Monday, September 15, 2014

#V1.2 Fall 2014 - Winter 2015

No Interest in IVES 
September 15th, 2014

David Burton, the blogger who began the E. C. Riegel Blog ( said today that the drive to recruit delegates to a special private conference to set up the International Valun Exchange Society (IVES) as an organizing mechanism to spur development of a real alternative currency trading network or Valun Exchange Network (VEN) had failed to receive an adequate response.

After meeting with close colleagues, Burton said that many factors have contributed to his decision to curtail postings on the E. C. Riegel blog for the time being.

One concern was that an inadequate number of hits on the blog indicated that far too few have an interest or have bothered to pursue this alternative further, for whatever reasons. Some suggested that it simply was not yet time for such an effort to get under way.

Burton surmised that many are so caught up in just trying to survive the present system, which is increasingly forcing people to deal directly with it in terms of “various para-espionage techniques” to which Burton noted that at this point, obviously most people are either still unaware that they have been and are slaves, or that they prefer being someone else's slave rather than exercising the responsibilities and requirements associated with genuine freedom.

“The degree to which most people still refuse to do their own thinking and would rather rely on the 'expert opinion,' as bad as that is, indicates that this effort would at this time be an uphill battle.” He refused to comment further concerning any who had previously been so vociferous, stating, “My e-mails have dried up. Those who did the most complaining have disappeared.”

Burton said that there had been two proposals presented to him in May and June. The first consisted of suggesting that the initial transaction representing the value of a Valun at inception should coincide with the all time highest price in dollars for gold rather than Burton's seemingly arbitrary choice of 11/2/2011. Burton said he would second the motion at any bone fide convention of the proposed IVES.

The other proposal concerned a family credit system allowing families to borrow at no interest a certain number of Valuns per child, 1,000 Valuns per child was suggested. Burton said he'd have to give the idea some further consideration, but was not closed to the idea.

When asked about the future of the E. C. Riegel blog, Burton said, “As with anything that's new to most people, the avenues of entry are frequently beset by various types of people of rather low character, people who would in any other legitimate line of work be considered cranks, losers, etc. If a truly honest person comes forward attempting to present an idea to the public, they are generally met with dismissive ridicule or worse. It's a wonder any real progress in anything is ever achieved.” He remained hopeful that at some time in the future more people would begin to understand the value of Riegel's ideas and devise something based on them that might work very well for most people.
“But,” Burton said, “until the thing fails and much worse befalls a woebegone humanity, few will wake up and understand their condition or what must be done to escape it. The IVES proposal was obviously one of those things whose time has not yet come.”

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