Sunday, November 13, 2016

#57.4: Perspective - Why I Did This

You don't have to read what I write. Those who know me personally can think what they like of me now. A few of you went to the same college a long time ago. Truth is, I never learned a thing until after I left college. I'd decided to go to college to try and learn something I could do besides just playing the piano.

Just playing the piano. Well, I do seem to be able to hear the music the way it is before I play it even when I'm improvising, but how do I do it? Courage! Fact is, I'm half blind, always was, always will be. Reading music was always hard. So anything I wanted to play in public I had to memorize. Later I developed cataracts and had operations and now can read music easier. So now I play more and memorize less. Terrible!

I never knew much, just thought I had to make up for it somehow, competition, etc. I'd perhaps have done better getting an engineering degree at a place like Georgia Tech. But I didn't know much. Before going to the college I ended up in, I'd tried to get into a school that had a broadcasting program, nope, maybe tutoring under an up and coming composer, nope. So I entered corporate America by the back door and spent about 25 years there.

I liked corporate America. They gave you a nice costume to wear, a nice office, reasonably technical work, ok friends, no pressure, nice and liberal in the usual sense of that word. Oh yeah and there were people of various races and both genders and nobody noticed. You get it? NOBODY NOTICED!

Well eventually things happened; my wife died and I had two kids to raise and so I moved to the country and ended up commuting to do work at a think tank for about 14 years. Yeah, a foundation, like the ones the Clintons started almost, except that it did more for its operators than was ever done for the Haitians. Oh yeah, the Clintons aren't racists and really care and everyone out of America is laughing when they're not raising their fists in anger.

I met some remarkable people, a few congressmen, a president (yeah, and my impression was that he was a puppet, not really in charge of anything) a senator or two, a few others mostly from intelligence, some military and some not, a few who were FBI, some of the best people I've ever met. I got to meet a Soviet dissident who spent many years rotting in a gulag from whom I get “understood?” and a British publicist with contacts right up to the gates of Buckingham Palace. I've met path finding medical practitioners, the best have a PhD and an MD. I've also known just as many ordinary people who were the best most well informed people imaginable, people who were not Hollywood stars but either worked for them or knew them, a few professors too, one from Georgetown who told me I was lucky to have escaped California, that San Francisco was full of phonies, that the only real talent is in Los Angeles and attached to the movie industry, which was one of his legal specialties, yeah he was a law professor.

Anyway, one of them, the British publicist, was really quite a mentor. He would have known who was really behind the stealing of children from resort places in Europe and elsewhere and where they go and who knows and pays for it.

You see, there was something else that crossed my path that I had to deal with; acquaintance with satanic child sexual abuse! The women who had formed a group to reveal it to the world asked me to be their president and the group went to congressional investigations where I debated with a man who later became governor of my state concerning the rights of children and most people in the room thought that I won. Am I an attorney? No. I was offered the chance to go to law school on three occasions but I turned them down because I was convinced that being a lawyer wouldn't help anybody since it's not a matter of law.

So here I am and I have said I'm a political agnostic because I have seen the inside of the system and it stinks. When we got organized about child sex abuse, my late wife and I got dressed to the nines and went to the HQ of NOW where the would be Democrat nominees for mayor were presented. One guy was so drunk he overturned his podium, another, the very dapper Jamaican man who later won, broke out in a sweat so bad he had to take out his hankie and wipe his brow as my wife grilled him about what he planned to do about the corrupt family courts, child selling and child sexual abuse. He knew about it, didn't he. They all did. Our group sent letters out to every big name Democrat pol you can name. Just for s+g we sent one to the White House which was occupied by the Reagans at the time. NO, we weren't Republicans. We didn't know any.

Well NONE of the Democrats answered. Then one morning after preparing a very shattered woman for going to court, I got a call from the White House. One thing led to another and we found out the facts: that there WAS all this going on, that there was NOTHING that could be done about it and that THEY (yeah Republicans) would help me and my family escape.

I find it OBNOXIOUS and I'm being kind to hear about any claims Democrats have that they really care about anybody but themselves. The Republicans are pretty clear that they care about nobody but themselves, so what's the difference? A lot of hypocrisy! You know what people? FUCK THEM! They don't even care to do anything about children being abused which is where everything else starts. Their ideas are so totalitarian that they wont work. So what's the solution? Certainly not law and politics.

My British publicist mentor knew all this and tons more, about how pedophilia runs all the way to the top, that it is used as blackmail, etc. The last meeting we had -knowing he was going to die within months, was to tell me to get everyone out there to start using some other money. We had to have our own money, not THEIRS. After five years, this blog is the result.

This proposal is serious. I'm serious. I've never been anything other than serious. I guess I can't help it. But we're in trouble and THEY can't help us. All over the world, everyone is going to need something else so that eventually we can say AWAY WITH YOU! We have our own and don't want or need yours! Perhaps then we may be free and happy and children will be loved and protected and people will flourish, and the earth will sing.

David Burton

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit

[11/15/16: Q: You are I believe on record as advocating the elimination of non profit foundations and think tanks. You correctly identified them as tax shelters for those who want their influence on policy. But you worked for one for 14 years? Sam in Washington

A: I didn't know then what I do now, and my perspective changed due to new information about the existing system. I have had discussions recently based on a useful model from Stefan Molyneux to get people to identify with something perhaps a bit more socially tangible. It would be something like a natural democracy, a democracy without a ruling class, the recognition of dealing with each other peer to peer all over the world rather than through some imposed hierarchy. But as to your question, one thing I actually discovered by working in one of these institutions is that all this influence peddling is really wasted effort and almost always counter-productive. We are at the stage in the United States, where each state can sustain itself (even Wyoming and Montana) at the stage where the real genius of having 50 separate experiments of what liberty looks like can develop. Unlike in a model based on scarcity, if a model based on people is chosen (You and I have to decide to do something) and respects the limits to growth based on diminishing returns to scale, then we have a harmony that can be reached between our needs and the planet's capacity. We see no reason to back the spread of the same ways of dealing with daily life everywhere as if someone from on high knows. The choices will be made more and more at each local level based on the knowledge and experience that grows among the people in each local area.]

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