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#57.10 Perspective - The Mission

Now lately, we have examined the association between money and will, also called FIAT. We have nothing personally against anyone, especially those among the “gold bugs.” But honestly, they are blinded by their tacit acceptance of THEIR (the usual criminal classes) economics; specifically because “gold bugs” accept without much serious thought, the ideas of defunct economists. 

We lump THEIR economists into two main groups forming one of THEIR dialectics; the Keynesians (fiscal manipulation of the economy) after Lord John Maynard Keynes, the British economist and the “Austrians” who are mostly nothing but proponents of a return to DEFUNCT 19th century banking practices with a gold backed money still subject to fractional reserve lending and of course, usury. 

Let's make it absolutely clear one more time exactly what we're talking about: USURY is the practice of always taking back more than was originally created. It always creates an unnatural scarcity in the money supply at any moment and STEALS VALUE FROM EVERYONE using the monetary system. It is WRONG by sheer mathematical logic and is the root and cause of ALL the trouble with the present monetary system. It can't be fixed. It will fail. We must have our own system and own own money.

And secondly, most financial institutions got the idea that THEY are entitled to issue money they don't even have and charge interest on it. THEIRS is the mother of ALL entitlements. Without this FRAUD upon the public, THEY would be powerless. We will have our own system that specifically and forever makes it impossible for you to lend money that you do not have and that you will never ask back more money than was lent. All rent of money is to be paid up front in already existing money or it is customary financing, where a third party buys something a buyer can't afford and sells it back to him on terms. In this case all the money must exist before transactions are enabled.

We're sorry (not really), but there is no help among THEIR economics because ALL economics to date has assumed the existence of both usury – the taking back of that which was never created and fractional reserve lending – the lending of money one does not have. We likewise part company with all those assuming an unbridled capitalism: the making of money on money without work and an itch with their excess capital.

Work we consistently define as the time out of one's life when one is paid in money for one's time or labor. Capitalism is said to be equal to private enterprise. But, no, it isn't. Free or PRIVATE enterprise we consider the bedrock upon which any economies (the movement of money) must rest. Capitalism is just the ability of the rich to make more on their riches. We'll place very obvious limitations to all of that as it too is STEALING on steroids. So, I beg your pardon, I'm not rich enough to be a capitalist, but I sure as hell have talents and skills that I can easily trade for money, were I to issue it and it be accepted by my peers around the world, since there would be one standard, the Valun.

There is NOTHING that requires the association of private enterprise with capitalism. They are distinctly different and their common association in most people's minds is clear evidence of a propaganda campaign on behalf of THEM who are the authors of both capitalism and STATE socialism. If you allow the THEFT that is capitalism, you must inevitably allow state socialism (not our natural socialism as a temporary measure) or “the masses” would have revolted long ago. What do the rulers say? The people are revolting. 

But it's actually the rich who are revolting and down through time have always been revolting. These are the people with so much money that they can't think up enough ways to waste as much as they make in a week. What's revolting about this situation is that they get to have more and more ready calls against resources, can buy whatever they want, without work. Not a single one of them spends an hour out of the rest of their lives to earn their money on money. That, my friends is capitalism; all the ways the people with more money to live on “invest” it in assets called “securities” which are really nothing but pieces of paper denoting either ownership of some minuscule part of some corporation or the debt of some such corporation, or some public agency or government. All prices are supposedly based on supply and demand but there are market makers everywhere engaged in raising money to keep these concerns (more social machines) going and selling off their debt instruments for various fractional discounts to make their profit. Those that service the capitalists engage in nothing productive. Don't tell me any different: I've been there and done that.

All that being said, the idea of even small holders that have next to nothing holding silver and gold as insurance against the savageries of the banker's “credit cycles” is very prudent, as certainly the bankers themselves always scramble to grab as much of the precious metals as they can. THEY (globalists, BANKERS, elites, pedophiles, satanists, technocrats, scribes Pharisees, etc.) still run the show: it is either THEIR credit or THEIR gold and THEY determine the value of that in exchange in all the other brands of THEIR money. The same is true of bitcoin, which is nothing more than a fake scarce commodity, always subject to speculation.

The idea of making a distinction between precious metals and paper or digital currency is IDIOTIC (you do not know enough to make such a suggestion) so it is best to tell everyone out there the truth about precious metals:

1) ALL precious metals have human blood on them. They have been the subject of wars of conquest down through time and were mined by slaves usually worked to death under the most horrific conditions because THEY wanted to keep the acquisition of gold as cheap as possible and always have sought that down through time. It marks the basis for THEIR disregard and disrespect of all human labor.

2) ALL precious metals are controlled by the same people who run the banks: they own all the mines and determine the values through THEIR private trading syndicates which none but THEY control. The same issues also affect precious stones; another of THEIR rackets. THEIR other traditional rackets on which all prior empires were built include the trade in human beings as slaves or to be devoured and destroyed in the case of children, of drugs (we heard spices in school) and of weapons of all kinds including poisons and explosives. The link between the bankers and the weapons makers is thousands of years old.

3) ALL precious metals were FORCED on people to use as money, just as today the underlying reasons for wars everywhere involve the scope and reach of the banks. Ideas that circulate that assume precious metals were accepted freely for use as money are DEVOID OF HISTORICAL EVIDENCE because the overwhelming evidence supports the use of military FORCE, not freedom of choice for the use of precious metals as money. 

All that being said, you should still own some and have it in your possession, not locked up somewhere in someone else's possession. But if it becomes so valuable relative to anything else (NOT POSSIBLE) then it doesn't circulate, because the reverse of Gresham's law is an actual natural law: the cheaper the intrinsic value of the means of exchange, the more it will circulate and perform the split-barter function of money. 

We also said, and we mean it as it is OBVIOUS and COMMON SENSE, that ANY commodity serving as money will itself contribute to the price in any exchange where it is used. So with precious metals, we have someone in some far away city deciding from day to day how much a said chunk of said metal one proffers in exchange for whatever one is buying is capable of exchanging, value for value, splitting barter in a trade. The result is still fluctuating prices and they can be as much as 25% within 12 months even in the most stable of markets. And who then determines those prices? Certainly not the holder of the commodity used as money. So how “free” is he/she? 

While we're at it, let's knock another hole in one; money vs. currency. Money is nothing but ONE EYE. That's what the word literally means and usually it refers to coins. The old fashioned banker way of distinguishing the two was COIN vs. currency. Currency was just notes issued by the central bank in various denominations. Currency is extended to include any digital exchange between accounts, therefore verifying our assertion that visible emblems of money; coins, notes, checks, etc. are nothing but tokens of the monetary machine which includes all the back office accounting; NO MONEY EXISTS WITHOUT ACCOUNTING FOR IT. It doesn't matter what the circulating tokens are made of. They could be made of old cheese and it wouldn't matter. Silver and gold? It's still THEIR money. 

So here's what we do with any of it. If you are a member, and acting as an A member of your local exchange, then you have an account there. If you bring in any of THEIR money, we will reduce any and all of it to silver and gold, which shall be exchanged for Valuns and those Valuns will either be available to you as V-Checks or for deposit into your account. There is no valid exchange from our money back into THEIRS: this is not a money laundry or a “buy and hold” commodity. The precious metals shall belong to the local exchange and be used to clear any taxes and state imposed expenses the exchange incurs. The amount of each (silver or gold) that exchange for Valuns is determined by THEM, since all the money to be exchanged is THEIR money. 

Today a proposed International Standard Value Unit or Valun trades for $2.74 (4/26/17) making it among the heaviest means of exchange available. That price is based on the prices of gold and silver, and how those prices have fallen from the inception values of $2.16 (11/2/11 an easy day to remember). You see, our money isn't based on a commodity. It's based on a piece of purchasing power that has already passed, that will not change over time. We measure what all of THEIR money is priced, based on the prices of the precious metals plus a reasonable bid price to obtain the daily value of a piece of purchasing power that happened back on 11/2/11. 

Now last weekend, I saw two first cousins help erect a shed on one of their properties. No money was exchanged, therefore this time out of their lives that could have earned payment for each in money was not accounted for; their labor at that time was lost to both as a further means of exchange in their community. Likewise a younger sister giving up some of her time to help an older sister with her children, frequently would help without payment. In fact, it could be easily proved that especially when times are tough and money is scarce, most work is done without pay; volunteered and in so doing, the value of labor is further reduced and the opportunities to earn the means to split barter for things one might actually need or want, rendered as missed opportunities to express one's innate wealth. Why? Because time is scare and you're wealth has a right to earn an income, that's why. Hold onto that one and consider this: 

We are just now apprised that 80% comes from 20%. If we got 20% of the volunteer work to accept Valuns instead, we'd have a real economy in Valuns underway. How are they paid? If it is a one time only matter, the one cousin or sister offers the other some V-Checks. It may be common to hear, “I'll give you 5 to do it.” V5 or Five Valuns is currently $13.70 of purchasing power. If more than one series of events is anticipated, a labor contract stipulates the terms and the local exchange takes care of the transactions. Another phrase might be, “I'll do it for 5 and 3,” meaning five Valuns and $3. A whole variety of teachers and practitioners can operate with their customers this way. 

Concerning volunteer occupations in families or among close friends, we are somewhat curious to know why payment in money has NOT been done very much before and we have our ready answer; the money is not ours and of course it is naturally scarce. Since it is not fundamentally ours or of us, issued out of us, we naturally tend to regard it as a foreign device or series of devices and consciously or not, since we do not have much of it and there are certainly plenty of ready claims on any we do have, all of this enhances our trends toward volunteerism and opportunities to express and profit from each of our innate wealth are lost. 

We saw an ad recently that made the claim that saved money was stored labor. That's only true close to the time the labor became earned money if we are using any “public” money, as all of that is guaranteed to lose its purchasing power, whereas the proposed Valun is designed to retain its purchasing power, which is why it can outlast all the other money. What will outlast all the other money? The tokens? NO! We remind all those who think otherwise that one cannot have money, an economy, a civilization, unless we are economically reliant on each other as indeed we are now, the machine we use is not ours, hence all the present disabilities. A man with a mountain of gold may be rich but if no one else has any, no one else needs any. We need our own. 

Representing the E. C. Riegel paradigm of money based on a fixed transaction representing a specific time referenced piece of purchasing power instead of a commodity has become a personal mission. It was given me by someone who knew the inside and out of the present machine better than I will, who knew that in the long run it was doomed. And a return to precious metals will not save THEIR machine, because THEY will not give up THEIR fundamental means of stealing from the rest of us; usury and fractional reserve lending. Changing to a gold backed money (going backwards into the 19th century) does not change either of these as givens.
Since THEY will certainly not give up THEIR errors, it is long past time for the rest of us to start our own machine going based on our own value, not some stinking pile of blood soaked precious metals. Besides which, should anyone really care, the best place for stores of precious metals is not in a series of central banks, but scattered among a network of local exchanges that will keep those metals OFF the market thereby tending to force the prices of precious metals up not down.

In any case, a very few people, perhaps 20% everywhere could get a sizable economy going; enough to equal the 80% already produced by the sagging whole. It is my mission to get more people to see the obvious realities I see and to see the remedy as proposed. It is indeed the most humanitarian and egalitarian proposal and yet allows each community, each group down to the individual to devise one's own livelihood. Please read this blog more thoroughly, and give the proposal your serious consideration and spread the links among your family and friends. If thoughts be real tangible things and that they produce effects, think about what this could mean to the world, to alter reality for the better, to eliminate poverty and war, forever, before it is too late. 

David Burton 

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit  
[5/1/17: Q: Are you suggesting that volunteer work or volunteerism is wrong? Because if you are, you have no idea how many people would be hurt by this idea of yours! We need volunteers or many services for people in need would simply collapse. Beth in Arkansas.

A: Congratulations. What you say is proving my point. ALL volunteer work is still time out of the normal unpaid time of the volunteer's life. Since that time is unpaid, the value the volunteer sacrifices to the volunteer effort is lost in terms of future barter; it is a trade of something for nothing. If all volunteers suddenly quit working, what would happen? The state would have to do something or what? Or nature would take its course and those at the bottom of the system would be neglected and die off, that's what would happen and that's what THEY at the top actually want and have long since written of THEIR plans.

Meanwhile, this proposal would suggest that all present volunteer work really must be paid for and if not THEIR money, then whose better than the volunteers and the people being served themselves? If any of THEIR money is paid in addition to Valuns, it should be understood that all of it is to go back to THEM as taxes. Remember, the proposed Valun system is NOT a tax dodge and there will be taxes to pay in THEIR money at the end of the usual tax season. Since all earning under the Valun system is not strictly tied to any particular work schedule, nor is it understood as originating from any employer, because all the money paid in the Valun system under our labor contracts is issued first by the employee, therefore at the end of each tax season, all American A members will get a 1099 from their exchange, since they will be members and have perhaps earned taxable income. That's for THEM to decide. We abide by existing public law as it stands.

Under the proposal, if one is an A member, which means a part owner, and if one is truly indigent, the proposal includes what we have deemed fair to call “natural socialism” and as supported by E. C. Riegel, the only ones capable of issuing money are those without any. They will not be without any for long, unless they are perhaps on their way out through natural causes; we all face eventual demise. Since the proposed Valun shall be a unit of value, stores of them will be inheritable. Every A member will designate their heirs when they join. Members can change these as they wish.

To those out there who may claim the Valun can't have any eventual value, it's very simple. By the proposed rules, a Valun is a fixed piece of purchasing power and we only trade gold or silver for any of them and we decide how much each day based in THEIR prices for precious metals that fixed piece of purchasing power is worth in THEIR money; chiefly dollars and gold. There's no way to break it. There's no way to speculate against it. If THEY cause gold to surge past our initial inception price, we just raise our piece of purchasing power higher, never lower, and when the price backs down, it then costs more in precious metals to purchase that new standard. Purchasing power is preserved and the resulting money gets heavier and heavier which means prices stay nearly constant over long periods of time as people have more confidence in planning business using Valuns. But it will take a lot of people recognizing that this is the unique and only realistic way out from under THEM and on to better things, like fixing the natural disasters THEY have caused. Best we get started as we don't have much time!]

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