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#32 Matters of Respect and Trust

We are all familiar with the plain aspects of social discretion when we are out and about in public; we refrain from pushing and shoving, from cutting someone off in traffic, from taking undue advantage of others based on matters of proximity or some other natural advantage, anything apparently except knowing something more than someone else, in which case taking advantage has become almost expected. But in most social instances, we plead for an atmosphere of mutual respect, lest there be excessive and needless violence leading to bloodshed. We recognize that all physical violence and bloodshed among human beings is senseless and to be avoided at all costs as ultimately accomplishing nothing of any positive importance.

We all know what this looks like and feels like in any civilized place on the planet. We do not of necessity require a government to nanny us about in these regards, as for the most part we can and do settle our own disputes. Common discernment regarding things as basic as what it is actually like to live and thrive in a particular place, including who we would be interacting with, forms the foundation of all our civilizations; we recognize what it is, looks like and feels like to be sane and civilized and to act in a sane and civilized manner, we understand the consequences of invading another's personal space, their property or themselves, etc. Thus, it is said that respect is more basic than love. We presume that social respect exists and that it is perceptible in all civilized societies and that it functions naturally and automatically without the help or interference of a state.

We have tended to regard states as arbiters or deciders of disputes which we cannot resolve among ourselves. We have likewise foisted upon states some really magical and extraordinary; impossible responsibilities, which upon more careful reflection, we realize could and should have better been observed and handled among ourselves privately and locally. But the accretion of state responsibility has been allowed to grow, and there have been those who were part of the problem from the very earliest times, who profited from wars and their preparation and sustenance, who were also in control of the political machinery and the propaganda media machinery and behind it all the money machinery, all now run according to some foreign agenda; foreign to every single sovereign country on earth and foreign to its people, whomever they may be. (Their latest push is to get control of the food machinery through GMO's. Again, their agenda is foreign to all localities.)

Many critics have jumped to the conclusion that the problems of this world begin and end with the actions of states. But individual people work for states, therefore it is they who become the beginning and end of all state problems. Were they to leave or resign en masse, there would be no state problems. Yes, the state has its share of blame for present problems, but we have insisted that ultimately much that is wrong in the present order of this world is directly related to the means of exchange, to the money and with the banking model and to all current practices involving conveyance of value in particular.

E. C. Riegel's analysis claimed that government never has any intention of splitting barter with anyone else in a trading situation because it has nothing to sell that anyone would willingly buy. Governments take by FORCE instead of selling back into the economy that which they bought with their spending. All their money, that is created as soon as it is accepted in terms of trade, is unbacked, except by the taxing power, or their power to take by FORCE by use of legal coercion, in order to balance; destroy, the money they create in the process of their spending.

Those claiming that “public” government “legal tender” money would be better if either backed by precious metals or balanced by taxation are oblivious to the fact that it wouldn't matter if either were the case, as government is not desired to participate in the market for goods and services anyone would willingly buy. For government to do so would complete the process toward communism, which of course as proved does not work. All our problems begin and end with government issued money whether by so called fiat or not. To us, all government issued money is by fiat and unbacked, whether it claims to have any gold backing or not. [2/20/17: of course since I wrote this, I have acknowledged that THEIR (globalist, central banker, elites) STOLEN fiat, THEY have actually STOLEN our will from each of us: the fiat to issue money belongs to each one of us and has been stolen from us.]  Meanwhile, to the man or woman out there using money to buy groceries, etc. it neither matters to them or not [nobody cares about money being "backed" as long as it works].. All they see is rising prices and that their money doesn't measure things as large as it used to, like having a shrinking ruler where every inch or centimeter gets shorter and shorter all the time.

Thus under present conditions, continual price inflation is inevitable, certain incredible bubbles are encouraged in the economy, and certain factors are privileged at the expense of others due to size; “too big to fail.” Economic stagnation due to other agenda objectives, also encouraged by the same elites, promises such structural unemployment worldwide as cannot even be imagined. The so called “masters of capital,” those who have managed to convince themselves and the rest of us that value rests in chunks of inert precious metals, who also have much of these tokens themselves, while at the same time they have built up a pyramid of paper, imagine that they are gods floating above the rest of benighted humanity and that their imposed agenda of sustainable development cannot be seriously contested and their unelected “experts” are beyond reproof.

The paper pyramids: At the end of most money transactions, we'd like to be able to find either a tangible good or service, rather than a credit gimmick promising more money at the end of a particular time period, etc. Many with money to retire on bought such “high yield” financial instruments over the last few years, only to see their capital (not wealth) devoured by market losses on these assets when their true risk was better known. What happened when the prices for these paper things crashed would have been predicted anyway.  

There is the taking advantage of the public through various deceits which are widely practiced; offering a return on idle money (savings) which is actually instead used as a temporary basis by a “fiduciary” for loaning many times the “reserves” by the institution in which one places one's money for savings. The logic is that the interest charged on loans is more than what the saver is paid and the institution claims the difference. What no one tells you is that the money to cover the interest must be gathered from others who are all in the same position of having to cover something extra that wasn't created. Money as presently conceived is an artificial scarcity and nobody is aware of this, except for a few bankers. It is a major deception played on a largely innocent public who are not aware of having done anything right or wrong and are at present being forced to accept “austerity” for whose benefit?

If you've been following along, you will recall that we have steadfastly referred to the information contained in The Babylonian Woe, by David Astle as core material for the understanding of our present situation; for most of the last 2,000 years, international trade has been in the hands of the same people who ran the brokerages for gold and silver, they owned the mines for the same metals manned by slaves, these same people prodded opposing forces into war with each other, sold them armaments that all remarkably seemed the same, as if the Romans, Carthaginians, Greeks, Persians, etc. etc. were all outfitted by the same people, because they were, and all this was offered to various warring regimes ON CREDIT with terms deciding payment based on the outcome of the war; the winner paid the debts of the loser as well as his own debts and the people of the losing nation became slaves, many sent off to be worked to death in the gold and silver mines owned by the brokers. This is why we say that nearly all the gold and a large part of the silver has human blood on it. This historical process has been going on now for … thousands of years. Why would anyone not suppose, once they became aware of it, that this pattern isn't perfectly alive and well up to this very moment?

The stone cold brazen facts include that all war making power and war making ability is a huge drain on everything else an economy accomplishes; the elites are literally placing the means of destroying value at the disposal of the homicidal maniacs the system naturally attracts and selling it to them all on credit! You all know who pays for it and how; taxes and inflation. As many who are really aware have been discovering, as they again take a good look at the money they hold in their wallets, literally holding and dealing in ANY of these national “public” fiat currencies, NONE of which is backed by any products or services we would wish to buy back from our governments, is supporting the war machine. One very good reason to be supporting ANY alternative to these so called “public” currencies, is as a matter of conscience; that one no longer wants to support such a system and regards FORCE to support it as adequate demonstration of a state's decent, decline and deterioration into tyranny.

This is a historical process that was underway long before any of us were born. There is honestly nothing any one of us can do to stop it, though we could admonish as many law enforcement and military people as possible to look into their own wallets and decide who they'd prefer to have as their friends; homicidal maniacs or we the people.

Through all of this, E. C. Riegel's insights concerning the government issue of money being illegitimate, makes a fresh evaluation of the money we are holding instructive. These are private debt instruments issued against government bonds. Many people hold these bonds, quite a few of them foreign nations. They are called sovereign debt and there is an organized market for their trade. In the case of the United States, it was recently stated that 50% of its current budget was for military operations. Behind those hundreds of billions of dollars lie contracts where the government buys things from private industry, specifically from companies affiliated with the biggest banks.

This is an age old alliance; get the king (a potentate is much easier to deal with than a democratically elected person, which helps explain much about current streamlining of enabling statutes) to agree to go into debt to them to get into a war with some other client of the same people over there. Other people's sons (and now daughters) die while these people become rich. I don't have to go into much further detail to underscore the essentially low character of those engaged in these businesses. No sane person would want anything to do with them; they would be shunned from participation in a free and open society.

But again, knowing full well how angry many out there have become, we nevertheless caution against retaliation, which is exactly what they are looking for to move forward the next phase of their plans, which ultimately intend worldwide genocide. Our message is “come out of her, my people;” to leave from serving the monster and leave it to its inevitable collapse. The admonishment is to “come out of her” lest you be associated with its crimes.

Since the entire system has become (indeed was nothing other than) a corrupt mess that neither you nor I can do anything about, it was E. C. Riegel's position and it is ours as well, that while political activism seems to inspire many and while we continue to watch it, we regard political activism as worse than useless. The leopard is unable to change its spots; a government that has the right to issue money by going into debt, or by any other means (sorry Bill Still and others who support “greenbackism”), is going to buy what it wants, not what the governed want, since one way or another what government buys is no longer their decision. Elections mean nothing. A redress of grievances likewise means absolutely nothing, since we are dealing with beasts (institutions) and the people who inhabit them, who are unaware, oblivious or otherwise incapable of even seeing their true situation in life.

Far above our heads, those with the most claims on resources (their money) behave as “savage babies” regardless of their chronological age; many are quite aged. We contend that success in life does not consist in attaining the position to be in attendance to any of these “savage babies” nor accepting anything about their criminal (posing as normal, official and lawful) system as sane, normal or civilized.

Our message has remained consistent, “come out of her, my people.” Instead of worrying so much about what they, the “savage babies” behind the curtains; Bilderbergs, etc. want you to worry about, start doing your own thing and get as many people around you to start thinking and doing the same. In order to make a new economy, start trading among yourselves using anything other than their money.

In order to be of further help, instead of a money issued as a debt to a private central bank, and having a different price scale for each currency, we offer the sensible alternative of a true independent international standard for measuring value, exactly as the metric system has largely streamlined other measurements worldwide. This Value Unit standard, once accepted by independent exchanges (IE's), becomes the new metric for exchange of value within a value exchange network (VEN).

Of course, none of this exists yet. Everything begins with identity. A hypothetical Value Unit has been proposed to become a true independent international standard for measuring value. It does not change with the price of anything it measures. It does not exist as an imposed scarcity tied to a scarce commodity. It is only as abundant as it needs to be to carry on trade. It acknowledges what it measures as part of a split barter where exchange of real assets, either goods or services, is exchanged. It functions best in black markets (our definition). It is capable of holding its value, proved against both gold and silver since 2011, therefore of being saved for larger purchases (begin thinking of money as a measuring rod rather than as itself holding value, therefore the more of it one has, the larger the value one is capable of measuring and securing in a trade for one's money).

As a bonus, the proposed international standard for measuring value comes with it the rules for its issuance and an organization model that would inevitably bring both poverty and war to an end.

We are now looking for those interested in getting the value exchange network (VEN) off the ground. At a bare minimum, we would need participation of enough people to form three independent exchanges (IE's), with a combined membership of 15,000 people and 900 businesses in three distinct geographical locations. It's pretty easy to understand that those with independent means are the most likely to have the time to devote to initial development efforts, determining certain operating aspects in open discussion, hammering out the details, working on the brochures and other promotional materials, participating in the local ad campaigns, etc.

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