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#13.4 Peace Revolution Podcasts 31 thru 40

Episodes 31 through 40 – Critiques of modern education and more applications of the course.

2011-6-5: #31 Connect the Dots, See the Big Picture / The 5th Anniversary of Project Constellation: A Root-Cause Analysis of our Culture of Fear
This 3 and a half hour episode contains the entire first release of Grove's Project Constellation. Herein, Grove identifies his unique perspectives on 9/11 and other related matters.


Burton Hirsch- The Old Boys; The American Elite and the Origins of the CIA
James H. Billington- Fire in the Minds of Men: Origins of the Revolutionary Faith

2011-6-12: #32 How College Subverts Students / Dumbing us Down for Profit and Power
This episode begins and ends with statements by educator, John Taylor Gatto. Then a lengthy lecture / interview of Norman Dodd by G. Edward Griffin from the 1980's. Dodd's experience goes back to just before the crash of 1929 and its aftermath. College Conspiracy then supports the thesis presented here. There is more. The whole episode is something like 2 hours and 43 minutes long. By the time you are half way through, you should begin to recognize some very dangerous signs that higher education, as with everything else, has been ruined by the influences of the banking community and government policies such that it matters now whether you decide to “get educated” to chance joining the shrinking corporatocracy and ending up as debt slaves for the rest of your life, or face reality and prepare for a post corporate world by gaining basic craft skills instead. We hope that among those who decide not to go to college, there will be those who will take up reading and research so that they can get an education they can use throughout their lives. We note that by just under 2 hours through this episode, an idea is mentioned that I saw more than 15 years ago; that there would be a confluence of education, entertainment and computing via the internet. It's how education will be done in the future. Gatto's assessment of Darwin and his influence in all of this is close to my own; that evolution is more theory than fact and rests on many pseudo-religious ideas that are made to deliberately benefit some at the expense of others.

2011-6-18: #33 Educational Initiations of Self / Integrity Starts with You
This episode builds on the last one and aims at increasing personal awareness of a need to acquire a useful education. It contains Manly P. Hall's commentary on native American Indian ceremonies of initiation into manhood and other related comments dealing with a critique of modern education and then finally to the idea of shared responsibilities. All of which he describes needs to be considered in as many aspects as humanly possible.

#34 How the World Really Works / Cause and Effect vs. Our Beliefs
First, Richard Grove tells us about how he was able to get Gatto to interview (episodes 41 thru 45 covered in our #13.5). Grove then makes some important definitions for future use including the notion that under certain circumstances, people will become “fascist” in their attitudes toward others featured as “inferiors” or guided by certain kinds of “authoritarian” leadership styles. Microcosmic and macrocosmic illustrations then follow; Larken Rose ( and then Carroll Quigley himself from an interview in 1974.


W. Cleon Skousen- The Naked Capitalist
Gary Allen- Richard Nixon, the man behind the mask

2011-7-17: #35 The House of Rothschild / The World’s Banker

This episode starts with Alex Jones interviewing Jordan Maxwell. I note that Maxwell, like everyone else, mispronounces the word “teutonic”, a minor point, but much of what they discuss may be half truths or blind alleys as regards research of real history. The 1934 motion picture, The House of Rothschild is featured as an example of propaganda. Bill Still is one of the narrators of segments which follow.


Niall Ferguson-
Volume 1: The House of Rothschild / Money’s Prophets (1798-1848)
Volume 2: The House of Rothschild / The World’s Banker (1849-1999)

Douglas Reed- The Controversy of Zion
Eustace Mullins- Secrets of the Federal Reserve
Moses Hess- Rome and Jerusalem: The Last Nationalist Question (1862)
(Video) Prof. Chengiah Ragaven interviewed by Richard Grove (on YouTube)

2011-7-24: #36 The Global Ruling Class / Meet the F*ckers
Rothkopf presents a realistic view of the current world system. In this series, we have heard portions of this address before. Here we get the whole thing.


David Rothkopf-
Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World they are Creating
Running the World: The Inside Story of the National Security Council and the Architects of American Power

2011-8-14: #37 Justified Sinners / The History of Eugenics in America
The episode begins with Bilderberg to demonstrate how it is possible for people with certain interests to meet secretly and keep their moves from the rest of us; literal conspiracy. Eugenics is the subject; bionomics, playing God, denying God, other myths are laid bare. James Corbett's words against utopias could be my own and should be seriously considered by all. Much of what follows concerning eugenics and contemporary issues and politicians (especially Webster Tarpley's presentation) needs to be considered as grammar to be treated through logic to produce a concise and effective rhetoric and I might add all this is of crucial importance to any real solutions bearing on formation of (the or an) VEN.

011-9-4: #38 The High Cabal / Lessons in Foreign and Domestic Policy

British East India Company Flag
This episode features a wide ranging interview of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty, specifically highlighting the oil wars, the role of transportation to hold up oil prices, etc. He tells us that we know next to nothing about the histories of other people outside our own ethnic / racial groups. Prouty's discussion of groups and how they operate and have operated down through human history is probably one of the most significant points in the whole series as it relates directly to an alternative economic system as proposed in the formation of (the an) VEN. Col. Prouty uses an example from military training involving the building of a bridge. The discussion then ranges into the JFK assassination with Prouty developing obvious proofs of a wide ranging conspiracy and the reasons why Kennedy was killed. Prouty describes “gold key clubs” (other people have called them “gold badges”) which draw upon resources / people regardless of apparent government agencies in order to carry out special missions. The rest of the episode is about the CIA's atrocities around the world as they are supported by those who intend on profiting from terror and the imposition of dictatorial power abroad to secure for those in the developed world both resources and markets.


L. Fletcher Prouty- The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United
States and the World
L. Fletcher Prouty- JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy
Peter Drucker- The End of Economic Man, the origins of totalitarianism
Foster Rhea Dulles- The Road to Teheran
Michael Sayers and Albert E. Kahn- The Great Conspiracy
The works of Joseph Needham- Science and Civilization in China (many volumes)

2011-9-11: #39 9-11 Backdraft / Examining the Evidence Ten Years Later
9/11 is the subject. These professionals are telling you that your government is not what you thought. The implications are profound. Murders were committed, killed on purpose, in cold blood. There is no statute of limitation on murder. Someone was responsible. Who? Meanwhile, people are in denial. It's a problem.

2011-9-25: #40 Consumer Kindergarten / How Corporations Prey on Children

This episode spotlights public education (schooling), it's origins, history, intentions, philosophical roots, etc. The key concept of “buying the public” is explained. The role of children as economic resources is then discussed; purchasing power and influence, the role of media blitz. You'll find out how getting ads in front of kids is big business. Meanwhile what exactly are children learning? Then about 2/3rds of the way through the episode the issue of the advertiser's “rights” vs. those of the children is looked upon from the metaphor of a corporation acting like a psychopath. These are issues which would directly affect the rules under which any IE would have to operate; there are obvious business ethics issues involved.


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