing! And you are paraded through one social machine after another seeking answers? Hell no, you never seek answers because THEY worked their voo-doo magic on you all the time you were in THEIR schools, learning what THEY wanted you to know, or to think you know.

When it comes to money, banking, finance, power, politics and history, most of you out there know absolutely nothing. Too bad, because it is all going to be exposed so none can avoid knowing.

Religion? We have one out there where you bow to a certain place on earth that's very totalitarian and very attractive to the people that rule from behind the curtains. THEY think THEY'D like it better than communism, so THEY are pushing it HARD. See how many have already been recruited to it? What's THEIR agenda? THEY want 90% of us dead!

How about a few vital texts on communism?

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, by Antony Sutton. Read it here.
Red Terror in Russia, by S. P. Melgunov. Read it here.
The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression, many authors.

Seriously, if you have not read these books, you do not know anything about communism. Those that say communism has yet to be tried deserve what they deserve: let nature take its course! Those who know communism from personal experience can be the first to take their revenge. Revenge is a bitch! There isn't an ethnic Russian family that hasn't suffered under communism and many Asian peoples can tell you what their experience of communism is too. Increasingly, people from Venezuela and Cuba will tell you. Those who say communism has yet to be tried? What good is your thought? Of what value is anything concerning it? The brotherhood of man? There is no such thing. It was LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY not Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood. Trying to make something socially artificial or awkward into something acceptable by FORCE never works. Never has and never will. It's against nature: like trying to FORCE water to run uphill. Oh, your idealism? Where did you get it? Why did you allow yourself such uncritical acceptance of something that sounded good but has never been true? - Aren't most of you old enough not to believe in leprechauns? Yes, we'll get into the whole subject of BELIEF as opposed to actual facts and the awareness of truth in a future post.

And what of all other totalitarian ideas that are being PUSHED on everyone, especially the social justice warrior crowd out there that wants to shut down freedom of speech? Who is teaching you this garbage? Who is responsible for getting these spewers of the sewers of society into positions of such influence? THEIR money is never far off to see its work being done and that's your answer. Nature shall and will take its course! This is a case of “while we were sleeping, they came and took it all away.” That's right folks, most of you have walked right into THEIR trap and have done so all your lives too, because it has been going on since way before you were born. Yes, and I am here to tell you.

Oh and all your Christian churches? More social machines with input, process and output, where most “ministers” are supposed to look like millionaires and preach the morality of materialism, universalism and inclusiveness. Know where all that started? (because it wasn't the same a hundred years ago). It started back when I was a child with organizations like the World Council of Churches and who was behind that? A bunch of THEM, that's who. There's really not that much help there, except as a place to meet other people who might be of some real help and service to you outside of church.

So let's get on with it:

I was fortunate enough to have known my mother's maternal grandfather. He was born in 1860, up in Canada. His family were involved with industrial engineering. His father and brothers built factories in Canada and the US. They had built the General Mills in Minneapolis, where my grandmother was born. They had come from Germany probably in the 1840's (very likely socialist sympathizers), but had decided on going to Canada rather than the US.

Other families in my ancestry included another immigrant family from Ireland that had made it to Canada a generation earlier, although I was later to find out they were really English, but not entirely. They were specialists in growing grain; had been doing that going back into medieval times in the English Cotswolds, where also part of my late wife's family had originated.

Among this Irish family was a patriarch named David. He was the only other David in my family before me and I was told that I was named after him. He became a great grain grower in Ontario Canada and my German great grandfather's family (really millwrights from Germany) built the mills to process their grain, so they became bakers. They became so proficient at baking that they supplied the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and might still do so. Other members of my great grandfather's family became famous medical doctors. They were an inventive bunch that were also fascinated by music and some were musicians. Some played piano but most played the violin.

Now, we didn't get into all that went into financing all of those mills and who else was involved. Much of that we don't know, because they never discussed it. That's how deep the agreement not to discuss money goes. These were successful business people, farmers and engineers producing a product of value for markets that existed and were made. Much happens in associations and back in those days one could find people in various commercial lines of business because innate wealth producing income was up and running as an everyday concept. So everyone knew a great many more people than is customary these days because meeting other people actually mattered; to relieve one's boredom, one read books or played music, one did not listen to radio/wifi/tv, etc. Other people in one's life mattered. You remembered their names and what they did, etc.

Based on these contacts, my great grandfather wrote letters, many of them my family still may have. He made remarks concerning certain people and their characters, especially concerning whether they were good for an honest day's work, so some included not so favorable views, including toward a few of his own sons. He had in fact corresponded with President Roosevelt and some of those letters my mother still may have somewhere. He wrote to my grandmother who was in California and said this of the place.

“Nothing of importance is possible there for very long as the place is run by grifters.”

A grifter is someone who swindles you through deception or fraud. So my great grandfather was making a comment concerning the likelihood of engaging in business or settling in California and this was his terse response. That was a long time ago. Is it still true? We hear and believe that it still is.

We would suggest that more people start observing the people around them and especially those way above their heads. We'd call it “grifter alert.” Look at THEM (all the globalists, bankers, elites, pedophiles, satanists, technocrats, scribes, Pharisees, etc.) and tell me how any of THEM is not a grifter? BTW, these are the real “useless eaters.” First and foremost, I'd ask you to pay closer attention to LYING, CHEATING, SWINDLING, FRAUD and especially how ALL of it involves THEIR money and its availability etc. when it can be demonstrated that THEIR money isn't the best in town and certainly isn't OURS.

Do we need grifters in our Value/Valun Exchange Network or VEN? No, we do not. How best to keep them out? Make the rules so simple and explicit and the process of the exchanges so simple and penalties for breaking the rules very clear (you're out, if not forever, at least for a good long time), then we have the best chance to keep grifters out.

We start with finance:

Finance is very simply being able to buy what you can't afford. If you don't have the cash (a black market), you have to settle for terms (a pink market). Finance is usually someone -a third party, neither the buyer or seller- that buys something from a seller for a buyer because the financier has the cash the buyer doesn't, and the buyer is then committed by Credit Contract to pay back more than the selling price over time to the financier for the right to have the item on the day he bought it.

Special B member businesses will be formed to finance things that cannot be paid for because they are very expensive relative to other things. Each of these businesses will have an account at a local exchange. They will raise money from other members to begin their finance operations.

Since a lender cannot lend money that does not already exist, the lender must raise that money from others who have it to lend. Ultimately that money was the result of value exchanged and has been thoroughly backed, first by labor or by will and secondly through being used in exchange for real value; it has to have been used as money to split barter value in a trade. Valuns that are just sitting there in an account or as V-Checks in a drawer is not money until it is used to buy something. When YOU get Valuns back for what you do or sell, that money has been backed by the exchange and NEEDS NO FURTHER BACKING. Those tokens hence becomes real money.

Remember, all money eventually dies, never to return, when it buys something that loses its value over time; depreciation of assets is the death of all money. ALL MONEY IS ISSUED AND ALL MONEY DIES. This implies right away that money must be a STREAM not a fixed quantity or a LAKE. But what is the only thing we will allow to be traded for our Valuns? That's right, silver and gold. Any silver or gold SOLD to the exchange for Valuns, belongs to the exchange. You as a member of the exchange own some theoretical fractional amount of that store of precious metals, but it has been used to “back” those Valuns and is no longer yours. If you brought in US dollars, we'd trade them for gold or silver required and give you the Valuns in return, either as V-Checks or as an Exchange-Check that is basically a deposit slip.

When it comes to the actual monetary unit, the standard matters, not the commodity used to express it in tokens.

One ounce of gold on November 2, 2011 could be yours for $2,160 so THAT becomes our unchanging piece of purchasing power, divided into a thousand parts, each part being a Value Unit or Valun.

Due to our “natural socialism” and especially near the beginning of the movement of this great machine we have in mind, there will be a lot of extra potential money that members will be entitled by the rules to issue. Finance will need this money to begin any serious operation and will pay it a rental fee up front. The contract used is a credit contract. The financial company will in 90% of the cases be either a retailer or a wholesaler of products requiring finance. But not always, and in any case, we'd highly suggest that each business offering financing in Valuns should have a separate account in the local exchange for this business.

So we just said that all the money borrowed from other members must have its rental fee paid up front. Here are some more dimensions of this

The best Credit Contracts are the shortest. Anything shorter than a year is a bill. Anything out to seven years is a note. Anything out to 49 years is a bond. But we will designate shorter intervals; 5 years, 10 years, for bonds as is usually done in THEIR system.

ALL such businesses need partners and they must ALL be members of a local exchange. We will ask for three people partnering in these businesses as a bare minimum. Within the existing Valun system, the VEN, they must raise Valuns to loan to others or to buy something and sell it back to someone else. The seed money is the rental fee that must be paid up front. Credit Contracts of this kind will probably run in denominations of V100. V500 and V1,000 and pay back (redemption) after 1 year, 2 years, 5 years and so on and the rental fee paid out would be higher the longer the pay back time from date of sale. There will probably be stated days of auction where people are willing to bid down the rental fees as the various bond issues are sold. This same practice would describe how any money would be raised from the Valun community for any reasonable activity.

Now against the money raised, the financiers would be able to lend that out for shorter periods than the contracts they just sold to raise their money. They could also engage in buying and selling other businesses' Credit Contracts at discounts and making more back when the redemption date for that contract comes due.

Any business engaged in selling items of greater cost where financing is normally required are entitled to run these kinds of businesses and can arrange terms with their customers as the market will bear. Competition and economic redundancy reduces the margin, monopolies increase it, but there is ultimately a diminishing returns to scale always involved.

Note that the financial business and the transaction clearing business are separate and so shall they ever be in our system, because finance may come and go, the monetary accounting system and the money that all members rely on must and will go on. The transaction clearing and accounting is paramount. The financial businesses are needful appendages. This arrangement limits capitalism (the making of money on money without work) to where it has always been necessary while eliminating its capacity to create economic bubbles, etc.

Now to the labor:

Just because a paid British agent was right about something doesn't make him a genius. Karl Marx was right about the critical role of labor in an economy, but didn't see it from the bottom up, but from the top down, from the prerogatives of social leadership rather than from the vitality of the individual worker.

By simple clarification, we assign the word wealth to anything capable of producing an income, usually measurable in monthly terms. If you do anything, spend time away from the rest of your life being paid to do something, that is your work. Anything that might become work that comes directly out of your own will (volition: fiat) is your innate wealth. You could turn a craft or skill into an income and to the extent that income could increase, you could turn out to be very wealthy.

Should you be rich in THEIR money, you may not even work, probably do not. You get paid from the use of your money doing work, usually in finance. But to us, as common labor, that doesn't count as work. It cost you no time out of your own life and you still got paid. That's capitalism and it is stealing, the way it is presently constructed. It requires the government to throw a lot more of THEIR money around to the poor and dispossessed else there would be a social revolt against the capitalists, which is inevitable anyway.

But meanwhile, we workers are the only ones capable of issuing legitimate money, not some government or some bank. We allow ourselves through our monetary machine to issue our own money. We do not need anyone's permission as we are exercising both our natural right of assembly and press, but also our freedom of speech, which includes our will (volition: fiat). FREEDOM not liberty. Liberties are what one asks permission for, freedoms are what one asks no permission for from anyone.

Since we that work actually contribute value, we will pay ourselves from out of our own issue and use the self financing of labor to do it: we work under contract, we issue all our remuneration to the one offering us employment and are paid back on terms written in the contract and processed by our local exchange as transactions into our account from the escrow balance of the employer's account as described herein. We'll do this up to our ability to pay taxes for the extra income in THEIR money, not ours. In such a way, we that work, will ensure we are paid what our labor can bear on our own terms, dealing with public tax laws as they are. We do not contend with anyone concerning THEIR money, THEIR institutions or anything like that. We may decide eventually to leave working for THEM as soon as we possibly can. We strike out on our own, all of us in growing communities now armed with their own means of trade, an international standard of value, the Value Unit or Valun. We try and do what we always wanted to try and do and we share with each other because WE MUST RELY ON EACH OTHER as that too is nature.

If we want anything better, it's long past time to have our own. Right now, with recent deliberate price cutting on precious metals, the Valun has gone right back up to $2.75 (5/1/17). Where will Valuns go? The least a Valun could trade for is $2.16 and if THEY raise the price of gold where one has to spend more than $2,160 to acquire an ounce, a new inception transaction above (never below) the old price is established and when the price of gold and silver fall, the Valun just gets heavier. Prices in Valuns will tend to remain as stable as supply and demand and since Valuns are not a commodity, there's no way to influence its value in the VEN by speculation, because THEY already do that with THEIR commodity based money; whether dollars or precious metals.

You really want better? It WILL take WILL and organization.

David Burton

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit

[5/5/17: There was more to say in this post. It concerned one of the oldest questions that besets economists, presumably those that study the movements of money, the exchanges, the co-money or economy. This concerns the flight of capital from localities it springs forth to other places in order to earn a return; again real capitalism then, since money is being made on money without work, the time out of someone's life in trade for something else using money as a means to split barter.

To begin with capital to us is just spare cash. The ism with capital is that it's just sitting there, doing nothing to increase itself. Well, it could be presumably invested in things that would drastically reduce it as well, but few allow themselves the reality of such thinking when considering “investments.” We could include within the usual definition of capital, anything involved in production, a depreciating asset base, and we could have included all buildings specifically used for production or service, but for our purposes, we wont need to. Capital is just idle cash in someone's account or sitting in a drawer, makes no difference to us. So, here comes another proposed 80% rule:

We have this need for finance as some that really want and need can't afford at the time of purchase but could perhaps qualify for financing if it could be shown that they are reasonable credit contract risks. We imply that at any time a financial business connected with us through our Valun Exchange Network or VEN, would be holding debt to the community and in turn would be willing to lend this money to facilitate the finance of some material object on terms, usually monthly. We'd contend that it was possible to loan all the money out, however 80% would have to be lent out within the same boundaries of the exchange from whence the financier borrowed the money to lend. The finance business would also have to have a B member account in that local exchange. Regardless of whether the money is Valuns or some of THEIRS, it's not good economic sense to us to deprive any area that contributes to finance from the blessings of finance. It IS our objective to prevent anyone from getting too far into debt. THAT too is really one of the reasons behind this proposal. Whereas THEIR monetary system (and social machines associated with it) and THEIR money actively encourages indebtedness; in fact one can't get ahead in THEIR system unless one is seriously in debt to THEM and THAT should apprise you all of the correct current enslavement situation humanity is in. This proposal intends to solve it from the ground up: each locality that can will use adopt and use this system -yes, a machine, but one of our own, not THEIRS- and in doing so will become more independent and prosperous as a result.  

Liberty is someone else giving you the right to do something: freedom is doing something without asking anyone's permission, knowing already what the lawful boundaries are. The former (liberty) derives from an age old conception that we all need someone else's permission, and yes we do, but the latter (freedom) says that wherein an individual's boundaries exist, so too lies the individual's rights without need of any permission. Of course presuming people really know the difference and ramification of liberty vs. freedom, and our contention that most people -by nature- know good from evil, know SANITY from insanity and wish to live within the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace, we can fairly assume success as most of recorded peaceful periods in history have demonstrated.]

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