Tuesday, November 22, 2016

#0: END OF USA Federal Reserve System is a Threat to Western Civilization

END OF USA Federal Reserve System is a Threat to Western Civilization

We post this as a news item.  It represents a certain informed view of our present situation.  The only problem is that the obvious answer is right here in this blog and they (all those who appear in this documentary) haven't a clue that actual value resides with US and not THEM.  The only thing they get right is the local advantage, which is natural and will ultimately succeed; that which goes up will come down.  Oh, of course an endless growth economy is DIRECTLY related to permission of usury in the way it is precisely defined on this blog; the demand back of that which was never created and only applicable to money and the lending of money everywhere.  There are alternatives to this kind of financing which eliminate this necessity.  The message concerning local communities is essential to the success of this proposal.

Near the end of this, they discuss capitalism.  We determined that there was a specific difference between capitalism and free enterprise (private enterprise).  Capitalism we maintain is the making of money on money without work.  Free or private enterprise is merely everyone's right to attempt to earn a living by whatever honest means.  We advocate free enterprise, not capitalism.  You can't do capitalism unless you are rich.  Those claiming they are capitalists have no idea and of course are rarely that rich.  Best.    

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