Friday, February 21, 2014

#0 Why We Are In Decline – Cultural Marxism

While we do not agree wholeheartedly with everyone or everything in this video, we consider it an important salvo into an attack on alternative economic ideas; those adopted by the present world economies to our detriment and worse as long as we choose to live by them.

In particular, E. C. Riegel's solution did involve the issuance of fiat money. That was never the problem, as continually and stupidly barked by the purveyors of “gold bug” systems. The problem with fiat money we repeat is that states issue it. Riegel's solution is that only the poor ever get to issue fiat money. The rest of us must fairly bargain for any money in the Value Exchange Network or VEN. At any time, since money in the VEN will in some cases be tied up in real assets, where real value resides, the absolute quantity of money will have no bearing on prices since each unit of money will be determined by reference to the initial transaction that established it. Our Value Unit destroys the idea of ever treating money as another commodity used to measure other commodities including labour.

Only a measure of value that stands alone from everything it measures will ever break the present slavery to a money owned and run by gangsters, speculators and those presently self identified as the elites. We intend to make the Value Unit (Valun) an international standard of economic monetary value measurement suitable for implementation under a set of simple rules.

Likewise the video gives a nod in the direction of the Austrians, from which no help comes, nor shall any come, since they are all statists. Sorry. We will discount many theories and ideas on this blog.

Libertarianism, with its “gold bug” silent partners, needs a good exposure.

After what has already come to light, we seriously cannot believe there are still some out there who willingly consider themselves liberals. Are they kidding themselves or what? No, they usually work for governments. That's now approaching 50% of the employed workforce. You start with a socialized money system and you end up with a socialized economy and eventually a totalitarian state. Most liberals can't imagine themselves as fascists but their statism and frankly twisted ethics at least deserve mention.

Likewise, we consider misguided those chasing after traditional 19th century and earlier brands of liberalism. The Whigs and Republicans began this way. The founders of this economic philosophy were all people who had personal stakes in the great corporations that instigated the various European empires. They were and are globalists and of course their plans involved getting states to do things for them.

As for conservatism or paleo-conservatism (Constitutionalists, etc.), we're sorry to inform you that everything you thought to “conserve” has been either ruined or stolen by your opponents. Something went wrong with your thinking. You are now waking up to that fact, but you don't know quite what to do. Beware of some out there who want to hang a bad rap on anarchy. But equally beware of those advocating anarchy, who have no natural abilities to live well under it.

We're interested in approaching the discussion from an entirely different angle. If the ultimate value is each human life, first of all, how many out there even accept this? How many out there believe instead that somehow the fates of governments, corporations, banks and other institutions matters more than whether a single human life is lost?

How many out there don't know where they are or where they're going and are being led this way and that by other people with untested assumptions? Someone now tells you with a straight face some utter nonsense and you willingly accept its possibility because they were from such and such university, or were part of some science group where their studies were “peer reviewed” by other scholars.

Guess what people. You've been had if you buy into any of this. What exactly do you think “peer reviewed” means? It means in plan English that some panel of idiots who agreed with their point of view said it was OK.

You're all going to see the word “idiot” (and "clown") more often on this blog too, so let's get it straight from the start just what we mean by one being an idiot. An idiot is someone who does not know what they're talking about through sheer ignorance of the subject matter. All idiots may be redeemed by acquiring useful and TRUTHFUL knowledge. Truth is the ultimate authority. If one stretches something truthful into something more speculative, they have invented something which may no longer be true. This happens quite a lot. It is so pervasive that most take it for granted. Don't be an idiot, become more aware.

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