Monday, February 27, 2017

#0: Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, Speaks for All of Us

Health Ranger THREATENED: Destroy Alex Jones or we will destroy YOU

Posted as news, this marks another milestone in the process underway at the moment. We are onto THEM (globalists, bankers, elites, pedophiles, satanists) and Mike Adams is laying it out. Contrary to what THEY would have everybody believe, THEY aren't even Democrats. Oh, THEY may have bought the party, just as THEY bought the Republicans a long time ago. But that doesn't mean a thing, because as we've said, political solutions are not required to solve any of our serious problems, though organization at a private and local level is imperative to escape THEM, THEIR snares and eventual plans. Essentially, the more one knows about THEM, the less likely THEY are likely to get any long lasting support. If Mike knew about this blog's proposal, perhaps he'd be among the vanguard that projects it into the wider world. We need our own money or we will continue to be THEIR economic slaves. Whatever we do otherwise, THIS right here is one thing we should definitely get going.
UPDATED 2/23/17: Google goes FASCIST: Censors entire Natural News website

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