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#18.13 Gleanings from the John Galt Speech – Part 13

John Galt continues,

Did you want to know who is John Galt? I am the first man of ability who refused to regard it as guilt.

To the extent that it was possible, especially during the first third of our lives if we came from anywhere in the developed world, should we show any ability, it was usually the undertone of the system to get us to subscribe to the bourgeois morality of sacrificing ourselves, our talents, our freedom, property and even our lives for the benefit of others, often characterized as “more deserving” than ourselves. This was to weaken us, but from whence did all this come? And from whence did the so called New Age mantras that essentially spell out the same ideas come from?

Galt / Rand would like to tell us they came from “mystics” who are in defiance of reality, etc. without getting us to see with a critical eye, behind the curtains of money and power that really make the present world run. Remember the powers that be have told us thousands of times through their schools and media, that we are not to judge, everyone hates being judged by others, even though it happens all the time and is part of nature and of rational thinking. Oh but no, judgement is reserved for those who have studied and been approved by them (the elites) to judge and know how to do, based on “new standards” that everyone is supposed to just believe in as “scientific,” which means it's beyond dispute and their decisions settle things; their nice little tyranny masquerading as something else, so the public wont revolt. Well, these “scientific” decisions clearly do not settle anything! Some of us out here can see clearly right through all their deceitful plans, mostly because they never change them, they are just the same as they were in 1776 or in 1620 or in 1519 or in any year going back several thousand years, and the number of their deceitful plans disclosed is growing every day.

I am the first man who would not do penance for my virtues or let them be used as the tools of my destruction.

It is about time that the John Galts of this world rose up and walked out of a system that cares nothing for them, but only seeks to SUCK (why the relevance of the school sucks podcasts to all of this) whatever energy you have out of you and leave you dead or asking for death. Do not accept their credit or their money and start demanding your own money with which to trade among yourselves. Work for the establishment of (the or an) VEN as this will be YOUR money not theirs. The message has always been the same, “do not resist evil,” but, “come out of her, my people.”

I am the first man who would not suffer martyrdom at the hands of those who wished me to perish for the privilege of keeping them alive.

Do not go willingly anywhere you do not wish to go. Do not allow yourselves to be drawn into their concentration camps. You are already living in a vast one of their making that they have gotten some of you to participate in keeping for them, for promises to pay you later what they have already stolen from you. Half the “high yield” gimmicks on Wall Street involve being paid with your own money too. The elites are deceivers and liars and the saddest truth is that many of them believe their own lies so they become literally irrational. Think about that, those of you who will perhaps be receiving irrational commands that will be screeched or yelled at you as often as they are delivered in a controlled unemotional tone of voice punctuated by weird inappropriate laughs. The them here is not the poor, it is the elites, who some of you decided, even out of personal desperation, to work for. It's long past time for you to quit them.

I am the first man who told them that I did not need them, and until they learned to deal with me as traders, giving value for value, they would have to exist without me, as I would exist without them; then I would let them learn whose is the need and whose the ability-and if human survival is the standard, whose terms would set the way to survive.

This is the real bottom line, human survival as an issue deliberately brought on by their imposed scarcity. Again, them here is the elites who need the Galts to serve them in order to survive. But here is where there is some congruence with E. C. Riegel's fundamental ideas; Galt's words, until they learned to deal with me as traders, giving value for value, they would have to exist without me, as I would exist without them.

In nature we are separate beings each with our own natural destinies, the results for us in our immediate surroundings are based on our choices based on our moment by moment reality. Each of us has value with which we can trade for something of comparable value as judged by the market for values. That whole subject area will be covered in a forthcoming paper. Even the poorest of the poor has actual value as a consumer of the inevitable abundance that nature provides. If you do not believe in imposed scarcity, then why else do farm subsidies, rigged futures markets, etc. exist? Even those who glean fields after a harvest perform a useful service. These are matters that normal badly warped economics would prefer not to express too openly to its students. The reason is to preserve scarcity or the illusion of same as a key point of their strategy and always has been from time immemorial. To them, the monopolists, and all real elitists are monopolists, nature is clearly too much a creator of excesses that drive down the prices of everything and allow more competition and seem to do nothing other than allow people a higher standard of living, which the elites simply do not want. Remember, though they certainly want to acquire more; the billionaire certainly wants another billion, they are far more interested in seeing their peers and especially those beneath them, lose their fortunes.

Now we come to some very interesting passages,

I have done by plan and intention what has been done throughout history by silent default.

No, we are not at all sure that this has ever happened before, though it may have in very ancient times.

There have always been men of intelligence who went on strike, in protest and despair, but they did not know the meaning of their action.

Most today still do not. What would help them tremendously is knowing that they are not alone, that there are perhaps tens of thousands out here who are awake to what is going on (because it has been going on and we now know that too), who see things the way they see them, that our differences should for the time being be shelved for later discussion as long as we get our fundamental truths straight.  [Too bad, Laurence.  I warned you, but you paid no attention, so you will reap the consequences of your selfish actions.]  

The man who retires from public life, to think, but not to share his thoughts-the man who chooses to spend his years in the obscurity of menial employment, keeping to himself the fire of his mind, never giving it form, expression or reality, refusing to bring it into a world he despises-

Again, we are legion and growing by the day. It is best for all to know that we could at any time simply say, “we have had enough”; stop working for them, turn from them and never return. Would the world fall into chaos and disorder? It need not. Oh, their world will end. War will stop because no one will pay for it. No GMO crap will be grown because all who do will be considered a menace to our survival. In fact GMO everything will be systematically eradicated, because people will want that service and be willing to pay for it. All the makers of deadly SSRI drugs will be driven out of business, because people will start assuming full liability for their actions and their products! Yes, there will be some changes.

the man who is defeated by revulsion, the man who renounces before he has started, the man who gives up rather than give in, the man who functions at a fraction of his capacity, disarmed by his longing for an ideal he has not found-they are on strike, on strike against unreason, on strike against your world and your values.

We all desperately need to go on strike against their values, but rather than fight them we just leave them, walk right out of their system and never return to their service.

But not knowing any values of their own, they abandon the quest to know-in the darkness of their hopeless indignation, which is righteous without knowledge of the fight, and passionate without knowledge of desire, they concede to you the power of reality and surrender the incentives of their mind-and they perish in bitter futility, as rebels who never learned the object of their rebellion, as lovers who never discovered their love.

Perhaps it's just Rand, she probably ardently wished to be loved, really loved. But then, so do the elites. They'll often try to fake it or to go to erotic extremes, most elitists are sexual extraverts and remember I did say that they were mostly all men, but most will never know anyone who loves them for themselves because let's face it folks, these people don't really ever need to be anyone but their money.

The John Galts of this world did contribute to world history, but most did bide their time and most still do to this day.

The infamous times you call the Dark Ages were an era of intelligence on strike, when men of ability went underground and lived undiscovered, studying in secret, and died; destroying the works of their mind, when only a few of the bravest of martyrs remained to keep the human race alive.

This was an era where there was no private property (everything was either owned by the nobility or by the Church), where there was nothing comparable to “life, liberty and property” for the common man, where life was nasty, brutish and short, where you drank ale from childhood because the water would kill you, where you might bathe twice a year if you were lucky so you stank, where few ever learned to read and write so likely you were illiterate, where you would breed and die within a short time but chances were good that half your children would die of starvation or disease, where human population was kept down due almost entirely to the imposed scarcities of those who controlled the official money and where of course the elites lived on a standard way above the level of “the masses.”

Every period ruled by mystics was an era of stagnation and want, when most men were on strike against existence, working for less than their barest survival, leaving nothing but scraps for their rulers to loot, refusing to think, to venture, to produce, when the ultimate collector of their profits and the final authority on truth or error was the whim of some gilded degenerate sanctioned as superior to reason by divine right and by grace of a club.

No doubt the club implied is not some secret society but the real thing, something to FORCE compliance with the threat of violence. Remember folks, it is they who want to do violence to us, we do not need to do violence to them. All we need to do is simply not comply and we include walking out of their service, not accepting either their credit or their money. Remember they will try and use the deceitful tactics of telling you that you have already given them your consent, so make it abundantly clear, person to person, that you have just decided that you were deceived and have not given them your consent. The problem clearly becomes this; when there are dibs and drabs of those who go on strike, they are singled out and martyred. But when tens of millions simply rise up in a single day and say “we have had enough” and just walk away from them, perhaps never to deal with them ever again, then their end comes.

The road of human history was a string of blank-outs over sterile stretches eroded by faith and FORCE, with only a few brief bursts of sunlight, when the released energy of the men of the mind performed the wonders you gaped at, admired and promptly extinguished again.

But there will be no extinction, this time. The game of the mystics is up. You will perish in and by your own unreality. We, the men of reason, will survive.

The John Galts know who their real brothers and sisters are out here. We also know who the real slackers are. We also know those who have real talent and value that's just waiting to be traded for in a real and effective market, if only the means to set it up could be found. That's the hook right there, THEIR money, THEIR credit. Why use it? Why not make our own as a direct assertion of our right to private property?

I have called out on strike the kind of martyrs who had never deserted you before. I have given them the weapon they had lacked: the knowledge of their own moral value. I have taught them that the world is ours, whenever we choose to claim it, by virtue and grace of the fact that ours is the Morality of Life. They, the great victims who had produced all the wonders of humanity’s brief summer, they, the industrialists, the conquerors of matter, had not discovered the nature of their right. They had known that theirs was the power. I taught them that theirs was the glory.

Rand is clearly stealing bombastic language from some beholders of the bourgeois morality of the past. Galt calls his strikers martyrs, those who have had to die for what they believed in, these are those regular people who have never deserted the elites and are in their pay. Make no mistake, the elitists ARE mystics of exactly the kind Rand is describing, the savage babies who know nothing but their money and their whims. The industrialists, the conquerors of matter, who are they today? Who gets paid the most by the system the elites have concocted? What possible value has a hedge fund manager ever bequeathed the human race? Who can say that any of these people will be remembered for anything but their names on various buildings scattered among institutions that will inevitably fade or be transformed by the new post-elitist system when it emerges? I can hear them now, the screeches of the modern Soviets from their pinnacles of present political power, who claim that there will always be a power vacuum, etc. Oh yeah? Once a tyranny is exposed and its direct antidote applied, (the or an) VEN, it becomes like a bad odour or disease that just goes away.

Much in what follows is frankly dated and requires an update. Rand is speaking to the mystics of the bourgeois morality, we turn this directly around on the elites,

You, who dare to regard us [the John Galts] as the moral inferiors of any mystic who claims supernatural visions-

Collectivists, this means you.

you, who scramble like vultures for plundered pennies, yet honour a fortune-teller above a fortune-maker-

Rather, you elitists, who scramble like vultures for plundered assets from the poor whom you have intentionally impoverished, yet honour a hedge fund manager above anyone who makes or grows things that can be traded for real value in a free and unencumbered market.

you, who scorn a businessman as ignoble, but esteem any posturing artist as exalted-

Rather, you who scorn a small businessman as ignoble but esteem any popular performing artist as exalted.

the root of your standards is that mystic miasma which comes from primordial swamps, that cult of death, which pronounces a businessman immoral by reason of the fact that he keeps you alive.

Yes, the small farmers, producers, industrialists, crafts people, real artisans, etc. are always scorned by the elites, who buy them, bundle their assets and resell them for more money, while they hack away at those people the companies they bought used to employ. It's a giant squeezing operation, where the factors become fewer and larger until they become “too big to fail” etc.

You, who claim that you long to rise above the crude concerns of the body, above the drudgery of serving mere physical needs-who is enslaved by physical needs: the Hindu who labours from sunrise to sunset at the shafts of a hand-plow for a bowl of rice, or the American who is driving a tractor? Who is the conqueror of physical reality: the man who sleeps on a bed of nails or the man who sleeps on an inner-spring mattress? Which is the monument to the triumph of the human spirit over matter: the germ-eaten hovels on the shorelines of the Ganges or the Atlantic skyline of New York?

Affluence and abundance is spreading and some of this is the natural result of just letting people be themselves, but much too was built up by the elites. Remember too that at the very top, where the “stakeholders” in projects supported by the UN Agenda 21 are, they already live on a technical level of lifestyle way above the rest. They really do not care whether they are in New York or Dubai right now. Many have palaces in secluded places where servants (and occasionally real slaves) serve them hand and foot.

Unless you learn the answers to these questions-and learn to stand at reverent attention when you face the achievements of man’s mind-you will not stay much longer on this earth, which we love and will not permit you to damn.

Oh sure, the original intention was for the man in the street to start revering his betters, the rich, the wealthy business interests, the entrepreneurs, inventors, traders, etc. and to shun and hate the poor beggars and their collectivist proponents; Rand's so called materialist mystics. Let's get back down to earth and after all Galt's speech does appear in a work of fiction, so we're just attempting to draw some things out of it for our own purposes.

The elites do not take well to others instructing them as they already know. They let their money do their talking for them after they have had discussions among themselves, sometimes heated, by the way. These collectivist mystics were basically told, you will not stay much longer on this earth, which we love and will not permit you to damn. But these collectivists were paid for by the banking interests with coordination from their corporations, NGO's, etc. simply as a management technique to ... need I repeat; the purpose is to spend money which as we have said is buying off a social revolution in order to 1) preserve the debtor status of all governments, ALL governments on earth (why we really fight wars), and 2) keep the government and the people from disturbing their grand plans to STEAL all assets from everyone so as to control and reduce them (perpetuate scarcity!) so that 3) effective population control / reduction can be realized and of course 4) so they may remain on top.

You will not sneak by with the rest of your lifespan.

Galt seems to be advocating violence, but as I said earlier, the people we're really discussing are all men at least 45 years old, these are OLD men predominantly. What would happen to them were all their servants and slaves to abandon them? Who knows? Who cares? The solution we advocate is to walk away from them, walk out of their system and start building your own. The poor, who would seem to be the target of Galt's words? They are always perishing at whatever age. The difference between Galt and us is that we actually have the answer for the poor so that there may never again be any more poverty, whereas Galt's solution, which is the elite's solution, is genocide.

I have foreshortened the usual course of history and have let you discover the nature of the payment you had hoped to switch to the shoulders of others.

This relates more to the elites who have deliberately saddled the rest of the world with debt to them, for nothing. You can count on this not being resolved without default. Once that starts, it's all over. That's why they want martial law, which happens to be illegal in the United States by the way; you know your government has gone off the tracks the second martial law is announced. Anyway, none of that needs to happen. What we need most right now is to begin setting up an alternative monetary system so that we can exchange goods and services with each other, one that includes all the indigents from its very inception.

It is the last of your own living power that will now be drained to provide the unearned for the worshippers and carriers of Death.

None but usurers ever take what they have not earned as proved by E. C. Riegel to be simple mathematical fact. In spite of that, we anticipate another paper will be necessary to explain differences between customary finance and finance that does not defy Riegel's clear observations, so that at all times there is enough money in the system to bring about every possible honest trade without allowing inflation from improper issuance by those who are forbidden under Riegel's rules, to issue money.

Do not pretend that a malevolent reality defeated you-you were defeated by your own evasions. Do not pretend that you will perish for a noble ideal-you will perish as fodder for the haters of man.

Turn it around, as of course the words make little sense applied to the poor or their collectivist mystic supporters, unless Galt is swatting at phantoms. No, you were defeated by your own evasions. We live in a time of official evasions, which has been going on now for a very long time, longer than anyone has been alive. It's why we call it MYSTERY Babylon, because they like it to be as mysterious, and as boring as possible to the average man. Alan Greenspan was pretty good at it, as everything he spoke before Congressional committees was deliberately written to conceal. When all the elitists are dead and gone, they will certainly not be remembered as noble, they will be recognized as the haters of mankind. Again, stop supporting them!

But to those of you who still retain a remnant of the dignity and will to love one’s life, I am offering the chance to make a choice. Choose whether you wish to perish for a morality you have never believed or practised. Pause on the brink of self-destruction and examine your values and your life. You had known how to take an inventory of your wealth. Now take an inventory of your mind.

Actually at this point and for a variety of reasons, few really do know how to inventory their wealth. It's simple really, all you do is draw a two column list. On one side you list all your assets and their probable value in whatever you are using as money. On the other side you list all your expenses, also in terms of whatever money you're using. We expect most have expenses that far exceed their assets. Most people actually operate in the red when they should always be operating in the black.

Taking an inventory of your mind? First you have to get rid of the excuse for an education they gave you to stifle your mind. Then try and get with what is really in your mind that might be of value to YOU in trade with others. Your technical education will probably be the most useful to you. Any natural skills and talents should be inventoried and placed on the asset side of your ledger. Who knows? Perhaps there's enough there, that you can begin to operate in the black. But the market is what values the works of your mind, whatever they may be, and money plays a crucial role in whether you can trade your products for those of others. Where money is kept artificially scarce or given to only a few selected people, the pals of those who run the money monopoly, your chances of having enough people with enough money to set you free is slim. That's why we need as E. C. Riegel suggested, a parallel monetary system that would survive the inevitable collapse of the present one. [No system that is designed and devised to operate solely over the internet is viable long term.  It takes people not machines to make an economic system.  Are you paying attention, Laurence?]

Since childhood, you have been hiding the guilty secret that you feel no desire to be moral, no desire to seek self-immolation, that you dread and hate your code, but dare not say it even to yourself, that you’re devoid of those moral ‘instincts’ which others profess to feel.

This is a natural consequence of being born and bred in a lifestyle where money is never a problem, because the family business is the making of money by stealing it from others. These words, sorry, do not fit the poor.

The less you felt, the louder you proclaimed your selfless love and servitude to others, in dread of ever letting them discover your own self, the self that you betrayed, the self that you kept in concealment, like a skeleton in the closet of your body.

The self that really fits this is the egoistical (babyish, narcissistic) self of the selfish little rich person who really doesn't give a damn about anyone else but themselves.

And they, who were at once your dupes and your deceivers, they listened and voiced their loud approval, in dread of ever letting you discover that they were harbouring the same unspoken secret.

And they are the sycophants who DO share the same outlook as the elites; they only care about themselves and could give a good goddamn about anyone else.

Existence among you is a giant pretense, an act you all perform for one another, each feeling that he is the only guilty freak, each placing his moral authority in the unknowable known only to others, each faking the reality he feels they expect him to fake, some having the courage to break the vicious circle.

But only some, because after all the higher you go the perks get to be pretty enticing. People exist in offices in big cities where they rake in huge amounts of money for doing absolutely nothing, for contributing nothing of perceivable value, they are literal economic parasites. And yes, existence among them is pretentious, pompous too. It must be, all that self-importance finding expression in the most ostentatious bling, because they can. This isn't a new game either. It's been going on for thousands of years.

No matter what dishonourable compromise you’ve made with your impracticable creed, no matter what miserable balance, half-cynicism, half-superstition, you now manage to maintain, you still preserve the root, the lethal tenet: the belief that the moral and the practical are opposites.

Well yes, since their most profitable enterprises are wars and after that involvement in many illicit enterprises for profit including their traditional trade in precious metals, guns, slaves, drugs, etc. there is bourgeois morality on one hand and “business” on the other.

Since childhood, you [elitists] have been running from the terror of a choice you have never dared fully to identify:
If the practical, whatever you must practice to exist,
whatever works, succeeds, achieves your purpose [pragmatism],
whatever brings you food and joy,
whatever profits you, is evil-

Would selling out your fellow man for profit be evil?
Would getting them hooked on dangerous addictive drugs be evil?
Would profiting from the monopolizing of food by GMO's be evil?
All of everything they do or have ever done was and is evil.

and if the good, the moral, is the impractical,
whatever fails, destroys, frustrates,
whatever injures you and brings you loss or pain-
then your choice is to be moral or to live.

The moral is not the bourgeois morality represented as sacrificing something for nothing. No, that is what the elites want from the rest of us, which only proves we are foolish, but think we might be noble or something. Let's get real. We need to be free of the clutches of the people behind the present money because that is their chief pull on us. Take your money out and look at it. It clearly belongs to someone else. You have nothing to do with it except for the time you are allowed to hold and use it. Believe me, you are all paying just to be able to use it.

The sole result of that murderous doctrine was to remove morality from life. You grew up to believe that moral laws bear no relation to the job of living, except as an impediment and threat, that man’s existence is an amoral jungle where anything goes and anything works [pragmatism].

That pretty much expresses the outlook of the famous robber barons.

And in that fog of switching definitions which descends upon a frozen mind, you have forgotten that the evils damned by your creed [bourgeois morality] were the virtues required for living, and you have come to believe that actual evils are the practical means of existence.

This was always and only for “the masses” not for the elites. To them, actual evils ARE the practical means of existence. Careful reading of much of their screed, even though this is technically all fiction, is very revealing because we are dealing with those who were raised from childhood to be proficient at lying, cheating and stealing, whose motto might as well have been “always take.”

Forgetting that the impractical ‘good’ was self-sacrifice, you believe that self-esteem is impractical;

forgetting that the practical ‘evil’ was production, you believe that robbery is practical.

Neither Galt nor we should be amazed to observe that to them, our self-esteem IS impractical. They don't want us to have any other outlook but ... to obey them without question and after they're done with us ... to go somewhere and die quietly. They don't want or need our self-esteem. And robbery to them isn't just practical, it's their way of doing business.

Swinging like a helpless branch in the wind of an uncharted moral wilderness, you dare not fully to be evil or fully to live.

No, John, stop projecting. They dare to be fully evil as a way of life and are getting to be able to demonstrate their evil more openly. Eventually they want to be able to do as they please with anybody anywhere for any reason at any time, total control of the rest of us, eventually for sport.

When you are honest, you feel the resentment of a sucker; when you cheat, you feel terror and shame, your pain is augmented by the feeling that pain is your natural state.

Pain would seem to be their natural state as many are habitually strung out on strong painkillers. As for their feeling any guilt? Hell no, they don't feel any guilt. They operate from the standpoint of vampires or predators who feel it is part of their right to exist to feed on others, largely through being masters of deception through lies, cheating and theft.

You pity the men you admire, you believe they are doomed to fail; you envy the men you hate, you believe they are the masters of existence.

There is a sort of weird voyeurism among them toward us it is true. Some may actually envy us because they can see we have a happier more wholesome life than they do. But it's boring to them to be just one of the people.

You feel disarmed when you come up against a scoundrel: you believe that evil is bound to win, since the moral is the impotent, the impractical.

Many of them are amazed when they are themselves robbed, usually by their servants. They often do believe that evil is bound to win since they are well aware of their role in that which is evil. Here's another point: those who I earlier wanted to point out were and are the pillars of society who have built up successful businesses and have managed to survive government regulation and other encroachments, which are just extensions of the same tyranny, would be the first to know of what real evil consists. The real elitists are evil and most of them know damn well that they are evil and guilty. It doesn't mean any of them will ever come to justice however, not under present conditions. They own the system so realistically ever seeing them get what they justly deserve is ... silly. To be continued.

David Burton

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