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#13.1 Peace Revolution Podcasts 1 thru 10 and Introduction

Introduction: The Peace Revolution Offers A Real Education

The Peace Revolution podcasts (audio transcriptions) provide the basis for a real education that will be demonstrated as inevitably and inextricably related to any realistic future development of any VEN. These podcasts are largely the products of Richard Andrew Grove, who has created a wide range of audacious audiovisual educational presentations, many series on controversial subjects of our times, etc. But particularly germane to our purposes is his main series of Peace Revolution podcasts starting right from their very beginning.

This page provides a kind of syllabus which can be pursued by any student, just as presented, and of course we encourage everyone to do so, especially the young who have most of their lives ahead of them, though attend to it at your own pace. Each podcast is listed in episodic order preceded by the dates they were released. After each ten podcasts, I have inserted an INTERMISSION as a time to break away from these podcasts, perhaps to do something else, perhaps to discuss them with your friends and family (if interested) and otherwise reflect on how the material in these podcasts affects your perception of the world around you. There will be particular podcasts on this list that will be indicated in red as particularly relevant to the particular subjects of this blog.

As a presenter, Richard Grove is clearly someone, who by vantage of his background and experience (Grove was a Wall Street whistleblower and nearly became a victim on 9/11), demonstrates his competence to embark on what amounts to a welcome transformable approach to basic thinking. These podcasts (and many others that are appearing on the internet) present us with a new medium of information transfer, a portable audio presentation of information which we predict will be found to contain the seeds for any definitive positive improvement in human society and for real human progress. (Yes, we are intentionally backhanding the so called “progressives” for being nothing more than the dupes of the elites. The so called “populists” only receive less of our majestic ire out of our recognition of their obvious ignorance of both history and money.)

This education is directed at serious students, people who are adults first and foremost, or at least those who are emotionally mature, as we admonish beforehand that many of these podcasts do contain profanities, obscenities etc. I mention these as they may offend some; foul language or crude colourful metaphors are prevalent among some of us as a badge of toughness, for whatever reasons, none of which particularly bothers me, especially considering the contexts in which these words are used to bracket ideas with genuine emphasis. There are times when people need to be allowed to express themselves freely and forcefully. Any real education implies a growing up process, and as it has seemed to me for a long time, more need to grow up to reality and stop being sissies. All that said, although I am largely in agreement with the views and topics covered in this series, their perspectives and opinions do not necessarily represent my own.

So then, how best to use and absorb this material? Might I suggest that as some of these podcasts contain basic and useful information, the basis of the course, that one would best be served by listening to them a number of times, until the concepts, the tools and the information are easily grasped.  I have decided to divide up this material in 10 episode chunks (5 episode chunks after 13.5) for easier digestion.  As episodes are added, their links will be added, but in any case they will form extended instalments of #13 of this series of posts. Constructive comments, though of course they will be moderated, are certainly welcome. Notes as they appear on these pages are mine.
David Burton

The First Ten Episodes – Presenting the course:

Points of contact for the origination of this material are:

2009-12-17: #1 The Great Conversation


Gnostic media podcast #49
Gene Odening interview, Part 1 – “The TRIVIUM Method” – #049 (+ video)
Gnostic media podcast #50
Gene Odening interview, Part 2 – “The QUADRIVIUM” – #050 (+ video)
Gnostic media podcast #51
Gene Odening interview, Part 3 – “The Qabalah and the Mystery Schools” – #051 (+ video)

2010-1-20: #2 The Million Dollar Education

2010-2-15: #3 20/20 Hindsight CENSORSHIP on the Frontline / A Wall Street Whistleblower Proves Money Never Sleeps )

2010-2-14: #4 Exploring Media / Educating Ourselves to Live vs. Amusing Ourselves to Death

2010-5-18: #5 OVERSTOCKED / How Naked Short-Selling and Counterfeiting Stocks Create Cascading Economic Failures / an Interview with Dr. Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock dot com


Market Manipulation and Capture

2010-8-13: #6 The Intellectual Elite vs. You / The Resurrection of Critical Thinking

2010-10-3: #7 How to defeat the New World Order / A Root-Cause Analysis Leading to Freedom


Logical Fallacies, etc.:

#145 You Are Being Gamed

TheOiling of America

2010-10-10: #8 PARRHESIA / A Curriculum for Intellectual Self-Defense

2010-11-8: #9 What You've Been Missing / Exposing the Noble Lie

2010-12-2: #10 Cognitive Liberty / A Virtual Round-Table Discussion


Education criticism.
Charlotte Iserbyt, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America PDF


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