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#38 Liberty is the First Casualty of War

It is not that well known, but during and after the debates surrounding the US Constitution and this The Bill of Rights, there were opinions that were opposed to such liberties being widely held by each individual human being as inalienable rights beyond the legal scope of any government.  Those who were opposed in their day are the same who oppose these inalienable rights now, exactly the same people who might claim that no one has a Constitutional right to the food or water of their choice, etc.  These are all related back to the idea that some people regard themselves as a law unto themselves and have no respect whatsoever for the natural rights of others.
 Author: Paul A. Drockton   Source

The United States Constitution was established by a minority of Patriots that realized their revolution would be a complete and total failure without popular support. We are not talking about government checks or handouts used to bribe citizens and institutions into silence. We are talking about Liberty, in the purest sense of the word.

Now we are being threatened by that small group of Satanic Psychopaths into living under their updated version of Martial Law. These are a few of our Constitutional Rights they have trashed along the way. You may now enjoy...

1. Freedom of Religion: As long as that religion doesn't condemn sodomy or ends in -am or -ianity. Oh, or talk about corrupt politicians or politics from the pulpit. Funny how much control you can get over a Church with a simple IRS tax exemption law.

2. Freedom of Speech: As long as you glorify the absurd, peddle pornography, or attack anything ending in -am or -ianity, you are OK. Just don't say anything bad about governments, banks or big corporations. OR, read from the Bible. No Posting the 10 Commandments also applies.

3. Freedom of the Press: As long as you follow the above rules you should be OK. Stay away from the mention of a certain country that ends in -ael and don't use a certain word ending in -ocide with anything related to foreign policy.

4. Right to Due Process: Unless you are a political dissident targeted for assassination. Or can be sent to a secret CIA prison overseas without anyone knowing about it.

5. Protection Against Cruel and Unusual Punishment: Unless you protest against the war or Wall Street. Or, if you end up on the wrong end of a taser during a routine traffic stop. Secret prisons for American citizens are also exempt.

6. Right to a Jury Trial before your Peers: Unless you are labeled a military or political target, or live under martial law after a disaster or manufactured threat of the government's own choosing.

7. Right to Unreasonable Search and Seizure: Unless you are boarding an airplane or bus. Who knows what kind of bomb you might be hiding in your underwear? Just be grateful we don't have a "body cavity bomber".

8. Right to a Search Warrant, Issued by a Judge, that states what they intend to find, and the manner in which they intend to find it. Unless they stop your car for a seat belt violation, see you playing video games through your front window, or put you on some type of government list. This right is also void when boarding an airplane.

The ideals espoused in the Declaration of Independence might as well have been written on the Planet Mars:

1. Right to Life: Unless you haven't been born, live under O'Romney-care in Massachusetts, or Obama-care anywhere else. Oh, and as long as you don't belong to a certain religious group whose country is being invaded, or has been targeted for invasion.

2. Right to Liberty: Guaranteed if you are in this country illegally, thanks to Mitt Romney, Bill Marriott, the Mormon Church, Obama, or anyone else that supports illegal immigration.

3. Pursuit of Happiness: Unless your happiness is based on having a job that pays more than minimum wage, or a retirement plan that remains solvent. Factoring in for Inflation, happiness is a lot more expensive to pursue these days, thanks to TAARP and other Federal Reserve giveaways.

Pursuing happiness depends on the price of gasoline, so, unless your happiness is within walking distance you can forget about it. Unless you can reach it on a bicycle.

Now it seems the only rights we hear about is the right to remain silent, or the right to an attorney. You also have the right to apply for any government program you think you have a right to.

The first casualty of war is Freedom, especially manufactured war created by a secret cabal of Satanic Psychopaths.

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David Burton's Comments

Paul's paper is presented here for it's broader application to thinking about issues common to all mankind, but specifically which began here in America with the national political experiment known as the United States. From the very beginning the forces that are in control today were at war with the champions of absolute personal liberty. They were the forces against which patriots fought and died during the American Revolution of 1775-1781 and the later War of 1812. These wars were every bit bankers' wars, as were any that would follow, or the scores that preceded them.

We do not expect that Paul Drockton has any idea of our monetary proposal, nor perhaps would he be willing to support it. Though perhaps as he finds out more, he too may change his mind. We have in the various “movements” that are underway, a wide variety of opinions concerning various subjects and their relative importance to “the cause” of liberty.

Those who would tell us that all we need do is monkey around with the law and we can come up with a better solution forget something very basic when it comes to most people's understanding of law. As Bastiat said, law is FORCE, specifically the FORCE of states exerted against their subject peoples. Common everyday people who are just going about their lives, which includes buying and selling of things or services that represent real value to them, rarely if ever consider any matters dealing with law and would prefer not to have to deal with any of it, because they know inside what the moral laws are and as I said before, most people know how to recognize what sane behaviour is both in themselves and others, and choose sanity over insanity in actions or attitudes by a large enough margin that most things that require doing get done.

We present on this blog, articles and links to the fine work of others, always giving credit and showing the sources, in order to broaden the scope of natural association among related groups and people all working toward the same goal, whether they realize it or not, that of restoring a society of individual liberty to as many as possible. There are still some out there who do not see the obvious to some, not too obvious to others, connection between the rise of banks and corporations and the demise of personal liberty or even of ladders of upward social and economic mobility without which societies and people become stagnant and die. The people who are presently above it all, do absolutely nothing but figure out how they can make the money they have “yield” more; to “steal” money from others, rather than risk making something of value themselves and offering it for sale in the marketplace, because at the moment, such schemes and games are more profitable by the hour, than what a family of four might hope to earn the hard way, by not stealing but working hard for 20 years!

We think it's time to take the initiative away from such people with all their ill gotten gain. Notice we do not say we want any of it back, or that it would even matter to those who have been most abused by the present system. The problem is not that money itself is evil, though many people really think it is and that the Bible said so. No, it said that the love of money is the root of all evil. It could have said that the love of gold was the root of all evil just as well and it actually did say this in many places in the Old Testament, as they didn't use paper back then, even though the terms of trade and who controlled it meant that the same cycles of boom and bust, of war after war, to make profits for bankers while other people's sons died, was maintained for centuries.

One reason Rome attacked and destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD is that by that time the brokers in Jerusalem had burdened Rome with a terrible trade deficit with India and other far flung countries within the bankers' financial orbit. The Romans eventually forbade usury and forced the bankers out. They remained out for a thousand years until the Vatican decided that usury under some circumstances was permissible.

Virtually all standard academic economics is based on usury and they will tell everyone that the only reason why Western civilization went into the Dark Ages after the fall of Rome was due to the lack of it. Meanwhile, during the same period as the Dark Ages in the West, there were two very great civilizations that flourished without usury; Byzantium which coined money for over 900 years and was a going society for almost a thousand years and Classical Islam, which flourished for several hundred years until it in turn was taken down by invaders from the East who ironically spread Islam by taking it back home with them after laying waste the cities of Mesopotamia.

We are standing not just on the shoulders of giants, like E. C. Riegel, but we are also standing upon the slag heap of many outdated and wrong ideas that have cost many hundreds of millions of lives down through history. It was not money that was an evil invention, but who issued it that was the problem. It was not that money was issued by fiat as paper notes that was the problem at all, but that in ALL cases, such money was issued by a government who thereby became the largest buyer in society and hence was able to manipulate markets by FORCE. Scarcity of money is not beneficial to trade at all, but is inevitable under a system where all of it is a loan at interest from some private central bank.

Those who want to sidestep any issues concerning money in its well known and often used forms, want to see us return to a commodities based trading system. But who controls the mines and who has the most gold and silver? Who controls the markets and their rigging? People usually think inflation is simply too much money in circulation, but it is not just that but when all that money is driven into the market to buy things as it is perceived to be losing value by the month, week or day. When that happens, you have Weimar Germany, when the operating principles become “spending money as fast as possible” rather than “saving for a rainy day,” when something of greater cost, but essential value, normally requires savings.

E. C. Riegel said that inflation was caused by government spending all by itself. Under a debt based fiat system, the real damage can be hidden for longer periods by secreting vast sums into corporations, which themselves may be of questionable value, but for which most see no alternative except for commodities. And what are commodities really worth? Are they receiving what the market will bear or what they are really worth compared with alternatives should they exist? We can't tell and wont know because these matters are also under someone's tight control, either to eliminate competition or preserve privileges, which amounts to the same thing.

Again, and consistently, our message is “come out of her, my people,” not let's have some more compromises with those who have destroyed us. You will not see much of a future for yourselves, your children, your grandchildren, your people or your nation, or for that matter the planet itself, until the present order caves in upon itself and takes all those who have sided with it along with it. That time will certainly come. We seriously recommend that anyone currently working for the most hated corporations out there, you know who you are, should consider the effects of others knowing who you worked for before the present system comes to an end. What will you do then? Hunker down with your guns and ammo and try and preserve your food stores from gangs of marauders that may or may not be on some government's payroll, even if by then their money is worthless, or otherwise hopped up on some drug or other as were the death squads in Russia after 1917? I think this represents a lot of childish bravado rather than sound thinking. “Come out of her, my people” so that you will not share in her sins. Do so while there remains time as history has shown that the present system shall not endure. We are about constructing one that will.

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