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#0 Jim Willie - HOT JULY 2016 - UPDATED!

This was issued on July 5th. On Part 2 about 50 minutes in, he says, “I think Turnkey is going to flip.” Real interesting.

The Corruption Cannot Stop The Masses (Part 1)
The Corruption Cannot Stop The Masses (Part 2)

There are actually three parts to this series; there's a big gap around the 39 minute mark of Part 2. Let it run, it picks up as Jim begins talking about Alan Greenspan. You'll find out about more loony ideas like supranational sovereign bond issuance from the IMF with a link from the BIS in Basel, Switzerland. They may try and “gold back” it and then it wont be popular. It's a matter of who gets to control the gold and value it, as we have said throughout this blog. This is the same old story that it has been from since forever; the gold backing of trade became necessary as Asian producers began to suspect operators working for trade westward of stealing from them. Gold is NOT an indication of trust; quite the contrary, one can trade with one's enemies because anybody will take and trade gold. THAT is the matter that all those who have some grudge against precious metals to understand. 
The Hat Trick letter, “reads like a non-fictional spy novel.

Lest we get this as a comment or question; of course we don't believe in gold being hoarded by central banks but distributed widely in each and every community. Why? Because local people have no reason to believe that any of their community's gold held far far away is really going to be there. At 55 minutes into Part 2 Jim describes a Chinese possibility, a BRICS gold bank distributing gold backed certificates, a gold trade note. A return to gold and perhaps silver certificates all involving contracts is envisaged. They describe somewhat about the financing of these possible deals. Jim talks about the worldwide dollar boycott through rejection of more T bills as underway affecting worldwide shipping. He opines on “just in time” inventory and supply chain efficiencies. Starting to see empty shelves. The situation he describes will revert to gold holding widely in the east and they wont trade unless they receive gold in trade because they have been cheated by the Western banker oligarchs and they know it. He's further intending that the gold trade note will take over the oil trade as well. All we have to say is; we'll see.

Jim mentions Brazil as in turmoil over a corruption scandal. He mentions Germany saying they are thumbing their noses at sanctions against trade with the BRICS. He mentions German access to China as scaring British elites into getting away from the EU to do their own deals with China. The key is the proposed gold backed trade note which is directly convertible to gold. Once you have gold at least you think your deal went through – barter for barter – you shipped goods and got gold in return.

Now if the Chinese can control the price above the current controllers of the price, then they can determine what its worth compared with everyone else's money and might even crash everyone else's money and force everyone to use gold trade notes. It would do something when people everywhere see these and demand them or don't show up to work and strike until they are paid in them. What then? The Disneyworld for the masses that the elites use to keep everyone asleep and enslaved, they call it “entertainment,” may be gouged through by the eastern trading partners. There's a lot more information about it. There's a lot of frank talk about robbery in locales outside the US. But you can be robbed anywhere. There's a lot of repetition of tracks on Part 2.

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