Wednesday, September 23, 2015

#0 Jay Dyer on Bilderberg, Corporatism and "Stupid Libertarianism"

The notes for this program on YouTube state this: "Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis discusses the significance of the annual Bilderberg conference,the development of neo-classical economic theory in light of the trek of western philosophical thought, the distinction between free markets and corporatism, the agendas behind "free trade", and how 'stupid libertarianism' is being used to advance sinister Globalism."

Actually there is much going on here. Jay is tying many economic philosophies together here, and some political ones too, into a rationalized historical trend leading into our time. Some of his remarks run very deep indeed and one would have to have read a great deal to understand the ultimate connections, but they do in fact exist. We regard the Liberatrian position as fanciful at best, dangerous at worst, because it takes no wider purview of the bases from which it derives its ideas (indeed it's more sheep being led to slaughter). Besides all that, Libertarianism clings desperately to one of the two legs of the present banking dialectic concerning money; one either accepts fiat money issued by a central bank at interest, or precious metals, lent to governments and others at interest. Usury is never challenged as a fundamental fraud. Just where the extra silver and gold are to come from to pay off these debts is not of course reckoned with as it has never been done in the entire history of academic economics, hence the fraud that particular branch of learning continues to represent.

Jay makes one fatal error in his understanding of money, his remark that fiat money isn't really money.  That demonstrates the limits of his understanding as he probably still accepts the commodity basis of money in precious metals and shares the hoodwinked assumptions of notorious lying "gold bugs" like Murray Rothbard. It was also worth noting how Jay called out Friedrich Hayek, pointing out that he believed in the inevitability of a world government.  Libertarians should take all this back to their dressing rooms and think about it.

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