Tuesday, February 28, 2017

#0: Mike Adams, Announcing the End of Common Knowledge, The practical limits to discourse

Posted as current news. We have entered the twilight zone of Western civilization. Mike Adams states very clearly, for any to hear and understand, what exactly we have been driven to. Yes, I am suggesting that it is in someone's interests, obviously THEY have paid for it, to destroy the basis for legitimate fact finding. Some of us know most of THEIR plan as it has been long since written down for all to see and comprehend, though who among the so called “educated classes” have ever bothered to read it for themselves? 

It begins and ends with THEIR right to make certain claims concerning the area and limits of discourse on ANY topic whatsoever, to limit anyone else's abilities to analyze, question and parse out facts from fantasies. One question one has from hearing this is what then has become the value of a current higher education? We can see from the present state of things around the world that those that train for skills that can be readily utilized become more successful and generally so too their societies. But no one has mastered this one and there is no likelihood that they ever will. There are some reporters out there who flirt with communists and Marxist derived or associated ideas without any historical context or background on Marx himself, who PAID him, who HANDLED him, etc. Same goes for Darwin, Freud, Dewey, ROTHBARD, etc. etc.

We hope Adams reads this, and the rest of this blog. Want to be educated? Have you read all of these?  And that's just for openers. There are at least ten times that many books which can and do lead people completely astray into areas of less significance and scant understanding. “One has to kiss a lot of pigs before one gets to kiss a princess.” By reference, what we encounter nowadays is the ENFORCED EQUALITY of pigs and princesses and it goes everywhere beyond that. Meanwhile no one bothers to do what needs to be done. That too is probably no accident either.

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