Sunday, October 23, 2016

#100: A Statement on Political Agnosticism

It begins with disbelief; we do not believe in the government, not as an institutional reality, for certainly governments are real, but in the sense of having any faith in them to accomplish anything we'd be better off deciding for ourselves, among ourselves in our local communities. Increasingly governments have become perceived as dangerous, ineffective, inefficient, expensive and generally offensive to more and more people. We're speaking here of belief as something that at least used to exist when I was a child; belief in government was almost universal back then, disbelief is almost universal now.

It began for most who were alive to remember it, with the assassination of JFK, not that there hadn't been instances aplenty before that event that should have alerted us to the criminals at their work. Further research down those rabbit holes are covered everywhere else from a variety of research perspectives, etc. Same with 9/11, arguably the next big event that has led to the estrangement most really feel from their governments. It is very much like falling into disbelief in one's god or gods or losing one's religion. This notably does NOT usually result in everyday people losing their civility; as we've said, most acknowledge SANITY and its opposites and wish to live in situations promoting the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace. Most know that exactly the reverse of these are usually the result of governments.

Connected directly with this loss of faith and trust are the loss in faith in THEIR (globalists, central bankers, elites) THEIR monetary instruments and institutions; THEIR money and THEIR banks and very frankly the faith and trust of the general population in THEM personally and institutionally; certain institutions are widely recognized as centers of evil.

Seeing only part of what would happen; incessant inflation, E. C. Riegel aimed at reform. But his reforms would have been mere bandages on an essentially rotten structure based on a fraud. He never got that far with it. He likely knew more than he wrote. After all, there is theory (often and usually written down) and then there is actual experiences (rarely rendered in written words) but known nevertheless among the few who actually do know.

This loss of faith and trust is an indication of danger to everyone. If you have structures of such incredible power that are no longer regarded with anything but fear, loathing, horror and disgust, then we have arrived at the worldwide gulag, where all the tokens of the masters are chains of our slavery. Expect nothing from THEM as THEY have all THEY need and want, unless it is even more and more and more people dead, which is what THEY have long said THEY want.

By the way, THEY had all American citizens enslaved under the 14th Amendment which was never ratified according to the rules for amending that agreement, which has been broken many times before and since then. We'll have more to say about the US Constitution perhaps later in another post.

We will ultimately have to decide for ourselves, among ourselves, just how we will settle things among ourselves (our own money) because as the mentor who gave me this assignment told me the last night I saw him was that the present monetary order was ultimately doomed to fail. He told me he didn't know of anyone more capable than I to figure it out and begin telling the public the best way I could. This man was well placed, British, a veteran of Eaton and Oxford, one who could and did put the letters FRSA behind his name. I didn't know what he was talking about until I read E. C. Riegel a few months after he died. Perhaps he doubted that governments would even be there in the future. He didn't know, and neither do we. We just realized into the bargain that we didn't know what we thought we knew and had to begin from new principles that no one else but Riegel and Kitson somewhat before him and probably others also would have ever accepted, simply because they are so obvious:

Money springs into existence when someone buys something -takes possession of some thing -a good or service- instead of directly bartering for it. The medium used as money could be anything. If it's tokens made of precious metals, then someone else determines what that gold or silver is worth and that changes from day to day and in some way the gold or silver participate in determining the values exchanged in all sales using them. If one uses gold and silver tokens, one is bartering the value established by others at time of sale of the value of the gold or silver with whatever good or service exchanged for it.

We have also seen that all money dies ultimately in depreciation; one cannot resell anything for what one paid for it due to depreciation and in the process money actually dies. Oh, some say real estate rises in value, though it also can dramatically fall in value. Does silver and gold die? Not usually. Any or all of it can usually be extracted and reused. But just because something has been used as money doesn't make it so. This was mentioned by Arthur Kitson, when he described silver and gold disks of similar weight but void of design losing their ability to function as money; merchants simply wouldn't accept them as money without them!

So it isn't just the precious metals themselves, it's about some idea of a shared limited supply of money contributing to stable prices pitched by almost all of THEIR academic economics. You know what, people? THAT idea is absolute garbage! The truth is that if some cult gets to determine what passes for money; precious metals and uses FORCE to make sure it is the only money used, and if they control the whole thing from mining through minting, then they get to maintain THEIR political-economic control of everything including you.

This proposal IS important. It's about real freedom for you and for everyone. It can't be accomplished without discipline. The proposal is an accounting machine that runs according to some simple but firm rules. It will take much COURAGE to bring it about. It will be a mixture of something now perhaps old fashioned and something brand new, the people themselves carrying around the best looking paper tokens of OUR monetary system, and something new; the building up of grass roots, eye to eye, totally local, but coast to coast across America and around the world in every country free enterprise! The world can and would be free from most forms of slavery, poverty and war.

I don't know whether anyone figured this out yet, but I'll describe it here: essentially the V-Check proposal is that a kind of universal check becomes OUR currency. Notice that these aren't exactly duplicate interchangeable tokens that could be easily counterfeited. Oh no! Each one is a transaction against a common account used for tracking them. They are anonymous so they become cash.

We see much in the background now that is preposterous or completely insane and certainly does not promote the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace. But perhaps and probably, just a little bit, more if you look real hard, it was always preposterous and completely insane. It's just that we didn't know any better than we do right now. We just never saw it. What more ghoulish horrors does the establishment have in store for us? Why do we need to continue following them? You all know why. It's THEIR money, that's why. You really want to be free? You're only as free as you can issue your own money and together with others locally and around the world, begin changing course.

The proposal had nothing for THEM. THEY already have everything. The proposal was for US. The message was “come out of her, my people,” also from my deceased mentor. You will all have to know in your bones that ultimately you will have to renounce the demons, THEIR system and THEIR money. In order to do that, you really will need and want your own. Be seeing you.

David Burton

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit 

PS: This blog is nearing its fifth anniversary. Usually an enterprise must run for at least that long before it is considered viable. We haven't received a fraction of the attention this proposal demands. I suppose everyone will just continue to do what they're doing until it is too late. As long as we can, we'll continue to update the fixed measuring stick of value, the proposed Valun, for all to read. Right now it stands at V1 = $2.74. It would never fall below $2.16. Best.

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