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#14.8 School Sucks Project Podcasts 131 thru 140b

2012-3-26 #131 (School News! #8): El Cambio and Occupy Education

This is quite a story, another example of what the powers that be would do to preserve their school prison system. Concerning education itself, Brett and his student guest Shane James cover some core issues. Many issues, both political and otherwise are covered, including labour unions. Very informative.

2012-4-5: #133 (Supplemental): Fajita Fun Time - Exposing New World Order Shills ... Wait ... What

This has nothing to do with education. Brett having fun, or is he? This is an exposé of a podcast show called Wheels off Liberty. Very informative.
2012-4-5: #134 The American Way Expanded (1 of 3): The Gasoline Soaked House

It begins with Hegel and dialectic, core material; the manner of transition or development. Brett is developing podcasts with more excerpts drawn from other people and elsewhere to make a more interesting presentation, as has the Peace Revolution podcasts. Highly informative and entertaining. Re; the German national anthem is by Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) who wrote it originally for Austria after hearing God Save the King (or Queen), the British national anthem. More about the history that led us to this point and what we can learn from it. Objectivism rigorously defined. Brett, as we, discard Ayn Rand's departure from the basis of her philosophy, as she threw in with statism and the economic status quo. This is covered in a series of papers dealing with John Galt's address from Rand's Atlas Shrugged. a series under #18 on this blog, beginning here)

Brett describes Immanuel Kant's descriptions of kinds of statements, this is core material. A synthetic a priori judgement seems Kant's preference. German idealism from Kant, from there Hegel, from there the rest as it has developed in our government and education systems, Kant's philosophical effects on ethics. Did Kant know what he was doing? He lets too many off merely on their good intentions. The rest Brett hits squarely on the head. 


Leonard Peikoff- Ominous Parallels
Immanuel Kant- The Critique of Pure Reason

2012-4-15: #135 The American Way Expanded (2 of 3):

According to Spencer, people are brutes best dealt with by FORCE), Webb counters that kindness (nannying) will work just as well. The teaching of history in America changes. Fabian socialism becomes popular, but it's all about control of “the masses” as conducted by the elites. Brett and his friends get back into looking at obedience to authority, etc. Rationalism vs. Empiricism in philosophy. This is a loaded episode, you may have to listen to it more than once to get all it contains.

2012-5-1: #136 The American Way Expanded (3 of 3): The Matches

This episode illustrates (an encounter between a newsman and author, Naomi Wolf) why there cannot be any real debate with those who represent the establishment. You either get it or you don't. The only optimism is that there were those who supported the establishment who decided that their position was wrong and changed their minds, they started looking at facts instead of believing propaganda which could no longer hold water. I was one of those people. While I supported the establishment's wars of conquest, I did not bother to ask the most basic questions, such as who really benefits and who really pays or even whether such wars were really morally right or wrong. Once facts were made clear to me, not through arguing which leads almost inexorably to ad hominem attacks, but through reading some pretty old material that was written so long ago that all current political issues would have been irrelevant, reason dealt the establishment position its premonition of demise. In fact the establishment has failed many times in history, largely for the same reasons, knowledge of such events they try and keep out of the education systems of today.

Brett presents another thorough and essential programme with lots of material to chew on. How do we know where we are, without knowing where we came from, in terms of thought? Brett reviews German history, reacquaints us with Otto von Bismarck, his “blood and iron” speech, etc. By the 20th century, Brett notices the controllers, those behind the scenes who are really running things, the financial interests and their chief clients. The focus of the modern era was really the Treaty of Versailles which eventually led to World War II.

Brett goes on to describe the basis of the NAZI party in Germany as made up of veterans of World War I who he describes as suffering post traumatic stress disorder. He gets into describing how the French dealt with failure to meet reparations demanded by the Treaty of Versailles and the inflation polices of the Weimar Republic. Brett goes on to describe the rise of Hitler. His analysis is pretty good; he understands the connection between emotions and irrationality. Then the crash comes and brings the bourgeois decadence of 1920's Germany to an end as banks and businesses fail and wipe out the middle class. The Nazi's now have their chance and they get into power.

The history of the Nazi period is reviewed with obvious parallels being drawn between what happened in Germany and what has been happening in America. Brett gets to the real points behind it; Hitler never had any plans, the people were responsible just as they are today by continuing to support the present system, which is going in the same direction. Who was behind it then, who is it now? It's the same interests. Meanwhile listen closely to all the ways people were and still can be fooled. Brett's conclusion is that shell shocked mystics (very much similar to Rand's analysis) were the Nazis and ... we can imply, make up the outlook of the present day elites.

Then at the end, Brett gets into the most important facts concerning this period, the financial ones. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) role is mentioned, the looter of nations. The GI bill and Operation Paperclip each are mentioned. The episode ends abruptly here.


Naomi Wolf- The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot

2012-4-23: #137 Liberty Conspiracy Live Show #6, Hour 1: Indoctrination Songs, Movie Talk, Dumbification Statistics

Brett explains his projects. He's obviously getting help from the Tragedy & Hope crew and others. Great stuff so far, more to come.

2012-5-6: #138 Cevin Soling - The War On Kids

The attention is back squarely on education. Cevin (Kevin) Soling, the director of the documentary, The War On Kids, joins Brett Vienotte to discuss the film, his research and the pathologizing (coining a word) of normal youth behaviour. Before getting to him, notice John Taylor Gatto's characterization of the modern educational system. This is a deep and thought-provoking episode.


Cevin (Kevin) Soling- The documentary, The War On Kids
Mike A Males- The Scapegoat Generation: America's War on Adolescents

2012-5-10: #139 (Supplemental): Live Show Announcement, Free Talk Live, Live Free FM

2012-5-10: 140a School Sucks Radio #1 - Orientation

Brett's first crack at producing a live radio and streaming video show. These shows are important for the content they contain.

2012-5-16: 140b School Sucks Radio #1 - After Show & Discussion


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