Sunday, November 4, 2012

#13.5 The Ultimate History Lesson with John Taylor Gatto

Links to the following five podcasts are presented here as a prerequisite to discussions concurrent with the ideas of E. C. Riegel who was himself an autodidact (self taught). John Taylor Gatto (1935- ) is introduced here in a five hour interview, with expanded discussions every 15 minutes so that most details are covered, as an experienced teacher with worldwide experiences which should be part of a foundation for some of the other papers that are currently in process.  These are part of the Peace Revolution podcasts and in their order they represent #41 thru #45.

UPDATE: 20 November, 2012  Many have noticed that John Taylor Gatto sounds impaired.  He is 77 and has been affected by stroke.  His health was deteriorating until some of the friends he made through contact with Richard Grove have come to his rescue.  He is now attempting to regain his health and is now getting nutrition and physiotherapy.  His mind remains clear and active.  He wants to continue.  Those interested in helping John can contact Richard Grove at Tragedy and   

Ultimate History Lesson 1
Ultimate History Lesson 2

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