Thursday, August 6, 2015

#0 We're Not in Kansas Anymore

If I had a friend who had once upon a time actually been from Kansas or perhaps had spent any time there, as I have, and she had asked me where I thought we were at the present time, I'd tell her that we were far from home. In order to discover what was actually the truth, no The Truth, as in the only real ultimate authority, I have had the opportunity to go very high and very deep, travel halfway around the world, visiting some centers of worldly power, meeting some extraordinary people, including a former Congresswoman from Massachusetts, who is actually one of the most impressive women I have ever met. I have also brushed shoulders with a variety of men and women from across the world, especially during my five year sojourn in New York City. I was married there and had a very interesting and vibrant social life at the edges of the entertainment and media businesses.

One finds out quite a lot just by keeping one's ears open and usually one's mouth shut. It is always best to have had as well the fortune to at least try and dress the part and adapt to the pace of places where power concentrates. The times I remember best are focused in my memory. I cannot recall precise details except for a few clear lines that I didn't forget. I made a point in fact after a while not to want to remember. Why? Because mush of what was being confessed to me, usually in private parties around Manhattan, and this was back in the 80's, was frankly pretty terrible.

One of the things I have noticed is how cheaply individual human life is counted in the scales of the high and mighty. Whether millions or billions die makes no difference to them, as their position, so they suppose, is fundamentally secure and they will always be well taken care of. The allure of this and how it shapes and warps human character, makes a lifetime study all by itself. Suffice it to say the most fundamental temptation as a means to further myself and my career involved trying to get me to betray and abandon my wife, who was someone one usually liked right away or didn't. Needless to say, I was faithful to the last, which came in 1994 when my wife died of natural causes owing to a rupture of a terrible head injury from her teenage years. “Tell my girls to avoid physical injury as it shortens your life.” As she was prepared to leave this world, on the night she eventually lost consciousness, we discussed the entire battery of things that were most important to us. One of them involved study into these very subjects. She always hated banks. I never understood this until recently. As a matter of fact, I had worked for banks, including The Bank of the United States in a strictly technical (non policy) position. But even so, I got some recognition for the way I was talking in the cafeteria, of course supporting policies that accepted Keynes and Friedman (whose views I was at that time impressed with). My intention at the time was to secure the best course that would guarantee the stability of the banking system, the flow of money and the strength of the dollar. But I didn't consider unemployment or debt so much in my analysis because as most economists still try to do, they consider economics from a trickle down point of view recognizing but never questioning the flow of money.

Actually ladies and gentlemen, whether of Kansas or not, you could go to any number of links listed alongside this page to get to enough opinion on the present system and how it affects the world around you, the world you were born into, the world that has been changing for everyone, affected by “cultural designers.”

Here is a remarkable conversation. Much of what these men discuss has been verified by me over many years. Have a listen. Soaring Eagle Radio with John Adams, Cultures Are Created


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